Bar Stool Covers For Instant Temporary Transformation

Even though my kitchen leather barstools were in a perfect shape, I wanted to give them a new trendy look.

Being covered in leather, they are so easy to maintain; you just wipe them clean once in a while and they stay spotless.

While I love the easy maintenance side of leather I wasn’t loving their boring look so I had to do something which would make my stools supper cool without jeopardising the aspect of easy maintenance.

I came up with a solution; making separate slipcovers for my leather kitchen stools. I made separate slipcovers for the backs and the seats of the stools. I will be using slipcovers for the backs most of the times and, depending on the mood, i will be using those for the seats also.

The cool black and white brushstroke design fabric design was a perfect solution for achieving a supper cool look. The possibility to use slipcovers separately was also a good idea, and the fabric I chose very well combined with existing leather.

To make slipcovers I used pin fit method for each stool, and then I sew them together. They came perfect and really brought a new vibe to my kitchen.

My kitchen is spring ready! How about yours?

For consultation on your kitchen updates or ideas on any other instant updates of any space in your home contact us via e mail at or through a private message via our Facebook page BESA GM.

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Mbeshtjellset e perkohshme te karrigeve per nje ndryshim instant te pamjes se tyre

Edhepse karriget e shankut te kuzhines ishin ne gjendje perfekte, deshiroja qe atyre tu ipja nje pamje te re e qe eshte ne trend.

Karriget egzistuese te mbeshtjella me lekure jane shume lehte per mirembajtje, pasi qe pastrohen lehte dhe shpejte me nje lecke gjysem te lagur.

Megjithate, edhepse me pelqen menyra e lehte e pastrimit te materialit te lekures, nuk me pelqente pamja e merzitshme e tyre ashtu qe deshiroja te beja dicka me keto karriga, por duke mos e vene ne pyetje aspektin e lehte te mirembajtjes se tyre.

Si zgidhje erdha me iden e qepjes se mbeshtjellseve nga nje material me nje dizajn i cili eshte shume i popullarizuar koheve te fundit. I qepa mbeshtjellset e ndara per ulese dhe per mbeshtetese te karrigeve, dhe te cilat do t’e perdoren ndaras ose se bashku varesisht nga disponimi. Materiali i perdorur kombinohet shume bukur me lekuren egzistuese te karrigeve, andaj edhe perdorimi vetem i mbeshteteseve te qepura nga materiali e bene nje kombinim te bukur dhe praktik.

Mbeshtjellset e qepura dolen per bukuri, dhe sollen nje pamje te re dhe super moderne ne kuzhine.

Kjo kuzhine tani eshte gati per pranvere! A eshte edhe kuzhina e juaj gati per pranvere?

Per konsultimet lidhur me perditesimin e kuzhines tuaj apo te perditesimit instant te cfrardo hapsire te shtepise s’uaj na kontaktoni permes e mailit ne ose permes mesazhit privat ne faqen tone ne Facebok BESA GM.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,



DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Lyerja e Dollapave te Kuzhines

The “ugly kitchen” makeover project is finally over and I am sure that you want to look at those AFTER pictures without reading a long post; so, there you go:

Projekti i “kuzhines se shemtuar” me ne fund perfundoi dhe jam e sigurt se doni t’i shihni ato fotot e mara PAS perfundimit para se te filloni te lexoni textin e gjate te postit, andaj ja dhe fotot e kuzhines PARA dhe PAS transformimit:


The look of my summer house kitchen has bothered me for years. Year after year the look of this kitchen became more boring and depressing, but this year I just could not look at those kitchen cabinets anymore. Instead of choosing the expensive route of replacing the kitchen, I decided to paint the cabinets and see how it turns out. I had successfully painted some pieces of furniture and I knew I could paint those cabinets too.

Pamja e kuzhines sime verore me ka penguar per shume vite. Vit pas viti pamja e saje behej edhe me e merzitshme dhe depresive, por kete vite une arijta ne piken ku nuk mund t’a duroja fare dukjen e saje. Ne vend se te beja ndrimin komplet te dollapave te kuzhines dhe te beja shpenzime te medha, une vendosa qe t’i ngjyrosi ato dhe te shof se si do te duket kuzhina pas nje intervenimi te tille. Edhe me pare kam ngjyrosur mobilje te ndryshme dhe e dija se do ti ngjyrosja mire edhe keta dollapa.

It took me more than a week to complete the project but I was supper happy with the new look of my kitchen. I was not happy though with the quality of the finish I got, but for that I have to blame the not so quality paint that I was using.

Me eshte dashur me teper se nje jave qe t’a perfundoi kete projekt por ne fund u ndava shume e kenaqur me dukjen e re te kuzhines sime. Nuk isha edhe aq e kenaqur me rezultatin e finishit te ngjyres se aplikuar por per kete fajin me duhet t’ja le kualitetit te ngjyres te cilen e kam perdore.

If I had used paint sprayer, it would likely have given me a very smooth finish, but I did not have one, so I used a brush for priming and a regular foam roller for painting and this technique left me with some noticeable brush marks on the upper cabinets. For the lower cabinets I used a roller for both priming and painting, and the result is much better.

Poqese e kisha perdore aparatin sprej per applikim te ngjyres mesiguri se do te arija nje finish shume me te lemuar, por nuk e pata nje aparat te tille, andaje perdora furq per aplikimin e dores se pare dhe roller shpuze per aplikimin e ngjyres me baze ujore. Si pasoje e perdorimit te brushes, tani dollapet e siperme kane shenja te dukshme te brushes gje qe nuk duket edhe aq hijshem. Ne dollapet e poshtme kam perdor rollerin e shpuzes ne te dy applikimet dhe rezultati eshte shume me i mire, andaje rekomandoj qe nese e ndonjehere vendosni qe ti lyeni dollapat e kuzhines e beni ate vetem me roller shpuze.



The backsplash tiles in this kitchen were another bothersome feature so I used moisture resistant wallpaper (for kitchens and baths) and completely covered the tiles. The result is amazing. The white wallpaper with some coffee themed writing on it has given this kitchen a whole new look which is also fun and welcoming. Using a moisture resistant wallpaper as a backsplash is a good solution when you want a quick fix or a new kitchen look. Especially is good for renters as it can be easily removed when moving out.

Dukja e pllakave te kuzhines gjithashtu ka qene nje element shtese qe me ka penguar vizuelisht andaje edhe vendosa qe te intervenoj edhe aty, gjithnje duke u perkujdesur qe t’i mbaje shpenzimet ne minimum. Siper pllakave vendosa tapet qe eshte rezistuese ndaje lageshtise dhe aplikohet ne muret e banjove dhe kuzhinave, dhe eshte nje zgjidhje e mire kur deshironi nje permirsim te shpejte vizuel ne kuzhinen t’uaj dhe posaqerisht eshte i mire per ata qe jane qiragjinje sepse hiqet shpejte dhe lehte kur e leshoni banesen.

To achieve a complete new look I also replaced some of the hardware on the lower cabinets and added a seagrass rug on the floor, and I am over the moon satisfied with the way it turned out.

Qe t’a kompletoja pamjen, ndryshova gjithashtu edhe dorezat e dollapeve te poshtme si dhe shtrova nje tepih nga bari i detit dhe jame me se e kenqaur me pamjen e arijtur.

Now I let you look at more pictures which, in the absence of my lovely camera, I had to take them with my I phone.

Tani do te ju le qe te shiqoni fotot te cilat, ne mungese te foto kameres, jane mare me I phone.

Enjoy the pics and do not hesitate to write to if you have a design dilemma. I may help you make your place be admirable by you and others.

Kenaquni me pamjet nga fotot dhe mos hezitoni te me kontaktoni ne per dizajnimin ose redizajnimin e juj te radhes. Une do te perpiqem te ju ndihmoj qe ta beni hapsiren e juaj te admiruar nga ju vet dhe te gjithe tjeret.












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Ju faleminderit per viziten.


Grey Kitchen Design


‘Grey,’ a colour that is sadly still associated with negativity and dreariness, is actually one of the most popular kitchen colours around!  It is certainly the hottest neutral tone, and not just for the kitchen but for home interiors in general.

Essentially, Grey is a neutral and stable colour tone.  It effects a calming atmosphere, which is perfect for a kitchen, and at the same time carries an innate air of elegance and sophistication.  Implemented with due care, these qualities will carry through beautifully into the home.

I was so happy that in my last project the homeowners colour of choice for their kitchen cabinets was GREY, and we were lucky to find a supplier in the area we live that had this elegant soft lustre grey laminate for front doors and drawers.

Since the best use of space did not allow for applying any kitchen shape other than straight line shape, I had to add some interest to the kitchen design by incorporating some horizontal glass cabinets and some open shelving at the centre of the kitchen. Glass cabinet door was also used to hide a central heating device which was unwisely installed (by the builder) right beside the kitchen wall and which was “dramatically” visible from all around the living area. For continuous flow, the etched glass doors were used for the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

Instead of using a standard pantry cabinet, I designed these deep botom drawers for storing food supplies and other kitchen staff which is not used daily; and, the empty space below was designed for storing bulky staff or supplies that require air and can be stored in baskets.

Initially, these drawers were designed to be custom made wider, but the cabinet maker did not properly follow the design and the measurements so during the installation of the kitchen we realized that we were ending up with a 20 cmm empty spot at the right side of the kitchen. This was a big fail from their part, but since the owners were in a rush to move in, and did not have time to wait for the drawers to be redone, I had to come up with the idea on how to fill that empty spot which would also serve somehow a function; hence, I designed this wine shelf which will provide for a plenty of storage for homeowners.
The bottom cabinets are deep drawers which allow for an efficient time spent in the kitchen. In traditional bottom cabinets with doors, one has to bend and search for the stuff stored in those cabinets, whereas using drawers as bottom cabinets everything is visible and right within the reach. This adds to the cooking efficiency as well as to the enjoyment of the time spent in the kitchen.
While creating the design I was constrained with the design choices since there was no possibility of making any plumbing or ventilation adjustments. Regardless of the constraints, I managed to come up with a design which provides for a plenty of countertop working surface in this rather small kitchen.
Moreover, the colour and the design of this kitchen is working perfectly with the overall design of the Living and Dining area. The homeowners are loving it, and I am happy that they gave me the chance to help them achieve their goal of having an efficient kitchen which blends beautifully with the Living Room and the Dinning Area.
If you need help creating a functional, welcoming home filled with warmth and elegance please do not hesitate to ask for my design/decor services by e mailing at No matter how small the homeowners’ budget is I will help create beautiful living spaces for less.

We offer in person and online services. Check the Service icon at the Home page of this blog.

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Industrial Bistro Kitchen

industrial-bistro-kitchen 1
The latest post of the Style at Home magazine featured a beautiful kitchen renovation of a historic Victorian home in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood.

Designer Ingrid Oomen was faced with a challenge; to create for a client a kitchen, an eat-in area and a family room that were light and airy as well as family friendly, and all this from a kitchen which originally was very long and very dark and completely closed off from the rest of the house.

Judging from the below photos this designer delivered what she was asked for and perhaps even more, as the reno results are stunning. She created an open plan concept, featuring a beautiful bistro style kitchen with an industrial feel, which lately is a pretty cool trend in the interior design.
The dark metal open shelves, unique pendant lights and the metal stools give this kitchen the “industrial stamp”, and the shaker cabinets painted in light gray perfectly blend together with these details.
Using the existing bay window, she created a beautiful banquette seating.I love the cozy feel created in this nook using the banquette, these white slip covered chairs and the round black accent table. So homy, fresh and inviting feel.

Black accent windows deliver depth, and make the furniture and other accessories pop out.

Even though this kitchen has an industrial feel, the designer managed to preserve the traditional feel of this Victorian house by using shaker kitchen cabinets, and adding only some industrial details such as metal open shelves, the pendant lights and the Tolix stools.
Hope that you enjoyed the photos of this beautifully designed kitchen and living space.

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Current Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is not anymore a back room in a house used for preparation of meals only. Beside cooking, the kitchen has become a central meeting place for family and friends, so if we want to make sure that our homes have a truly updated look and feel, we shall start with our kitchens. In case that, for any of you, a time has come to undertake such an update this year, here are some of the hot new kitchen trends that have started gaining popularity in the first half of 2013 and which,looks like, are going to stay around for a while.

Kitchen with Less or No Upper Cabinets and Glass-front Cabinets

There is a growing trend in kitchens with no upper cabinets. Incorporating this trend makes the kitchen look airy and reduces the bulkiness or heaviness that traditional kitchens sometimes have.
In place of the upper cabinets there are either empty walls or open shelving. Either way, in case you consider this trend, you will want to make sure you have enough room in your base cabinets to store all your kitchen needs.

When considering this style it is to carefully select your kitchenware so that you are showcasing items that match your overall kitchen style. Spices, olive oil, cookbooks and glass jars filled with oatmeal or dried fruits are all great candidates for showcasing; however, it is important to take time to curate those important statement kitchenware pieces so the kitchen does not look tacky. For this style I have selected the following:
2 source
The bare walls around this white kitchen are tiled up to the ceiling height with high glazed subway tiles. These tiles has been succesfully used for years in classic as well as modern kithchen design.
3 source
Beautifully curated shelves in this stunning white kitchen make you fall in love with this style. Dark grey countertops make the below kitchen cabinets pop up, and beside open shelving, the legs, door details of the cabinetry make this kitchen look so airy, crisp and pretty.
4 source
A beautiful traditional kitchen featuring open concept shelving.

5 source

This is a great example how an existing kitchen with upper cabinets can be transformed to an open shelf concept by removing the upper cabinet doors. Well curated shelves make this kitchen appear beautiful in its simplicity.

6 source

Glass-front cabinets are just as beautiful in modern kitchens as they are in traditional spaces, and are a great option for those who would like to embrace the open shelving trend, but do not want to commit to dusting.

Darker Cabinets

Dark finishes for kitchen cabinetry are gaining in popularity.

While white cabinetry will never go out of style and still it is the top selling cabinet color, it seems that these coming years dark colors will be more present in kitchen cabinetry.
Gray seems to be the color of the moment. Gray is becoming another neutral that can be paired with many accent colors and always look chic and modern.

7 source

8 source

9 source
Beside grey, black kitchens are also gaining in popularity, and with their elegance and boldness, they can really make a statement. Some homeowners are reluctant to go with a black kitchen; however, black kitchens look stunning in any place where there is a high amount of natural light.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

The two tone kitchen cabinet trend is a sophisticated way to give your kitchen design a modern update. Depending on your kitchen layout and personal taste, there are many ways to achieve the look. Best part about the trend is that it is an affordable way to give existing cabinets an instant facelift by just painting them.

10 source
11 source
12 source
13 source
14 source
15 source

Painting upper cabinets and lower cabinets a different color keeps things interesting, and it is an easy makeover you can do by yourself, by painting your upper or lower cabinets.

Hope that you enjoyed the selection of the designs used for this post as much as I enjoyed collecting them. For more kitchens design ideas you may follow my Pinterest Kitchen Board at BESA GM.

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Small Kitchen Remodel


I could not agree more with the saying that “kitchen is the heart of a house”. This goes for everyone, even for those whose busy lives do not allow them to often cook meals in their kitchens. It is a place where you find yourself as soon as you wake up to have your morning cup of coffee or tea. It is a place which fills a home with wonderful aromas and where memories are made. Having such an important place in a home, beside being functional, the kitchen cabinetry, the shape and size ideally should suit the taste of people who use that kitchen the most.

Well, this is not always the case, and many of us end up living in homes with old, not so functional and oddly shaped kitchens. While some of such kitchens can be saved and brought back to life with some power of DIY, there are some kitchens that are helpless, and tearing them down completely is the only thing that will work.

My old kitchen was one of those helpless ones. It was a very small, mid century kitchen with built in wooden cabinets which were painted over and over. On top of it, the long time renter has made some improvements and “decor” touches that made this kitchen even more undesirable; so the day we took the possession of the house this spring, we started tearing down the kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen area was very small, so in order to make it appear larger we removed a part of the wall that divided the living room and the kitchen. To get a better access to the backyard, we replaced the kitchen window with French doors. These changes instantly made the kitchen feel larger.

To enhance the feel of a larger space I went with white cabinets. I chose the IKEA Adele doors, and created a kitchen plan in their software. To keep the expenses down, I did not make any other structural changes so I had to work around the existing placement of kitchen cabinets. However, my challenge was how to make the kitchen functional without involving any plumbing work.

To maximize the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen, instead of a stove I decided to get a separate cook top and underneath the cook top I placed a set of drawers for my pots and pans to have them easy accessible when cooking. The dishwasher, placed next to the sink, provides the only countertop working surface in the kitchen; pretty small isn’t it?

However, despite the lack of countertop space, the placement of the kitchen cabinetry has been carefully planned, so the cooking and baking in this small kitchen proceeds quite smoothly.

Opposite to cook top and sink, I have placed high wall cabinets. One of them is a 15 inch pantry cabinet with several floating shelves. Floating shelves make an easy access to the food supplies, so it is worth paying few more dollars for this commodity. Oven and the microwave are placed on another high cabinet, and the drawer below the oven is a huge bonus. This is where I store all my baking pans. The fridge is very tightly squeezed between the oven cabinet and the wall, and we were so happy to see it fit because we thought we were short for just less than 1/8 of inch.

I played safe with the backsplash, and went with the classic subway tile. I opted for white tiling and very light grey countertop, as when pairing with white cabinets they create a uniform view and add to the feel of spaciousness.
For a pop of color I chose these icy blue cotton velvet drapes, which give the kitchen a very sharp and clean look.

Considering the size and the shape, designing this kitchen in this space without jeopardizing the functionality and appearance was a challenge in a way. Ordering and assembling the cabinets all by myself was another challenge and a tiresome and hard work.
However the project has been completed now and, considering all circumstances, I am very happy with the way my kitchen turned out.

So are you ready to see the before kitchen?
Here is my poor old, tired, hilarious, dysfunctional, neglected BEFORE kitchen:
BEFORE -Kitchen 2 Before Kitchen
And here is my new and bright, AFTER kitchen:


Have you done any kitchen update lately? I would love to hear from you.

Thanks to the following blogsites for featuring this post: Commona My House; The Dedicated House; The DIY Dreamer; The Happy Housie; Share Your Cup Thursday; The Koenig’s
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Kitchen Design Ideas


In my last post I showed you some beautiful kitchens designed by Vancouver designer Alana Johnston. In this post I decided to show you my modest kitchen design of my Vancouver condo.

I designed this kitchen 8 years ago when we undertook the major renovation immediately after purchasing our condo.

Unfortunately I do not have the “before” pictures of the kitchen but I will try to explain the previous kitchen layout so you could better understand the transformation of the present kitchen area.

The previous layout can be described as an “U” shape kitchen with a wall dividing the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen had sort of dropped ceiling in which several neon lights were inserted to create the illusion of the skylight. The sink was placed right in the corner, and this made it very difficult to do any dish rinsing and let alone any dishwashing.

To make it more efficient, I decided to get rid of the “U” shape layout and opted for an open kitchen concept. I got rid of the dropped ceiling and replaced the neon lights with several pot lights, and most importantly I made sure that I get rid of the pop corn ceiling which was imposing that seventies statement around the whole space.


While planning the layout I realized that in order to have an efficient layout I still needed some more square footage in the kitchen area, especially for that big ice maker fridge which I always liked to have in my kitchen.

In order to get some more cabinet space I decided to use the closet space in the hallway to place the big fridge. This worked very well as the placement of the fridge in that spot, beside creating an illusion of a big kitchen area, added that square footage that I needed for kitchen cabinets.

In the middle of the kitchen, right between the kitchen cabinets and the fridge I placed a tall bistro table and two leather chairs which we use as a breakfast area as well as a place to converse and have a glass of vine ( umm…maybe two) while preparing the diner.


Placing the fridge in the mentioned spot has left me with the possibility to supply the kitchen with a pantry cabinet, which is a must for any passionate cook like me. I make sure that this pantry is always well stuffed with all food staples so I do not miss anything when I try new recipes.


Adjacent to the pantry cabinet I placed the wall mounted oven and the microwave, and this kind of placement of kitchen cabinets added the space a very modern look.


I placed another tall wall cabinet adjacent to the oven and microwave cabinet, and I use it as a jar pantry where I keep various food staples and my favorite spices.

Since I was limited with the counter space I had to alter the two bottom cabinets to place the ceramic cooking range on top.

Instead of placing upper cabinets all around the walls, I decided to place a stainless steel hood over the cooking range so to ad a more appealing and modern look to the space. I left some spacing in between the wall cabinets and the range hood, and I think that, visually, it worked quite well.

The lazy Suzan cabinet is one of the spaces where I can place most of my odd pots and pans, and I love these two huge drawers where I keep my basic cooking set and storage containers which I use daily.

The lower kitchen door cabinets are solid wood, and the upper ones are combination of glass and aluminum. I intentionally opted for mixing the brown wooden kitchen doors with the glass and aluminum ones aspiring to achieve that “the traditional- meeting new” feel, and I was quite happy with the outcome.

I used the high legs for the lower cabinets and this makes it so much easy for cleaning. Some may argue that legged cabinets add up to some more cleaning, but I assure you that it does not take you more than 30-40 seconds to vacuum under the cabinets and you will feel exceptionally good knowing that everything is dust free in your house.
I used IKEA kitchen planer for creating this design, and I found it to be very useful and easy to use. I will definitely consider using this planner in my next kitchen design and I would recommend it to everyone.

I hope that you liked my design. Does your kitchen need remodeling or an update? What would you like to change in your kitchen? Share your thoughts and I can maybe help with my humble advice.

Thank you for reading.


Kitchen With An Old World Feel


Living close by the Stanley park and English Bay In Vancouver BC is a blessing as I get to enjoy beautiful oceanside surroundings while taking my long walks along the Seawall and late afternoon strolls in the Stanley park

My husband is a not a real fan of walking so we do not get to do this activity together, however he does enjoy having his cigar with a nice ocean view, and he prefers Spanish Banks Beaches for this enjoyment, so we quite often hang out there. The area boasts open waterfront and spectacular views of the city’s downtown skyline, and moreover it has plenty of fee parking.

To get there we drive along Point Grey Road which is filled with stunning multi-million-dollar waterfront properties throughout that road. One such property in particular, which used to be under construction for months, has caught my eye while driving by the other day.The house features a stunning huge window, and it was obvious that it was a kitchen window considering that a huge stove hood appeared to be dangling from the ceiling right in the center of that big window. I envied that oversized kitchen window, and could imagine that the layout and the finishings in that kitchen would be one of a kind.

These days I was doing a research for some kitchen design ideas and came across the Western Living magazine, March 2013 issue, in which this kitchen was showcased. As I was suspecting, the kitchen design was spectacular.The major feature in this kitchen are brick veneer walls, exposed beams and European-style rift-cut walnut cabinets. The oversized windows give the kitchen specific character and everything there blends in so nicely creating an “Old World feel” in a brand new house.





The kitchen is designed by Alanna Johnston of Downsview Kitchen and Fine Custom Cabinetry.

Here are some more kitchen designs by Downsview Kitchen and Fine Custom Cabinetry.






I love everyone of them however, as much as I enjoyed all subtleties of these designs (and did some daydreaming too) I am afraid that I cannot afford any of those for my next kitchen renovation project. Therefore, I am going to have to redirect my kitchen design research to a more affordable path.

How about you? Would you consider any of these kitchen designs in your projects? If so, which one would you prefer more? I will definitely go for the one below loaded with an Old World feel.


Thank you for reading.