Elegant Fall Front Porch Decor – Pumpkin Succulent and Mums Floral Arrangement

This year I may be a bit late with fall decor, but seeing all those pumpkins and mums that have flooded marketplaces, I just had to find time to decorate a spot in my house to set myself in a real fall mood by using these standard fall decor items.

I like to come up with creative ways of pumpkin decoration like this one that I did a few years back , but this year I decided that the orange colour is OK but the pumpkin will serve as a vase for mums and succulents grown in my garden.
I created this interesting floral arrangement using yellowish mums and succulents that were carefully arranged in a diagonally cut pumpkin. As you can see in the photos, I started with a small size orange pumpkin which was cut diagonally. To get a precise cut I marked the line with a masking tape and then run a cut with a sharp knife. After deseeding the pumpkin, I started arranging the flowers, starting with the mums first and then arranging the succulents carefully. I placed both pieces of pumpkin on a black tray and ended up with this beautiful arrangement. The upper cut part of the pumpkin piece with a stem was put up side down and lifted up from the tray base by using a candle holder, just to give an illusion that this piece is floating around. This was a very fun, quick and easy project done within an hour.



After finishing the arrangement, I decided that it would look beautifully on my little porch, and I was absolutely right.

It looks like that mums and succulents make a great combo, and when placed in a pumpkin surely enhance the fall feeling as well as enjoyment of beautiful fall colours.

If you are a fan of minimalistic decor, or have a very small porch or front door area, then these kind of arrangements are a perfect solutions to set your home into a fall mood, enhance the curb appeal, and create and make your home feel welcoming.










If this project inspired you to make something similar please let me know. I would love to see how your’s turned out.

Thanks for visiting,

Dekor Elegant i Hyrjes se Shtepise – Aranzhim dekorues i kungullit me krizantema dhe bime sukulente.

Kete vit jam vonuar paska per sa i perket dekorit vjeshtor, por duke i pare te gjithe ata kunguj dhe krizantema te te gjitha ngjyrerave neper shitore dhe gjetiu, u inspirova dhe mu desht patjeter qe te gjeja kohe per te dekoru ndonje hapsire te shtepise dhe keshtu t’a sillja veten ne nje disponim te vertete vjeshtor me perdorimin e kungujve dhe luleve vjeshtore.

Kam deshire qe gjithmon te vie me ndonje ide kreative per sa i perket dekorimit me kunguj sikurse ky dekorim/ngjyrosje te cilen e kisha bere para disa viteve, por kete vit vendosa se ngjyra origjinale e portokallt eshte ok, por kesaje radhe kungulli do te sherbej si vazo per mbjelljen e luleve dhe sukulenteve te kultivuara ne kopshtin tim.

E krijova kete aranzhim interesant te luleve duke perdorur krizantema te verdha dhe sukulenteve te vendosura me kujdes ne zbrazestiren e kungullit te prere ne diagonale. Siq mund te shihni ne fotot me larte, fillova me ne kungull te madhesise mesatare. Per ta bere prerjen sa me diagonale, e vendosa nje shirit maskues ne vendin ku duhej te behej prerja dhe pastaj kalova neper te me nje thike te mprehte. Pas heqjes se farave nga brendesia e kungullit fillova me mbjelljen e luleve dhe aranzhimin e sukulenteve per reth. Te dy pjeset e kungullit i vendosa ne nje tabake te zeze dhe si rezultat perfundova me nje aranzhim te bukur si ai ne fotot me larte.

Pjesa e siperme e kungullit (doreza) eshte ngritur nga niveli i tabakes duke e vendos ne nje mbajtes te qiririt ashtu qe duket se qendron i varur. Ky ishte nje projekt shume i shpejte i lehte dhe kenaqesi per t’u punuar dhe qe u finalizu brenda nje ore; E te gjithe ne, apo jo, i dojme keto dekore te cilat nuk na marin shume kohe, duken shume bukur dhe na bejne te gezuar.

Pasi e perfundova, vendosa qe te veja ne pjesen e hyrjes se shtepise pasi qe mendoja se aty do te dukej bukur; dhe kisha pase te drejte, sepse po duket interesant dhe te bene te buzeqeshesh cdo her kur kthehesh ne shtepi nga nje dite e lodhshme pune.

Si duket lulet vjeshtore dhe sukulentet krijojne nje kombinim te shkelqyeshem, dhe poqese vendosen “ne kungull” atehere e sfortesojne ate ndjenjen vjeshtore si dhe kenaqesin e perjetimit te ngjyrerave vjeshtore.

Nese jeni adhurues i dekorit minimalistik, ose keni ndonje hapsire shume te vogel para shtepise atehere nje aranzhim si ky do te ishte nje zgjidhje perfekte qe ta veje shtepine tuaj dhe juve ne nje disponim vjeshtor, e te beje qe shtepija juaj te duket mikepritese dhe e bukur.

Nese ky postim ju inspiroi qe te beni dicka te tille, atehere me shkruani! Kisha pase deshire te shof se si doli aranzhimi i Juaj!

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,


Sofa/Loveseat Slipcovers – One Room Challenge Fall 2016 – Week Three

The third week of One Room Challenge event is already here. It is crazy how fast the time flies during this challenging event. If you are new here, thanks so much for checking my Small Room makeover out.  You can check out my first post related to this makeover if you’d like to get reminded what I started with when I entered the One Room Challange event.

During this week I made a lot of progress despite the mountain of challenges that I faced along the way.

First, we got rid of the two bulky chairs that were suffocating the room. One of the chairs was part of the set, and we decided that it has to go regardless the emotional attachment of the owner to it. We put it at the curb side, and it vanished in less than 15 minutes, as someone was eagerly waiting for us to damp it there. The other chair, which was in a better state was relocated to another room.

As I mentioned in my previous post the owners have allocated a very small budget for this makeover, therefore it was very difficult to start working on a design plan considering that we had a tiny budged, and a bare room with only a worn sofa bed and a love seat.

But, there was no time for winning so I rolled up my sleeves and started working with a full speed.

First, I had to deal with the worn furniture and make them usable again, so I decided to slip cover them. In Kosova, where I live at the moment, it is extremely difficult to find a business or seamstress who would be willing or be able making custom made slipcovering. I am saying this because this is the first challenge that I faced in the process. After purchasing the fabric, I contacted the seamstress that I usually engage in my projects, and unfortunately she was very hesitant to undertake the project saying that she was not sure whether she, or anybody else for that matter, could do a god job on slip coverings. Fair enough! After she denied, I knew that a search for somebody who could do the job must stop here as the chances to find a skilful person to do a good job, within my timeframe, were slim, so I had to assig this project to myself. I had to do the work in the evenings as during the day I was busy with other projects. It took me four evenings to finish this project, but the slip covers came out exactly how I envisioned them. I am so in love with the way they turned out.The slip covers have completely changed the look of the old furniture, and will surely infuse a new vibe into this dated room.

Before I started I gathered some inspiration as seen below


Then, I started the messy work of making slip covers:
I used about 10 meters (with 1.40 cm) of white untreated denim fabric for both the sofa and love seat, and I washed it in order to get it shrank before the use. However, I was short for about 3 metres so I had to use another white fabric for underneath the cushions.I worked each piece at the time as everything had to be measured and cut for each individual corner of the sofa/loveseat. Once i cut the side pieces I put them on the sofa/loveseat and attached them inside out with pins. As i finished this step, I sewed them together and turned them inside out and put them on sofa.





There were some further small adjustments that needed to be done, but other then that they fitted like a glove once they were finished.


Here are some picks of the ongoing pillow and drape project.drapepillow-green

Check the further progress within a week to see what I have been up to, and please check the other amazing work of 20 designers and other guest participants taking part in One Room Challenge Fall 2016 event.

Thank you for visiting,

Qepja e Mbulesave te Kolltuqeve – Sfida e Nje Dhome- Vjeshte 2016

Ja erdhi edhe java e trete e eventit Sfidat e Nje Dhome (One Room Challange). Eshte cmenduri se sa shpejt koha ecen gjate ketije eventi. Nese e vizitoni per here te pare kete bllog gjate ketije eventi, Ju falemnderoi shume per interesimine juaj reth dekorimit/perditesimit te dhomes me te cilen mare pjese ne kete event. Ju munde te shihni ketu postin tim te pare te ketije eventi per te pare gjendjen fillestare te dhomes.

Gjate kesaje jave, edhe perkunder nje grumbulli sfidash me e cilat u ballafaqova, eshte bere progres goxha i madh ne dhome.

Filluam me reduktimin e mobiljeve ashtu qe i hoqem dy nga kolltuqet te cilat po e ngulfatnin dhomen. Njeren, ajo e cila ishte pjese e kompletit dhe me te cilen pronari kishte paksa lidhje emocionale, vendosem qe ta “hudhim” jasht. E vendosem ne skaj te rruges dhe kur shiquam brenda 15 minutash ajo veqme ishte zhdukur, dhe te linte pershtypjen se dukej se dikush vecme po priste qe t’a hudhnim aty.

Siq e permenda edhe ne postin e kaluar, pronaret kane ndare buxhet tejet te vogel per kete projekt andaje edhe ishte shume e veshtire te fillohej me planifikim pasi qe, duke pas parasysh gjendjen e mobiljeve dhe dhomes ne pergjithesi, nuk dije se kah te ja mbaje.

Por, i lash menjane akesat pasi qe koha eshte shume e shkurt deri ne perfundimin e ORC eventit, i pervjela menget dhe fillova me punen pa humbur kohe.

Fillimisht duhej qe te meresha me mobiljet e vjetruara ashtu qe vendosa qe t’i mvishja ato me mbulesa te qepura. Ne Kosove, aty ky jetoj per momentin, eshte shume veshtire qe te gjesh ndonje bisnes ose robaqepese qe eshte e gatshme ose ka shkathtesi te duhura qepese per t’i punuar mbulesat e qepura te mobiljeve. Po e them kete pasi qe kjo eshte njera nder sfidat e para me te cilen u ballafaqova ne kete proces. Pasi qe e bleva materialin, kontaktova me robaqepsen te cilen e angazhoi kohe pase kohe ne projektet e mija, dhe per fat te keq ajo hezitoi qe te filloj me punen me arsyetimin se nuk kishte qepur ndonje gje te tille perpara dhe s’ishte e sigurt se ajo ose dikush tjeter do t’ia dilte mbane kesaje pune. Shume fer! Me refuzimin e saj, kerkimi i nje robaqepseje tjeter perfundoi pasi qe e dija qe shanset e gjetjes se dikujt qe do t’a perfundonte projektin me sukses dhe me kohe ishin shume te vogla; andaj edhe e mora persiper qepjen e tyre. Me duhej qe t’a beja qepjen gjate oreve te mbremjes pasi qe gjate dites isha e zene me projekte tjera. Me jan dashte gjithsej kater mbremje resht qe t’i perfundoja, por ato perfundimisht dolen saktesisht ashtu si i paramendoja, dhe jan duke me pelqyer shume se si dolen. Mveshjet e qepura te kolltuqeve e ndryshuan plotesisht pamjen e mobiljeve dhe jam e sigurt se ato do t’i sjellin kesaj dhome te vjetruar “frekunca” krejtesisht tjera.

Para se te filloja gjeta inspirim ne koltuqet me mbulesa te qepura si ne keto fotot me larte.

Dhe pastaje fillova me punen shume te nderlikuar te qepjes se mbulesave te kolltuqeve, pune te cilen po e ilustroj me fotot me larte.

Perdora 10 metra (gjeresia 140 cm) te materialit denim te pambukut te paperpunuar per te dy pjeset, por me nevojiteshin edhe 3 metra te cilat nuk i kisha, andaj mungesen e tyre e zevendesova me material tjeter te bardh te cilin e perdora per qepjen e pjeseve perfundi ulseve.

E preja dhe e qepja secilen pjese veq e veq pasi qe cdo pjese e cdo kend duhej qe te matej me saktesi para se te pritej dhe qepej. Pas prerjes se pjeseve anesore, i vendosa ato ne sofa kah ana e jashtme (ftyra e materialit brenda) dhe fillova ti bashkoj pjeset me gjilpera me koke. Pastaje e beja qepjen e pjesve veq e veq duke i percjelle gjilperat me te cilat i kisha ngjiture pjeset. Pas ngjitjes se te gjitha pjeseve, e beja ngushtimin ose prerjen e teprices se materialit duke e bere keshtu agjustimin e qepjes sipas nevojes. Pas perfundimit, e veshja pjesen e jashtme te sofes me produktin e qepur.

Pas perfundimit nevojiteshin edhe disa intervenime te vogla si ato ne foto me larte, por perveq ketyre imtesirave cdo gje ishte ne regull.

Me larte mund t’i shihni fotot e projektit te perdes dhe jastekve qe jane ne pune e siper per dekorin e dhomes ne fjale.

Per progesin e metutjeshem ktheni e vizitoni kete faqe javen e ardhshme per te pare se cka ka te re ne kete projekt, si dhe nese gjeni kohe vizitoni edhe punen e 20 disejnatorve te enterierit qe marin pjese si garues ne kete event, duke mos i anashkaluar edhe participuesit tjere mysafire qe marin pjese ne eventin One Room Challange Fall 2016 (Sfidat e Nje Dhome – Vjeshta 2016)
Faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe.


Small Room Makeover – One Room Challange Guest Participant


This is the first year that I am taking part as a guest participant in the newest One Room Challange . For those of you who wonder what the One Room Challenge (or the ORC) is, it is an event that happens twice a year and is put together by the incredible Linda of Calling it Home . The event starts with a group of 20 talented designers selected to transform a room in a short six weeks. The rest of us get to be guest participants that start a day later.

I missed posting on the first week, but i think that it is never too late so here I am on the second week of this challenge showing you the room which I am expecting to transform into a place that you would love to spend some time in.

So here’s where I am starting…..




This place is an old condo room with a matching set of sofa, loveseat, and a chair purchased over 27 years ago and which were used, if I may say, to death.

The room was used as a study room and as a spare bedroom for guests. Over 25 years nothing has changed in this room, and it was about the time to freshen it up a bit. However, the biggest challenge in this project is going to be the super low budget that the owners have allocated for this room update. But, I believe that everything is possible if there is a good will mixed with some good luck (I hope).

Therefore, lets the fun begin, so I happily invite you to follow my journey through these coming weeks as I try to redecorate and freshen up this space as well as the challenges I may face during this journey.

Please take time to check the progress of the work of the 20 designers who are taking part in the One Room Challange as well as other guest participants, where you may get tons of inspiration and learn on the hottest trends in home decor.

Thank you for visiting this page, and stay in touch by following this blog.


Ridekorimi/Perditesimi i nje dhomeje te vogel

Kjo eshte hera ime e pare si pjesmarese mysafire e eventit te ashtuquajtur One Room Challange (Sfidat e Nje Dhome). Per juve qe pyesni se cfare eshte ky event, One Room Challange ose ORC eshte nje event i cili organizohet dy here ne vit nga Linda nga blogu i ashtuquajtur Calling It Home http://www.callingithome.com/. Eventi fillon me nje grup prej 20 dizajnerve te perzgjedhur qe e transformojne nje dhome brenda gjashte javesh, dhe cdo jave postojne progresin e arijtur gjate asaj jave. Te gjithe pjesmaresit tjere, sikurse une, participojne si mysafire dhe gjithashtu postojne lidhur me dizajnet e tyre.

Fatkeqsisht, une nuk arijta qe te postoj ne javen e pare te ketije eventi, por mendoj se kur nuk eshte vone, pra ja ku jam ketu ne javen e dyte te ketije eventi sfidues ku e paraqes dhomen te cilen do t’a transformoj ne nje hapsire te kendshme ku secili do te deshironte te kalonte nje pjese te kohes ditore.

Ja se me cka po filloj…. (shih fotot me larte)

Kjo eshte nje dhome e nje baneseje te vogel ne te cilen eshte nje komplet tre pjesesh i kolltuqeve te cilat jane te vjetra mbi 27 vjet dhe te cilat jane perdorur vazhdimisht keshtu qe duken plotesisht te hargjuara, por konstrukcioni i tyre eshte ende shume i forte dhe jane ne gjendje te mire.

Dhoma eshte perdore si dhome pune si dhe dhome fjetje per mysafire. Per me se 25 vite asgje nuk ka ndryshu ne kete dhome andaje ka qene edhe koha e fundit qe te ndermiren masa per ripertritjen e saj. Megjithate, sfida me e madhe do te jet buxheti shume i vogel te cilin pronaret e kane siguru per kete projekt. Por une mendoj se cdo gje eshte e mundur nese egziston vullneti i mire.

Pra te fillojme me kenaqesine dekoruese te radhes, dhe ju ftoj qe te me percillni ne rrugetimin tim gjate ketyre javeve ku do ti dokumentoj perpjekjet dhe sfidat e mija reth dekorimit te kesaj dhome.

Nese gjeni kohe munde te percjellni edhe progresin e punes se 20 Dizajnerve te One Room Challange si dhe participuesit tjere mysafir ku do te gjeni shume inspirim dhe do te njohtoheni me trendet me te reja te dekorit te enteriereve.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe, dhe qendroni ne kontakt duke e percjellur kete bllog.


Laundry Room Organisation Idea

We all love fresh and crisp clothes and linens, but may I say that none of us really enjoys spending time doing laundry; especially if the laundry is done in a space like the one below.
Laundry before
This laundry room lacks space, organisation, and it is profoundly boring so it definitely needed some attention. I had only two hours available to come up with an idea on how to organise this laundry room and to actually make it functional, so this is with what I came up with.

I used whatever was available around the house and I ended up with this industrial chic style laundry room.
Shelving: IKEA, modified by spray painting in black the railing
Laundry baskets: Next Home, Modified by adding the gold door labels found at e local supermarket
White storage baskets; IKEA,
White Plastic Bins – Reused freezer bins lined with withe fabric and decorated with black ribbon
Laundry Print: Downloaded from this website
Black and wite Wall Art- By BESA GM
Laundry Detergent Holder: DIY using a glass vase, cake stand and a stainless steel measuring cup for measuring detergent loads.
Liquid Softener Bottles: Recycled brandy bottles
White fresh roses – Straight from the garden.

Hope this post will insipire you for your laundry room project. If you do not have time to tackle such projects and for more design and decor ideas write at besagmblog@gmail.com or call at the number available at our website. We would be happy to hear from you and helping you resolve your design and decor dilemas.

Thank you for visiting this website.


Ide per rregullimin e Lavanderise

Te gjithe ne i duam rrobat, ndresat e qarqafet e paster e te hekurosur, por besoj qe asnjeri nga ne nuk ndien keneaqesi qe te kaloj kohe duke lare e thare rrobat; e posaqerishte nese kjo pune behet ne nje kthine si ne foton ne fillim te postit.

Kjo lavanderie eshte e vogel, i mungonte organizimi si dhe kishte nje pamje teper te merzitshme, ashtu qe kishte nevoje qe t’i kushtohej nje vemendje. Une i kisha ne dispozicion vetem dy ore qe te konceptoja nje ide per dukjen e saje perfundimtare si dhe te realizoja e ta beja funkcionale kete hapsire.

Perdora ckado qe ishte ne dispozicion ne shtepi dhe perfundova me kete stil ndustrial e chic te kesaj lavanderie.

Raftet: IKEA, te modifikuara duke i lyer pjeset anesore me ngjyre te zeze sprej
Shportat e lavanderise:Next Home, te modifikuara duke ju vendose pllakat signalizues ngjyre ari te blera ne supermarketin lokal
Kutite e bardha nga materiali per gjesende te imeta; IKEA
Shportat e bardha te plastikes: Shporta te ricikluara te frizit te mbeshtjella perbrenda me material dhe te dekoruara me shirit te zi.
Printimi ne kornize: I shkarkuar nga kjo uebfaqe
Piktura bardhe e zi – nga BESA GM
Ena e detergjentit pluhur: DIY, vazo e qeqit e vendosur mbi mbajtese te tortes
Shishet me zbutes: Shishe te recikluara te rakise
Trendafilat e fresket: Nga kopshti i shtepise

Shpresoj qe ky postim te ju inspiroj per projektin e juaj reth organizimit te lavanderise s’uaj. Nese nuk keni kohe te mereni me projekte te tilla personalisht, atehere na shkurani ne besagmblog@gmail.com ose telefonini ne numrin e tel ne webfaqe tone. Do te kishim kenaqesine te degjojme nga ju dhe te ju ndihmojme qe ti zgjedhni dilemat e juaja reth dekorit dhe dizajnit.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe.

Marble Console Table For Your Entryway and How To Style It

My recent design is this stylish custom marble console table which is used in an entryway, but in reality it can be placed everywhere be it in your living room used as a sofa table, in your bedroom as a make up table, in your home office as a place where you can stylishly place your files or other items and, depending on your creativity, the list just goes on and on about the ways you can use this table .
Used in this entryway this table echoes the aesthetics of this home and, the way it is decorated, it greets the owners in style as well as creates a warm welcoming for their guests, family and friends.
A carefully decorated entryway is your home’s way of saying have a fabulous day or welcome back and leave all troubles at the door. Moreover, it should be functional, tidy and stylish too. A good entryway should be well-edited, so when you start styling it go slowly by finding the pieces that complement your style.
This marble console table, for example, sets a sleek tone for this entryway. It is amplified by the statement wall art, lamps and other decorative accessories such as wooden tray, layered with a book and a box for storing sunglasses keys as well as other items. Layering and accessorising a console table makes the entryway be functional and adds to its aesthetics.
An oversized glass vase placed right to the door serves as an umbrella holder for those rainy days, as well as for placing seasonal decor or other trendy decorative items such as these palm branches. Tropical decor is everywhere these days, so incorporating it in a small dose somewhere around the house jazzes up the space and makes your place look updated.
So, styling a welcoming entryway is an easy and fun if you follow these five simple tips:

1 Invest in a proper-sized table
2 Add adequate lighting
3 Hang a mirror for touch-ups on the go, or a large scale art for a bold statement
4 Use a small tray, box or a decorative dish for keys, sunglasses etc.
5 Bring decorative accents into the mix

Items in this entryway:
Custom marble/iron table – designed by Besa -BESA GM Interiors
Oversized wall art – by Besa – BESA GM Interiors
Oversized glass vase – IKEA
Palm braches and bambo sticks- JUMBO
White decorative stones – BAU Market
Golden Lamp shades – DIY by Besa – BESA GM Interiors
Golden box – reused perfume box
White dragonfly pots – ZARA Home
Woden Tray – MUDO Home
Fake animal skin runner – JUMBO

To get this look, or other entryway looks that suit your style, contact BESA GM Interiors via besagmblog@gmail.com or via Facebook with an inbox message.

Thank you for visiting this page.

Tavoline konzole nga mermeri e shufrat metalike per paradhome dhe Si T’a Dekorojme Paradhomen

Disajni im i radhes eshte kjo tavoline konzole e punuar me porosi dhe e cila eshte e perdorur ne kete paradhome, por ne te vertete kjo munde te vendosed gadi cdokund cofte ne dhomen e dites prapa divaneve ose ne ndonje kende tjeter, ne dhomen e fjetes pe t’u perdore gjate makeup-it, ne dhomen e punes per t’i vendos skedaret ose gjerat tjera, dhe varesisht nga kreativiteti i juaj, lista se ku munde t’a vendosni kete tavoline sa vjen e behet e dhe me e gjate.

E perdorur ne kete paradhome kjo tavoline e reflekton estetiken e kesaj shtepie, dhe menyra se si eshte dekoruar ajo, bene qe te duket se i pershendete me stil pronaret e shtepise si dhe krijon nje atmosfere te ngrohte mikpritjeje per te gjithe mysafiret dhe miqet e tyre.

Nje paradhome e dekoruar bukur eshte njeherit edhe menyra e shtepise suaj te ju thot “e paqit ne dite te mrekullueshme” ose “ mirese u kthyet ne shtepi dhe i leni qe te gjitha brengat ketu tek dera”. Per me teper, paradhoma duhet te jet funkcionale, pa raqe dhe me stil pesonal gjithashtu. Nje paradhome e mire duhet te jet e edituar mire, prandaje kur filloni me dekorimin e saje filloni ngadale me gjetjen e gjesenteve te cilat e komplementojne stilin e juaj.

Per shembull, kjo tavoline konsole nga mermeri dhe shufrat metalike e krijon at tonin e holluar ne kete paradhome. Toni i holluar pastaje amplifikohet me pikturen stermadhe ne mur, llampat si dhe aksesoret dekorativ si tabaka e drurit e shtresuar me liber dhe kuti per vendosjen e celsave, syzeve si dhe gjesendeve tjera. Shtresimi dhe aksesorizimi i tavolines e shton estetiken ne pardhome dhe e bene ate me funkcionale.

Nje vazo stermadhe qelqi e vendosur afer deres sherben per vendosjen e qadrave gjat diteve me shi, e poashtu edhe per vendosjen e dekorit sezonal si dhe elementeve dekorative ne trend si keto gjethe palme per shmbull. Dekori tropical eshte nje prej trendeve keto dite, andaj inkorporimi i tije ne sasi te vogla ne hapsirat tona do ta bene me interesant ambientin di dhe do te beje qe hapsira jon te duket e perdititesuar.

Andaje, per t’a dekoruar nje paradhome mikepritese eshte lehte dhe kenaqesi poqese ju referoheni keshillave ne vijim:

1.Investoni ne nje tavoline me dimenzione te perstatshme
2. Perdorni ndriqim adekuat
3. Vareni siper tavolines nje pasqyre qe te kontrolloheni para se te dilni nga dera, apo vareni ndonje pikture te permasave te medha per te krijuar pamje mbreselenese,
4. Vendosni mbi tavoline nje tabake, kuti apo ndonje ene dekorative ku do t’i vendosni qelsat, syzet etj.
5. Beni aranzhimin a aksesorve ashtu qe ata te duken te koordinuar mire ne mes veti.

Qe ta keni kete look per paradhomen tuaj, ose per cfardo look-u qe ju pershtatet stilit t’uaj kontaktoni BESA GM Interiors ne besagmblog@gmail.com ose permes facebook-ut duke na shkruar mesazh ne in-box.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe.


Anna & Elsa – Frozen Birthday Theme

My super cute niece Hana turned five yesterday and since she adores Anna and Elsa from Frozen, her mother and I wanted to make her a surprise by decorating Hana’s 5th birthday event with a lot of her favourite colour PINK and beloved Anna and Elsa dolls. As a result we ended up with a very soft and elegant pinkish Frozen theme which was adored by the birthday girl and all her little friends.

Enjoy the pics.
Thanks for visiting this page.

Nipesha ime simpatike Hana dje i mbushi plot pese vjet dhe ajo i admiron karakteret nga FROZEN -Annen dhe Elsen. Nena e saj dhe une deshiruam qe ti bejme suprize duke ja dekoru eventin e ditelindjes se saje me ngjyren e saje te preferuar ROZE, si dhe kukullat e saje te dashura Anna dhe Elsa. Si rezultat ne perfunduam me nje teme shume elegante te FROZEN ku dominoj ngjyra e preferuar roze, si dhe e gjithe tema u admirua nga vajza qe festonte si dhe te gjithe te vegjlit e ftuar.

Kenaquni me fotot.
Ju faleminderit qe vizituat ket faqe.













DIY Starbust Mirror


I love starburst mirrors, and I have seen many beautiful ones out there which come with a very high price tag. I have also seen hundreds of DIY ones done by creative bloggers, and most of them are as beautiful as the store bought ones, but I have never seen one done the way I did my version of this mirror.

I was working on a project and I needed a starburst kind of mirror. Since it was impossible to find one in the area we live, I had to turn to my DIY skills and make one. However, I wanted to challenge myself during the process, and started looking for unusual materials for this project; so decided that the plastic zip ties would fit the definition of “unusual” in this case.

I used a plastic round mirror as a base. I started by taking off the mirror and started arranging and hot gluing the plastic ties around the back side of the mirror frame. After arranging about 200 plastic ties around the frame I spray painted (coper) everything and left it to dry overnight.
Next, I hot glued the mirror on to the frame and hot glued a rope on the inside and outside corners of the frame. Lastly, I attached a string at the back of the mirror to serve as a hook.
That was all. The starburst was ready to be hung, and after being hung it seemed that it was spreading some positive vibes around.



Are you keen of making one? If so, try it out and send a picture showing how your’s turned out.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. The DIY starburst mirror using rope and plastic ties also known as zip ties first appeared on BESA GM blog and it is my original idea, work and design. If using this idea please make a reference to this post. Thank you.

DIY Pasqyre YLL

Me pelqejne shume pasqyret ne form te Yllit Shkelqyes, dhe me ka rastise qe ti shofe disa te tilla shume te bukura te cilat vijne me nje cmim shume te larte. Gjithashtu kam pare shume keso lloj pasqyresh te versionit DIY (te bera vet) te punuara nga blogerat kreative, dhe shume nga keto pasqyra jane po aq te bukura sa edhe versionet e blera ne shitore, por asnjihere nuk me ka rastise te shof ndonje e cila eshte e punuar ne menyren se si une e punonve kete timen.

Isha duke punuar ne nje projekt dhe me nevojitej nje pasqyre e tille. Pasi qe ishte e pamundur te gjeja nje te tille ne vendin ku isha, atehere u desht qe t’i veja ne perdorim aftesite e mija DIY qe t’a punoja nje te tille. Megjithate, une deshta t’a sfidoj veten pergjate ketije procesi, dhe fillova te shiqoj per materiale jo te zakonshme qe do ti perdorja per kete projekt; andaje, vendosa se lidheset plastike e permbushin ate definicionin a materialit “jo te zakonshem” per kete rast.

Perdora nje pasqyre te rumbullaket me kornize plastike si baze. E hoqa pasqyren nga korniza dhe fillova me radhitjen dhe ngjitjen e lidheseve plastike ne pjesen e pasme te kornizes. Pasi i radhita dhe i ngjita me silikon te nxehte afro 200 sosh reth kornizes, i ngjyrosa te gjitha me ngjyre sprej (baker) dhe e lash qe ngjyra te thahet plotesisht gjate nates. Pas tharjes e ngjita pasqyren siper dhe i dekorova skajet e saje te brendshme dhe te jashtme me litare. Se fundi i bera nje varese pas per ta varur ne mur.

Kjo ishte e tera, pasqyrja YLL ishte e gatshme te varej, dhe pasi u var ne mur ajo dukej se po rezatonte vale pozitive ne ate hapsire.

A jeni te interesurar qe ta beni edhe ju nje te tille? Nese po, dhe e beni nje te tille atehere dergoni foton per te treguar se si doli e juaja.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe.

P.S. Ky version i pasqyrjes YLL i punuar me litare dhe me lidhese plastike eshte paraqitur per here te pare permes BESA GM blog dhe eshte ide dhe dizajn origjinal si dhe punedore nga Besa ne BESA GM Interiors. Nese e perdorni kete ide, ju lutem i beni reference ketije posti. Ju faleminderit!


Custom Tufted Bench


Benches of all sizes, forms and designs are quite handy where ever we place or use them. They can be placed in entryways to provide seating when wearing or taking off the shoes; in the bedrooms at the end of the bed; in living rooms to provide extra seating; in dinning rooms instead of individual seating etc.

They come in variety of sizes, materials and designs, but sometimes it is hard to find that “perfect one” that would suit your taste and fulfils your criteria of functionality and design.

For months I was looking to find that “perfect bench” to place at the end of the bed in our guest room. Searching for the bench in local stores turned futile, so the only option left for me was to make one from scratch, and …..(drums please) this beauty was born:
I was inspired by a photo found on Pinterest and then I started researching on how I could make this bench “happen”.

First I visited the local craftsmen to see which iron profiles they cary that would fit my design. Once I found the desired shape and size of the iron profile I draw the sketch with the exact measurements and gave a detailed oral explanation to the craftsman about how the finished project should look.

After the iron base was completed I purchased a piece of plywood cut to the upper size of the bench, 10 cm thick foam, batting, and I already had the fabric which was a gift from my sister, and headed to an upholsterer. Within few hours later I ended up with a very attractive and unique bench which is being used as a prototype for all of those who want to have one made.
Now these benches are being made by special orders by contacting us through our e mail address at besagmblog@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading,

Kolltuk ne Forme Banke
Uleset ne forme bankash te te gjitha madhesive e dizajneve jane shume te pershtatshme per perdorim. Ato mund t’i vendosim ne hyrje te shtepise apo baneses per perdorim gjate mbathjes dhe zbathjes; ne dhoma te fjetjes tek fundi i shtratit; ne dhomat e dites per te shtuar vende te uljes; ne trapezari ne vend te karikave individuale etj.

Ato mund te ken forma, dizajne dhe materiale te ndryshme, por nganjihere eshte veshtire t’a gjesh ate banken “perfekte” qe i pershtatet shijes tende dhe qe i permbush kriteret e funkcionalitetit dhe dizajnit te deshiruar.

Me muaj isha duke kerkuar nje banke te tille “perfekte” qe ta vendosi tek shtrati ne dhome te mysafirve, Kerkimet per kete banke neper shitoret ne qytet nuk treguan rezultat, andaje e vetmja zgjidhje ishte qe t’a krijoja nje vet dhe……(daullet ju lutem du du duum) …….kjo bukuroshe u lind.
U ispirova me nje foto te gjetur ne Pinterest dhe pastaj fillova kerkimet se si ta krijoi banken time “perfekte”.

Fillimisht vizitova zejtaret qe punojne me profile hekuri per te pare se cili profil i pershtatej dizajnit tim dhe pasi e gjeta profilin e duhur e vizatova modelin si dhe madhesit. Gjithashtu, i spjegova hollesisht zejtarit si do te duhej te realizohej projekti dhe si do te dukej i perfunduar.

Pasi baza nga metali u perfundua, e bleva nje cope materiali nga druri te madhesise se duhur, shpuzen e trashesise 10 cm, material lio per shtroje siper shpuzes, ndersa materialin per fytyren e bankes veqme e kisha, dhe me te gjitha keto u drejtova tek mjeshtri i kolltuqeve. Disa ore pas, une perfundova me kete banke shume atraktive dhe unike.

Tani keto banka punohen me porosi dhe poqese ju duket atraktive dhe deshironi ta keni nje te tille na shkruani ne besagmblog@gmail.com qe ta beni porosine tuaj.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,


Flower Pot Makeover – Kate Spade Inspired Look


While shopping for groceries the other day in my nearby supermarket, I came across some white plastic flower pots which caught my eye, and I was lucky to be around at that very moment when a huge bulk of african violets in all possible colours just came in. I took 2 flower pots and picked a few plants in pink. As soon as I returned home from shopping, I threw all shopping bags at a side, and started DIY-ing the pots.

The material I used for this DIY project is electrical tape, and how i achieved the Kate Spade look, it is all visible in the collage below.

Vase Makover - Kate Spade Inspired Look

Vase Makover – Kate Spade Inspired Look

The total cost of the project: 4.00 Euros for pots and plants!

The joy after finishing the project : Priceless!

Enjoy the pics, and thank you for visiting this page.





Dekorimi i Saksive – Inspiruar nga Kate Spade

Gjersa isha duke bere shopingun per zarzavate ne marketin e afert, ne sy me rane disa vazo te bardha plastike, dhe poashtu isha me fat qe qellova ne ate moment ne market kur erdhi nje kontingjent i vjollcave afrikane ne te gjitha ngjyrerat egzistuese. I mora vazot dhe disa nga vjollcat roze, dhe posa u ktheva ne shtepi i hodha qeset e shopingut menjane dhe menjihere fillova me dekorimin e s saksive.
Materiali qe perdora per dekorim te ketyre vazove ishte shiriti izolues per telat elektrik, ndersa se si e arijta look-un Kate Spade mund ta shihni ne kollazhin e fotove me poshte.

Kostoja e projektit : 4 Euro per saksit dhe lulet!

Kenaqesia pas perfundimit te projektit: S’ka pagese!

Per te gjitha kerkesat reth dekorit dhe dizajnit te cfardo hapsire me kontaktoni ne besagmblog@gmail.com ose permes faqes ne facebok BESA GM.

Kenaquni me fotot, dhe faleminderit qe visituat kete faqe.



Build In Closet


Newly build condos these days are smaller in size and most of them do not provide for a plenty of storage space. Sometimes there is a case that spare rooms in such condos are too small and with an unusual shape that you could hardly find to buy a wardrobe or a closet that would comfortably fit in the room. In such cases the only option is custom made wardrobe which will satisfy the need of a condo owner.

In this post I am sharing a custom made build in closet for a client, who asked me helping her to design and furnish a spare room in her newly bought condo. The room was very long and narrow. On the on side of the wall there was a space about 40 cm deep and 2.50 cm in length which had to be addressed in some way, and since the owner needed some extra storage space we decided that this would be an ideal place to custom build a closet that would accommodate her extra bedding and seasonal wardrobe.

Since the client loves plants and has a large collection of african violets in all possible colours, I incorporated in this closet design a large number of shelves close to the window for her plant collection.

We used neutral colours for the walls, closet doors, drapes and the rug, and added a punch of colour with the turquoise futon sofa. The black small side table and the plants add some needed contrast.
Two identical large frames with flowers in their centre added charm and personality to the room.GGF
The overall look of the room turned fresh and modern, and considering the small footage of the room it feels even more spacious than it is.

I appeared on the Morning Show on RTK Live to discuss a topic related to walk in Closets.

Thank you for visiting this page,


Dollapet ne mur.

Shumica e banesave qe ndertohen kohet e fundit jane me te vogla ne siperfaqe, dhe shumica e tyre nuk ofrojne mundesi per hapsira te mjaftueshme ku do ti vendosnim dollapat. Ka raste kur dhomat ne keto ndertime te reja jane teper te vogla dhe me forma jo edhe aq te pershtatshme per mobilim, ashtu qe eshte veshtire per te gjete dollapa qe do ti pershtateshin madhesise dhe vendit ku do t’i vendosim ato. Ne raste te tilla e vetmja mundesi eshte qe keta dollapa ti bejme me porosi ne menyre qe t’i pershtaten dhomes dhe nevojave te pronarit.

Ne kete postim po e ndaje me ju nje dollap te bere me porosi per klienten e cila kerkoi ndihmen time per dizajnimin dhe mobilimin e nje dhome shtese ne banesen e saje te posablere.
Dhoma ishte shume e ngushte dhe e gjate. Njera ane e murit e kishte nje thyerje perbrenda me nje gjeresi 40 cm dh gjatesi 2.50 cm dhe te cilen zbrazetire duhet qe t’a adresonim ne ndonje menyre. Pasi qe klientes i nevojitej me shume hapsire me dollappa, atehere vendosem qe te porosisim nje dollap me keto dimenzione per t’i akomoduar veshjet sezonale si dhe qarqafet dhe gjesented tjera shtese.
Lulet ishin nje pasion i kesaje klienteje dhe kishte nje kolekcion te lule vjollcave afrikane te te gjitha ngjyrave te mundshme, andaje si pjese te dollapit i dizajnuam raftet afer dritares per kolekcionin e saje te luleve.

I perdorem ngjyrat neutrale per mure, dyer te dollapave, perde, dhe shtroje, ndersa i shtuam ngjyre ketij dizajni me nje kanape ngjyre turkuaz. Per artin mbi kanape, i vendosem dy korniza te medha masive me nga nje lule ne qender te tyre e qe jane krejtesisht identike me njera tjetren, por qe i japin dhomes nje sharm dhe personalitet.

Ne pergjithesi dhoma mori nje pamje te fresket dhe moderne, dhe duke pase parasysh se sa e vogel ishte dhoma, ajo tani duket shume me e madhe se qe ne te vertete eshte.

Per nevoja te dizajnit dhe dekorit te cfardo hapsire, mund te na kontaktoni me e mail ne besagmblog@gmail.com ose permes mesazheve ne faqen ne Facebook ne BESA GM.

Lidhur me temen reth dollapeve jame paraqitur ne emisionin Miremengjesi Kosove ne RTK Live ne kete link

Ju faleminderit qe e vizituat kete faqe.