Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five

It’s another week of the One Room Challange, and I am getting a bit nervous about the comming week. We have only one week left before the grand reveal, so I will keep this post short and only give you some updates on what I did this week. I painted the focal point wall, andContinue reading “Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five”

Small Room Makeover Progress – One Room Challenge Week Four

Like in a small puzzle, bit by bit, things are starting coming together in this little room makeover that I decided to challenge myself with in this fall 2016 One Room Challenge Event. For me, the event has proven to be a reeeal challeng considering the tininess of the budget that I am working with.Continue reading “Small Room Makeover Progress – One Room Challenge Week Four”

Elegant Fall Front Porch Decor – Pumpkin Succulent and Mums Floral Arrangement

This year I may be a bit late with fall decor, but seeing all those pumpkins and mums that have flooded marketplaces, I just had to find time to decorate a spot in my house to set myself in a real fall mood by using these standard fall decor items. I like to come upContinue reading “Elegant Fall Front Porch Decor – Pumpkin Succulent and Mums Floral Arrangement”

Sofa/Loveseat Slipcovers – One Room Challenge Fall 2016 – Week Three

The third week of One Room Challenge event is already here. It is crazy how fast the time flies during this challenging event. If you are new here, thanks so much for checking my Small Room makeover out.  You can check out my first post related to this makeover if you’d like to get remindedContinue reading “Sofa/Loveseat Slipcovers – One Room Challenge Fall 2016 – Week Three”

Small Room Makeover – One Room Challange Guest Participant

This is the first year that I am taking part as a guest participant in the newest One Room Challange . For those of you who wonder what the One Room Challenge (or the ORC) is, it is an event that happens twice a year and is put together by the incredible Linda of CallingContinue reading “Small Room Makeover – One Room Challange Guest Participant”

Marble Console Table For Your Entryway and How To Style It

My recent design is this stylish custom marble console table which is used in an entryway, but in reality it can be placed everywhere be it in your living room used as a sofa table, in your bedroom as a make up table, in your home office as a place where you can stylishly placeContinue reading “Marble Console Table For Your Entryway and How To Style It”

Flower Pot Makeover – Kate Spade Inspired Look

While shopping for groceries the other day in my nearby supermarket, I came across some white plastic flower pots which caught my eye, and I was lucky to be around at that very moment when a huge bulk of african violets in all possible colours just came in. I took 2 flower pots and pickedContinue reading “Flower Pot Makeover – Kate Spade Inspired Look”

Holiday Wreath Collection by BESA GM

Kolekcioni i Kurorave Festive nga BESA GM BESA GM Interiors has just launched the Holiday Decor Collection 2015 consisting of a quality line of natural artisanal wreaths and garlands all handmade out of fresh evergreens. Every decor piece is elegantly decorated and uniquely designed by Besa. BESA GM Interiors ka bere lansimin e kolekcionit teContinue reading “Holiday Wreath Collection by BESA GM”

Design and Decor of Children Bedrooms

Dizajni dhe Dekori i Dhomave te Femijeve For children, their room is not only a place where they sleep, but it is a place where they undertake other activities such as studying, reading, doing their homework, play and visit with friends etc; therefore, when we plan or design such a room we should have aContinue reading “Design and Decor of Children Bedrooms”

Cool Terrace Re-Design

Ridizajnim i Terraces Verore I was recently given the opportunity to re-design and style the terrace of one of the most frequented cafes in Peja city, Kosova, which reopened last night after a couple of weeks of recess during the renovation. Projekti im i radhes ishte ridizajnimi dhe stilimi i nje terrace verore te njeContinue reading “Cool Terrace Re-Design”