My Covid-19 Escape

Since the beginning of last year I have been trapped in my home! No travels, no family and friends gatherings, no dining outs…. NOTHING!!! And this has been very, vey hard on my mental and overall wellbeing, but I am sure that this is what everyone in the world is going through these days.

It is unfortunate, but that’s life and we must go on, stay safe and healthy until we all get vaccinated. My vaccine appointment is approaching and I can’t wait to get that long awaited shot. And then, I would consider myself free. Free for get togethers, free to travel and overseas vacations and free to do everything I want.

But until then, I will be in here, in my sanctuary! At my veranda and backyard, a sanctuary that me and my husband created last year during the lockdown.

It has been a lot of sweat, errors and learning, and hard work to get the results we aspired but considering the circumstances, we slowly got there!

Despite the hard work redoing the veranda and establishing the garden, I have loved this whole process! This has helped me stay safe and healthy and yielded with a great result.

Everything has been DIY ed here as, due to the lockdown restrictions, we could not get professional help or materials that we needed or wanted. Some purchases were made online such as the deck composite tiles at Lowe’s and Canvas outdoor sofa at Canadian Tire. The outdoor rug and the string lights were purchased at Costco during our grocery shopping and sofa pillows were DIY-ed.

So this has been my escape during the lockdown, and further to this day. And I am loving every minute spent here! It has helped my wellbeing, and doing the backyard and garden chores gives me hope for the better days on the horizon.

What was your lockdown project? I would love to hear your story!

Thank you for reading, and stay healthy and safe!


“To Make Or Not To Make The Bed; That Is The Question”

I am pretty sure that Hamlet, being who he was, would have never bothered to discuss such a dilemma; but we ordinary people, with extraordinary busy lives, who are faced with this tedious chore every single morning may ask this question and seek a reasonable answer.

There is no doubt that there are two types of people out there; those who make their bed and those who don’t. Both may probably be right in their choice, and in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer to above statement.

However, I must confess!

I never faced this dilemma, nor did I seek an answer as to should or shouldn’t I make a bed. I was the eldest of my siblings so I was expected to set “ a bed making example”, which I did.

I am not going to lie, as a kid making my bed wasn’t the chore that I was looking forward to accomplish first thing in the morning; but, as I was growing up I started liking it and also started being creative with my bed making chore.

I realised that a god made bed, and moreover a dressed up one, make the room look more grounded, prettier, and cleaner. Very soon, the very task of making the bed made me feel happier and gave me a small sense of pride. It encouraged me to do another task, another, and another….

To this day I think that making a bed daily is so beneficial and rewarding. As small as it may seem, the very task of making your bed every morning gives you sense of accomplishment. It takes only a few minutes of your daily time, but this task ignites a positive tone for the rest of the day. Moreover, once you get into the habit of your bed making, you crave little more organisation because you appreciate how it makes you feel.

One day you’ll take a moment to look around your room and decide that it really wouldn’t take much more time to pick up a few clothes. You’ll spend about a minute putting away a few items and be wowed! That didn’t take much time at all! We’re only up to few minutes!

This feeling is so addictive it will spill into the other rooms of the house. Before you know it, you won’t go to bed before the kitchen is clean!

There is no better feeling than opening the bedroom door and finding your bed made and room organised. This makes you feel relaxed in an instant.

Do you recall how you feel when you stay at a hotel? You enter the room and it’s tidy. Right away your mood elevates and you look forward to climbing into the crisply made bed. But hey, you can create this mood and setting at home everyday. You only need a few hours to deeply clean and organise/reorganise the room, find some decorative accessories by shopping your house, add some fresh flowers or greenery, commit a few minutes each morning to make your bed, and voila you created your sanctuary which you will enjoy, and your sleep and dreams will be much sweeter.

So, how about you? Do you make your bed every morning? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading.


Simple and Cosy Living Room Holiday Decor

This year I was too late with any Holiday decorating, and it was only two days ago that I was, finally, able to put up my Holiday decor in the living room.

Even though I decorate for the Holidays, my approach for the seasonal decor is keeping it simple and easy, meaning that I do not want to spend a lot of time decorating, and also when the Holidays are over it is not going to take a lot of time for me to put away all decorating items.

I am a big fan of fresh greenery used for the Holiday decorating so, this year too, I DIY-ed a long garland using fresh cedar clippings. The fresh aroma of the cedar is the best decorating “item” one can use for the Holidays.

I bought an artificial pre lit tree though, despite the fact that I love natural ones. The reason is that my living room is quite small and the only tree that I can fit in it is a tall and narrow tree which can be found easily only as an artificial product.

I bought a cheery striped fabric at the local fabric store and DIY-ed our oversized stockings. I just liked the fabric and made the stockings in a large scale to show off the fabric (chuckles).

I DIY-ed this simple and easy coffee table centrepiece which turned quite nice. Again, I used fresh cedar clippings, fresh magnolia leaves which and placed them carefully in an oversized clear glass bowl and then added in between the leaves Ferrero Roche chocolates. The centrepiece turned so cute, added cheer to the table and it is a nice way to greet and welcome guests who may visit during the Holidays.

Unlike previous years, this year I used red as a decorative accenting colour, and it really worked well with the existing colouring scheme in my living room. It is so easy and effortless decorating with this colour.

So this is pretty much it. Now I have to think about the cooking part, which gets complicated. I like to cook, but I also love to limit the calorie intake, so this is when the cooking gets complicated and the search for the Holiday low calorie recipes gets you on to a frustration mode.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and thank you visiting this blog.


An Outdoor Room

It’s natural to think of home and garden as two separate entities with a strict boundary in between. But linking indoor and outdoor spaces, even if it’s only a tiny garden or terrace, makes an interior feel larger. With the exterior connected to the house your eye sees further and a garden-facing room appears larger.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am an outdoor person, and I love spending time in my backyard. When the weather is warm outside, my living room doors leading to the terrace stay always open, so it was about the time to start thinking of setting up a sitting area next to my living room.

I furnished this exterior space as I would do an indoor one. I started by adding two comfy lounging outdoor chairs, then used indoor poufs which were slipcovered with an outdoor fabric, added a lot of cushions for extra seating and grouped them around a large coffee table. To tie the space together I added an existing outdoor sisal rug, and also used small side table as extra space to keep drinks to hand.

With the living room doors left open to the terrace, the home felt bigger and brighter, and we got to enjoy both places throughout summer.

Are you an outdoor person? Do you spend a lot of time in your backyard, deck or terrace during the summer? Do you decorate your outdoors as you would indoor spaces?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading this post.


Pouf Slipcovers

Poufs are expensive, but they are pretty and quite versatile. You can use them in every room around the house be it as an extra seating, as a feet rest, as a table with a tray on top and the list goes on.

Few years back I made a pretty fuchia coloured pouf. It was my first pouf ever made, and it turned beautiful. Since then I made a lot of of them in different colours and shapes using various fabrics, because in my styling projects I always look for different textures, materials and colours.

What I never thought of though, was creating a pouf slipcover; this way I would use an existing pouf, and add the needed colour and texture to a styling project just by slipcovering it.

Recently I was in a need of a pouf in specific colour and fabric texture for an outdoor use, so I created these simple and practical pouf slipcovers that changed entirely the look of the previous pouf and are so easy to slip them on and off to the existing pouf. They are machine washable, thus a perfect solution for an outdoor use.

An indoor pouf can be used outdoors throughout summer only by slipcovering it with a proper outdoor fabric.

I used these slipcovered poufs throughout summer as additional seating in different areas of my backyard. They not only provided comfy seating, but also added a stylish touch to the sitting corners in our backyard. In my next post I will share how I styled a teracce by incorporating these slipcovered poufs.

Adding a handle makes it easy to transport the pouf around the house or backyard.

Nona (my mother) loved the idea of slipcovering the poufs and on the photoshooting day we enjoyed our morning coffee sitting on slipcovered poufs in my dog’s IMO playground.

Imo, the dog did not take a seat on the poufs though. While at his playground he kept being bussy chasing bees and butterflies.

Do you like poufs, or do you own one? If you like them and would like to make one check my tutorial on how to make one HERE. If you already own one and would like to slipcover it then follow the below written instructions:

1.Measure the width of the ottoman’s top with a fabric tape measure. Add 1 inch to the width to allow for a 1/2-inch seam allowance the entire way around the circle. Record the measurement.

2. Measure the distance from the ottoman’s top to the floor. Add 1 1/2 inches to the measurement to allow for the seams. Record the measurement.

3. Wrap the tape measure around the sides of the ottoman to measure its circumference, or length of fabric needed for its sides. Add 1 inch to the measurement for seam allowance.

4. Spread the fabric out flat on a work surface, positioning its patterned side down. Measure and draw a circle on the fabric using the tape measure and a fabric pencil, making it equal in diameter, or width, to the calculated measurement from the first step.

5. Measure and mark a rectangle on the fabric’s surface using the tape measure and fabric pencil. Make the rectangle equal in width to the measurement from the second step and equal in length to the measurement from the third step.

6. Cut out the fabric circle with a pair of scissors, following the marked line. Cut out the rectangle with the scissors.

7. Spread the fabric rectangle out on the work surface with its patterned side down. Fold one of its lengthwise edges inward by 1/2 inch with wrong sides together. Fold the edge over again by 1/2 inch to create the hem. Pin along the edge with straight pins to hold the folds in place.

8. Select a color of polyester thread that matches the fabric’s main color as closely as possible. Thread the sewing machine with the thread.

9. Sew a 1/2-inch seam of straight stitches along the pinned edge to secure the hem in place. Remove each straight pin before sewing over it to prevent the machine’s needle from breaking. Clip any thread tails at the beginning and end of the seam using scissors.

10. Fold the rectangle in half with patterned sides together, matching up its two short edges and pinning them together. Sew a 1/2 inch seam across the pinned edge to turn the rectangle into a cylinder. Remove the pins before sewing over them.

11. Cut off any thread tails on either end of the seam with scissors. Press the seam open with a warm iron.

12. Lay the fabric circle flat on the work surface with its patterned side facing up. Match up the cylinder’s raw edge, or edge opposite to its hemmed edge, with the raw edge of the fabric circle, positioning their patterned sides together. Pin the matched edges together with straight pins.

13. Sew a 1/2 inch seam around the pinned edge, removing each straight pin before sewing over it. Cut back any thread tails.

14. Turn the slipcover right side out, pulling its circular sides down around its round top. Pull the slip cover over top of the ottoman.

The written instructions are from

Thank you for checking this page.


Boho Backyard Corner

I am a summer person, and just love being outside whenever there is a good weather. Having a good sized backyard gives me the opportunity to create different sitting corners so I can enjoy the view of my backyard from different angles. Depending on the mood, I style and restyle these corners very often and this makes the time spent in my yard much more enjoyable and fun.

Because I love spending time in my backyard I also have to do a lot of gardening work, but luckily my husband got hooked into gardening too; so, I am sort of relieved from some of the gardening duties this year therefore I can spent more time chilling in different sitting corners in my garden.

I am happy to share some photos of one of the sitting corners in my backyard this year; it wasn’t anything special, but surely we enjoyed this setting for for a while during this summer.

Do you like to dress up your sitting areas in your backyard, porch or deck? Do you like to change the look of the sitting areas in your back yard, front porch or your deck often? It is so easy and you can do it by changing your pillows and adding different throws and accesories. It is so much fun and enhances the enjoyment of the al fresco sitting during the summer.

These macrame candle holders were an easy DIY and they really added a much needed sparkle during those summer evenings.

Weekend Makeover – My Niece’s Bedroom

My niece is a busy bee. She is an university student, soon to graduate on two majors Accounting and Finance, so if she is not in a class or at the library studying for her exams, she will be either at the gym lifting weights, boxing, running on treadmill, or taking a class on advanced flute lessons. When at home she will be in the kitchen preparing her vegan recipes, and sometimes even developing some delicious ones to suit her very sophisticated taste for vegan food!

Being busy took its toll on her room! Even though with the help of her mom (my sister) she changed the look of her room several times, she was never quite happy with its overall look; but she new that one day I will be visiting her so I will give her room a quick makeover (…chuckles…).

So that day finally came this spring when I visited my sister and her family.

During this visit we undertook several projects: kitchen project; living room styling project, termostat cover project and the project of repurposing the dinning room into a multifunctional room.

The niece’s bedroom makeover was the last project in line and, judging from my niece’s reaction after the makeover was completed, I must say that it was the most successful project of all.

I suggested to start with changing the layout by rearranging the bedroom furniture.

Since the bed is the most important part of the bedroom, it is a good idea to get it in place first. Generally, you’ll want to put the bed against the wall opposite the door or the largest wall with no windows. So this is an interior design guideline that you may want to follow when designing a bedroom, and this is what my niece did previously!

Well, as you may see it did not work, especially not in her small bedroom!

While planning for the layout, I found a perfect spot for the bed that made the most sense to me. After making sure that the wardrobe doors (which we planned to place against the wall where the bed was previously) can be smoothly opened and closed, I suggested that the bed should be placed under the window, and I was so happy that my niece liked the idea.

The two existing shoe cabinets, for those extra shoes that we all have were placed, opposite the bed and above them we framed my nieces favourite pieces of art, one being the her caricature made by (if I can recall correctly) her friend.

For her books, reading material for her studies, make up items and other bits and pieces I DIY-ed this shelving cabinet which had been sitting in their basement and they were planning to give it away. I painted horizontal dark grey stripes all the way dow at the backing of the shelving cabinet and added some more shelving boards. After the makeover, they were happy that they didn’t give it away.

The little desk area was painted with a dark grey colour and I placed a picture shelf where my niece would put pictures that meant a lot to her as well as an interesting and lovely poem that was written on spot especially for her.

Her bed had no bed frame so to dress the bed up a little bit, I custom made a bed skirt which I attached it on a mattress box.

Lastly and most importantly, according to my niece’s specific requests I custom made her the drapes for the bedroom window. We found this pretty yellow patterned fabric designed by Nate BERKUS, which is my niece’s favourite designer.

She requested that the drapes should be black-out lined; a very important feature for her sleep. Having the black out drapes you have to open and close them depending on the needs, so this wouldn’t work with her bed placed under the window. So instead lining the drapes with a black out lining I mounted the black out roller shade under the drapes so this way the drapes will remain untouched while she will operate the shade to accommodate her sleep.

To make the window look taller we installed the shade just a few inches below the ceiling and right at the same level we installed the curtain rod. This small detail changed the whole look of the room. After being dressed up with drapes and the shades this rather small window looks much taller now, and it really makes a statement in the room.

So as a conclusion this was a very fun and low cost weekend project where I got to spend a lot of time with both my sister and my niece. We worked perfectly together as a team; my sister painting the desk area wall and helping to install the shade and the curtain rod, my niece rearranging the furniture, decluttering and freeing up the closet space by giving away almost all of her clothing, shoes and so many other items that she was no longer using but she couldn’t make that decision to let those things go; all this while I was working on the bed skirt, sewing the drapes and DIY-ing the shelf, and of course making those important design decisions (…chuckles…)

I am so happy that after all the work we did together and after I styled the room at the end, it looked so perfectly put together and it seemed and felt much larger than it really is.

My niece loved it, and she is loving it every day more and more, so I couldn’t be happier too. I love my beautiful, smart, hardworking, dedicated, responsible niece so much, so I love to see her happy because she deserves it so much.

Thank you for visiting this blog and checking this post.


How To Decorate A Room From Scratch

Working in the field of home styling for a few years now, I am constantly approached by clients who are faced with decorating dilemmas as the time to move into their new empty place, be it a house or an apartment, approaches.

That’s because decorating a room or the whole place completely from scratch is intimidating! You have no where to start and yet so many choices to make.

When I design a room for a client, I sometimes have the same dilemma. I have a completely blank canvas with endless possibilities.

So, how you can get started? More often than not, I personally start by using a piece of artwork as a starting point. For this styling project I DIY-ed this Brushstroke artwork, and this is one of many which i did so far my styling projects. If you look closely to this painting you will see there is a dark grey and beige colour brushstroke. I wanted to emphasise those colors in the painting, so I used them for the upholstery and the neutral colour rug.

Choosing a rug at the beginning of the styling process is a good idea, and then proceed with choosing the upholstery which creates contrast or mixes well with the rug.

In this rom I used the neutral sisal rug which mixes well with everything, is easy to maintain and, the best part, came with at a very affordable price.

As this place was a rental, I couldn’t change the paint color, but when choosing a paint color while decorating from scratch, you may want choosing it at the end.

You may think that the best time to pick a paint color is at the beginning, but I prefer choosing it at the end. Why? It’s easier to pick a tone to complement your entire furniture collection than the other way around. Pick paint samples and look at them against the furniture you’ve chosen until you find the perfect match. Examine them against fabric or material samples to make sure that everything works together. If you can, get sample pots and paint a small square on your wall to look at under different lights throughout the day. Each paint will look radically different under natural light than it does on a paint chip.

Next step is to start shopping for pieces you love, starting with the biggest ones first. It’s easier to place smaller items in afterward than the other way around. In this small living room the biggest piece was the couch.

Lastly, add in accessories in your space as you create layers that will make it feel lived in.

The styling project for this rental property was done on a very tight budget, however it turned out nice and the renter loved it.

Are you planing to soon move in into a new apartment or house but when you think about decorating it from scratch, you get overwhelmed with options and decision? Are the following questions such which paint color should I choose; should I get a sectional or three-seater sofa; what size rug do I need constantly bugging you? You are not alone, and that is OK! There are plenty of others like you who are intimidated by the process of decorating a place from scratch! Many, gain confidence and get through the process but the others who don’t, they consider engaging professional styling services. We at BESA GM Interiors specialise in such services and, we would be happy to help you decorate your space. Contact us via e mail or social media Instagram @besagm and Facebok BESA GM Interiors and we would be happy to help.

So here it is the look of the empty room:

And this is how it looks after being styled on a budget:

Thank you for checking this blog and reading this post, check back again for more interesting topics and interesting before and afters.

Repurposing A Dining Room Into A Bedroom/Reading Room

It is no news that people live more casually today than they did when formal dining rooms were put into homes.

If you like the idea of inhabiting every room in your home rather than setting aside a formal space that is only used a handful of times a year, than this post is for you.

This space used to be a formal dinning room which was used during the holidays, and on other rare family occasions.

However, the family needed more storage space as well as an extra guest bedroom, and a reading corner so this former dinning room was an excellent solution to fulfills all those needs .

With all these needs in mind, I designed a space that altogether provides an extra multipurpose storage space for the family, a stylish day bed suitable for an afternoon or weekend readings, shelves for displaying artwork, memorable souvenirs and books, and a space which, at the same time, serves as an extra bedroom for those out of country guests.

To enhance the storage space we purchased and assembled the IKEA PAX wardrobe frames (35 cmm wide) and used FORSAND doors which luckily were on sale for $50 including the soft closing hinges.

For the stylish daybed I used the existing single bed frame, and added a long board at the back frame to create a backing support for multiple custom made pillows, which are now also part of @besahomeaccessories summer collection 2019.

To provide a space for storing books and souvenirs within this small room I added a set of shelving which the family already owned and they were sitting unused in the basement. In front of these shelves I placed two existing stools which I “topped” them with stylish tassel pillows from @besahomeaccessories. Beside providing extra seating space, these stools also added a ton of style, and make this room such a neat looking space.

I also aded a rug, which is highly resistant on stains and dirt and can also be easily cleaned up.

To add a splash of colour I purchased 6 meters of quality drapery fabric in turquoise colour, and custom made two panels which now grace this beautiful window against the daybed.

To address the privacy issues, in case the space is used as a bedroom, there is a cotton curtain which covers the opening of the dinning area that leads to the hallway. When not in use, the curtain is tucked away at the side of the wall opening and it even

This multi purpose space now, which was originally dedicated as a formal dinning room, has been transformed and adapted to how this family really lives, and they are now able to use all the square footage they have.

I really love how this space turned out, but happier than me is the whole family who gets to enjoy this fun, modern and fresh looking space.

Is your square footage used according to your needs and lifestyle? Is there any space in your home that is not being used at its full potential, and you would like to change that but you don’t now how, or you do not have time to tackle such a project? Well, you are not alone! There are so many people just like you that let valuable square footage get “waisted” by sitting unused or getting that space piled up with unused stuff, thus making the space looking messy. If this is a case than consider hiring professional services that can repurpose your unused spaces. We at BESA GM Interiors provide such services, including decluttering, organising, accessorising and styling. You can contact us via e mail or via social media accounts Instagram @besagm and FB fun page BESAGM Interiors.

Thank you for checking this post, and visit again for more interesting topics and new Before and Afters.

Living Room Styling On A Budget

My sister’s living room is not a spacious space. Moreover, in one of the living room walls there is a door that leads to the basement as well as a small corridor leading to the powder bathroom and the mud room, so it really gets complicated to come up with a good furniture layout.

Her existing furniture was purchased based on the current needs of her family and, at this time, she did not consider changing the furniture or the layout, so this made the small room styling process even more difficult.

However, her living room needed some styling and I was prepared to take this challenge. In fact, my sister was saying that, her living room was begging for something to be done. She admitted that the lack of style in her living space was having a terrible effect on her mood.

This is an open concept space divided by an open wall, and it is adjacent to the kitchen which underwent a successful facelifting process just few days beforeI I started to do the styling of this room.

The first thing I considered before I started the styling of this room was to address the curve shaped design on the upper parts of the built in shelving around the fireplace, as these made the space feel a bit dated.

As an efficient fixing route I suggested that we should find a very thin wood board, paint it in the colour of the shelving and glue it on top of the area we wanted to cover up. This worked perfectly fine and the shelving instantly changed for better. It is all in small little details after all.

I used various existing decorative items and some books to style the shelves around the fireplace. Also, we purchased two huge clear glass vases in which I placed some branch clippings from a tree in my sister’s garden. This added texture and interest around the TV area. After I left, the branches were blooming fresh leaves throughout and my sister said the whole scene above the fireplace looked even better.

The next thing that I suggested was purchasing an area rug.

Because of the busy lifestyle of this family of five, which until recently they also had a beautiful and big lovely dog, and in order to make the house errands more manageable and efficient they went bare floors for quite some time.

However, in order to create style, add some texture to the space as well as to make the room feel larger, I suggested that the room will definitely need a large area rug so we got one Costco, and it instantly brightened up the room.

USEFUL TIP: While rugs are a must for a stylish living room, they should still match the size and style of the space.
Small rugs imbalance the room, so when purchasing a rug you should consider a rug that’s so big that the front feet of all your lounge room furniture are placed on it.
This provides balance and creates zones for your room, and will also make it feel larger too.

Luckily, there was an existing glass-topped coffee table in the living, something that I would suggest for a small living space

USEFUL TIP: Pairing a glass-topped coffee table with a patterned rug will create the illusion of space, while allowing the rug to shine in all of its glory.

And lastly fresh flowers always make the space feel crisp, stylish and happy, just like this living room looks and feels now.

Does your living space looks dull or outdated and you cannot afford a major renovation? Styling it differently, changing the layout of the furniture, a new fresh coat of interesting paint colour may do the difference without spending a lot of money on renovation. You can do this yourself or you may consider also consultation with a designer or stylist regarding the colour scheme, furniture placement, shelf styling and other tricks that may be used to bring an outdated and dull looking living room from drab to fab! BESA GM Interiors offers such consultation services so write us at and we will take it from there!


Thank you for reading this post, and check back again for more interesting postings and space makeovers.


DIY Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

No matter how comfortable the rest of a house might be, everyone loves to meet in the kitchen be it for a tasty meal one just made, or just for grabbing a cup of coffee and catching up with the other members of the family. So, no wonder that everyone likes to have an organised and a pretty looking kitchen where a family can enjoy meals and time together.

However, as the time goes by, once pretty looking kitchen becomes dated and not so fresh looking anymore. Renovation of any kitchen, be it the smallest one, costs a lot so DIY updating it in some way is an easy and non costly option.

My sister’s kitchen is an old builder grade kitchen of a good quality. Originally, it was an oak kitchen or a wood stained in oak finish which 10 or 15 years ago everyone who had one of those kitchens started hating its colour, my sister being among the first ones.

She started hating its colour so much at the point that she couldn’t live with it anymore. Of course, renovating the kitchen wasn’t an option for her so I suggested her to take a paint route.

At first she thought that painting a kitchen was a huge and tedious job, so she wasn’t sure whether she could do it herself. After some words of encouragement by me and her strong will to make things happen, I convinced her that she could do it herself and suggested the paint colour, DARK BROWN.

This was almost 10 years ago, when dark brown kitchens were trending. Her kitchen turned great in that colour then, it looked so updated and modern at that time, but sory, not anymore in 2019.

Sooo it was that right time now for another paint job and for some refreshing colours in her dark brown kitchen; therefore, here is now my sister’s facelifted kitchen with colours that have brought such a positive feeling and happiness to the family members and who can’t wait now to wake up and enjoy a morning coffee together before they all leave for work or school.

It all started as soon as I arrived at her home, for a lengthy visit this time! We immediately started talking about the kitchen makeover project, and came up with a colour pallete, as well as things that have to go, what stays in the kitchen and what should we get new for this project. We also allocated the budget of 200$, and luckily we were only a few bucks over the budget!

We got rid of the old kitchen table and chairs and bought an IKEA round table and slightly used set of six quality chairs which I DIY the seats to fit our colour scheme.

Getting rid of the kithchen light fixture which was really an eyesore in this kitchen was the first thing on my sister’s list, so this new spider shaped fixture that we purchased at the Home Depot, at a very affordable price, brought the whole new look to the space.

Navy blue seat covers really complement the kitchen island, which frankly was one of the kitchen parts that was kind of begging for a makeover, and I had the pleasure in painting the kitchen island.

I applied one coat of primer and two coats of paint throughout the surfaces that needed to be painted, and the island was transformed completely and turned gorgeous after installing modern hardware which we scored at a price $2 each! The rich navy paint and modern brushed steel handles made this island the star of the kitchen.

My sister did the painting of the kitchen cabinets. My brother in law and nephew helped with unscrewing the hinges from the cabinet doors, and this step really helped for an even application of one coat of primer and two coats of paint. At the time we did the painting, the weather outside was most of the time cold so most of the paint job was done in the kitchen.

In addition to changing the colour of the kitchen cabinets to light grey with blu undertones, we also changed the handles on the upper parts of the cabinet doors, which were purchased at IKEA, and we sanded the existing ones to achieve the brushed steel effect.

So in this kitchen now there are mixed and matched handles throughout, and the end result is great; the kitchen doesn’t look boring and old, instead it feels fresh, clean and so much fun.

For the kitchen window I also designed and sewed a curtain panel which I attached it to the existing roman shade and it functions perfectly and looks so crisp and stylish. The white fabric used for this project is high quality cotton with black out backing. The middle yellow stripe is a fabric that is sewn on top of the white one and it really makes this roman shade so special and unique.

So here are some more pictures which are not high quality ones; they were taken with my I phone 8 Plus as I did not have my camera with me.

Does your kitchen looks outdated and you cannot afford a major kitchen renovation? Consider a kitchen facelift with paint and new hardware. They will do the trick and you will fall in love with your kitchen again! Consider also consultation with a designer or stylist regarding the colour scheme, hardware and other tricks that may be used to bring an outdated kitchen from drab to fab! BESA GM Interiors offers such consultation services so write to us at and we would be happy to help!

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DIY – An Artful Thermostat Cover

Thermostats!!!!! These eyesores which we find in almost every home! Due to the nature of this device it is recommended to be mounted in a plain sight, in a common room, at eye level. This makes it pretty easy to notice this unsightly device and make you yearn to have it gone: but, getting rid of this incredibly functional device is not an option, so the best solution is to, depending on the situation, find a smart and attractive way to cover it up.

Since moving to her house years ago, my sister was always bothered with a small wall in her hallway which was full of switches , thermostat and other devices. These few last years she kept saying that she hated that wall, and tasked me to come up with a solution for this awkward device situation on her hallway wall.

For the time being, my sister and I live in different parts of the world so this spring I flew over the Atlantic to spend some time with her and her family. Despite having a super fun time together we also engaged ourselves in numerous projects in order to make some of her spaces more functional, and updated.

In today’s post I will be sharing the DIY thermostat cover which we did together and which turned out beautiful. This made my sister supper happy and her hallway now looks supper cute and appealing.

To make this device cover we started with a large piece of canvas print which my niece had in her room for a while and which she wanted to get rid off after reorganising her room. I thought that we could use this canvas in one of our projects, so I prevented my niece of donating this item (and many others) to the second hand store.

After deciding that we will be using this canvas print for covering the devices on the hallway wall, I gave the canvas five coats of white paint to cover the previous print and then, together with my sister, we proceeded to built a wide frame around the existing stretched canvas print frame.

We used plain MDF base board to build the frame. My sister did the cutting with the mitre saw and I attached the cut pieces with screws along the existing canvas frame and added a string wire for hanging.

After this was done, the next day I painted an abstract art using the brush stroke technique which I am fond of. My sister and her family loved the way the painting turned out, and I liked it too. I did several similar paintings in some of my styling projects and they all turned very nice so far.

So after hanging the painting, AKA the Thermostat Cover, this is how my sister’s little hallway looks.

The DIY built frame and DIY painting made to cover the eyesores on the hallway wall transformed this boring little hallway into a very elegant space. This space is ready now to greet and bring a smile to everyone’s face who enters that front door.

Do you have similar eyesore that is bothering you and you do not have time to deal with it? Contact us via e mail or via FB fun page BESAGM Interiors for consultation. We would be happy to find a suitable solution for you.

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER pics which we all love checking:

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Decorative Rectangular Handcrafted Pillow

No room is completed without decorative pillows on a sofa or a chair, and everyone knows that pillows are a great decorative element by which you may inject style and colour to a space.

I love using pillows, by the way a lot of them, in my styling projects, and I am sure that I am not alone. Homeowners and designers alike often face difficulties finding the right mix of pillows which can make their projects look perfect and stylish. Sometimes you need patterned ones, sometimes the project calls for some textured ones, or the right mix of colour and pattern, and the combinations may be endless.

Having difficulties to find, right away, the envisioned mix of pillows for my ongoing styling projects I started to design and make my own pillow covers so this is how besagmhomeaccessories line of products was created.

This line is still in its baby steps, but I am working hard lately to hopefully bring this line on its feet soon. I am frequently adding different designs to the collection and they are being featured in my Instagram page @besagmhomeaccessories, so I kindly invite you to follow this account to check new interesting designs which are handcrafted with love in our workroom.

One of the latest designs is this rectangular pillow, the front of which is decorated with black chenille yarn.

It is unique design which adds texture to a sofa or a chair and it pairs beautifully with other textured and patterned pillows in my living room sofa.

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Facelift Of An Old Space Using Dark Colours

In cases when you are not in a position (financially or for any other reason ) to undertake any renovation of a dated space in your home, than giving a fresh coat of paint always is a good idea.

Sometimes, only a coat of paint paired with some stylish details may transform the most dated space into a chic and current place you will love and enjoy.

The evidence of what I just said above is this kitchen project which I completed last year, and which I just didn’t have time to share it so far.

The kitchen is part of an old apartment building in the central part of the city where my Studio space is located. The white kitchen cabinets and the dining set are about 30 years old and were in constant use as part of the daily life of a family of four, with a lot of guests frequenting daily. The cabinets and the dinning set were left in their original state and we only did some editing by removing some parts of furniture and accessories and painted the walls and windows.

Although the kitchen is functional as it is, of course now it is not being used for cooking meals. What is cooked in this kitchen though, are interesting and creative ideas for every project that is lined up for action. This space has become a great place to start the work with a cup of coffee, for meetings to schedule the daily or weekly activities, and for small breaks during the work.

The main feature which made a lot of difference in this space is the dark paint we used on the walls. I wasn’t afraid of using dark paint in this space as it is filled with LIGHT and the white cabinets reflect the light making it bounce on the walls and giving the space a light filled feeling.

Light and lighting is a very important aspect to consider when using dark colours in a space.

When using dark colours the main thing to consider is that dark colours absorb the light, whereas the white reflects the light. Therefore, it is important to BALANCE the dark colours with the white ones, so in this case the white kitchen cabinets, the bench and the rug are doing just that in this rather dark coloured kitchen.

Pops of living coral colour cushions on the dark vintage chairs add the needed contrast as well as a sparkle to this space.

When working with dark colours in an interior another thing to consider is the CONTRAST that can be infused with different finishes, textures, accessories with interesting forms, as well as with pops of colour. White zebra vases placed in a faux marble tray with a gold finish edge, some faux and real apples, as well as the pops of colour using greenery and decorative pillows are used as the contrast in this makeover.

By using contrasting items in a dark coloured space you make the light bounce throughout the space and accentuating the decorative objects used in the space.

This was a super non costly makeover but with a great impact to this space. The only items purchased for this makeover were the roller shades and the paint, which I helped to be apply on to the walls.

So, it is time to reveal how this space looked BEFORE:

And the happily AFTER:

Are you intimidated to use the dark colours in your living space? I bet you are and once I was too; but understanding the lighting, balance and contract that you need to consider when using dark colours, you will gain the needed confidence to apply that dark colour on to your walls.

If still not sure how to achieve the balance and contrast when using dark colours, we are more than delighted to help. Contact us through our website, social media FB fun page BESA GM Interiors, Instagram @besagm and e mail and we will be glad to help you with your next project through consultation or other services as needed.

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Disa nga stilet ne disajnin e enterierit dhe s’i t’i dallojme ato

foto: Pinterest

Padyshim se egziston nje numer tejet i madh i stileve ne disajnin e enterierit, por ne kete post une do te fokusohem vetem ne disa nga ato te cilat kan qene me prezente ne dekaden e fundit.

Secili nga ne, ne ndonje faze te jetes do te perballemi me nevojen ose thjesht deshiren per t’a areduar ose dekoruar ndonje prej hapsirave tona banuese.

Kuptohet, secili nga ne i kemi preferencat tona unike, si dhe gjerat qe i pelqejme ose jo. Megjithate, nese i mesojme dhe i kuptojme detajet si dhe karakteristikat themelore te stileve te ndryshme te enterierit, atehere kjo do te jet nje pikenisje e mire e projektit arredues me te cilin ballafaqohemi.

Pasi te njihemi me karakteristikat e stileve te ndryshme do t’a kemi me lehte t’a gjejme veten perbrenda stilit te caktuar dhe pastaje te fillojme t’a implementojme ate ne hapsiren te cilen e arredojme. Gjetja e stilit do te na shtoj konfidencen per t’i blere gjesendet mobiluese dhe akcessoret keshtu qe pas perfundimit te aredimit ose dekorimit do t’a pelqejme dhe do t’a duam me shume ate hapsire.

Ne vijim po i shtjellojme karakteristikat e disa prej stileve te enterierit qe ishin prezente ne kete dekaden e fundit, dhe gjasat jan se ato edhe metutje do vazhdojne te jen prezente:

Ne enterieriet e stilit klasik i kushtohet rendesi e madhe simetrise, balancit dhe rregullit. Hapsirat te cilat jane te arreduara ne stilin klasik jan te planifikuara mire, duke u nise nga nje pike fokale qendrore si kamini, siper me ndonje pasqyre ose pikture me korniza masive, ose ndonje tryezari masive me karriga grandioze e interesante ne dy pjeset ballore te tavolines.

Nuancat e ngjyrave qe perdoren ne enterierin klasik jane zakonishte neutrale ose te inspiruara nga natyra si ngjyra e kafte, tonet e se gjelbertes, pastaje edhe tonet me te buta te ngjyres hiri, ngjyres krem dhe te verdhe.
Materialet si druri i perpunur me shume detaje, pastaj guret natyror si mermeri e graniti etj jane finishet e zakonshme te enteriereve klasike, ndersa tekstilet jane materiale luksoze si mendafshi dhe plishi.
Stili klasik karakterizohet me perdorim the theksuar te akcesorve siper siperfaqeve te komodave, tavolinave anesore, ne dysheme etj.

Stili modern i enterierit karakterizohet me qasjen “cdo gje ne nje hapsire banimi duhet t’a ket vendin e vet dhe arsyen pse eshte aty”.

Kjo do te thot qe ne hapsirat me stil modern nuk kemi shume mobilje e akcesor, dhe ne ato hapsira jane pothuajse vetem gjesendet elementare mobiluese; pra thjeshtesia eshte edhe esenca e ketije stilit.
foto: Instagram
Mobiljet kan vija te dreja, pa detaje dhe me dollapa gjithandej per t’i vendosur gjesendet qe nuk nevojiten per perdorim te perditshem, dhe per t’i mbajte large syve ne menyre qe hapsira te duket ne rregull dhe pa raqe. Ky stil veqohet per mungese te dekorimeve te shumta si dhe asimetrise ne hapsire.


Ngjyrat qe perdoren jane kryesisht ngjyra neutrale dhe kryesisht monokromatike, si nuanca te se bardhes dhe te hirit dhe aty ketu perdoret ndonje ngjyre tjeter akcentuese si e kalterta ketu.
Ky stil e bene qe hapsirat e vogla te duken edhe me te medha. Materialet si dhe tekstilet jane te thjeshta dhe pa printe te theksuara shumengjyreshe. Nese perdoren printet ne tekstile, ato jane kryesisht gjeometrike qe te shtojne dimenzion ne hapsire.

Stili kontempoar i dizajnit te enterierit nuk eshte stil definitiv pasi qe edhe ne menyre kontekstuale i referohet trendeve te enterier ne nje periudhe te caktuar kohore.
foto: Instagram
Stili kontemporar i enterierit eshte modern, me elemente te trendit te kohes, dhe si stil evoluon ne menyre konstante. Pra dicka qe konsiderohet si dizajn kontemporar sot, ka gjasa te ndryshoj ne nje nga dekadat e ardhshme.
Stilin kontemporar shpesheher e ngaterrojne me ate modern, por keto stile dallohen per sa i perket pamjes. Stili kontemporar thjeshte nenkupton nje stil qe ka elemene qe jane ne trend ne ate kohe kur perdoren, ndersa stili modern eshte stil specifik dhe ka qendrueshmeri.
Materialet si metali dhe xhami jane materiale te popullarizuara per kete stil, mirepo per dallim nga stili modern mobiljet ne stilin kontemporar perveq atyre me vija te thjeshta e te drejta ne kete stil perdoren edhe ato mobilje me forma te lakuara dhe munde te perdoren edhe tekstile me tekstura te pasura si kadifeja dhe materiale tjera luksoze varesisht se cfare eshte trendi i kohes.

Mes-Shekulli Modern
Stili mes-shekulli modern lind ne vitet 50 kur tentohet te dilet nga stili klasik i te mobiluarit i cili ka qene i perhapur gjithandej.

Ky stil karakterizohet me vija te pastra e te drejta, me ngjyra akcentuese te te kaltertes e te gjelbertes si dhe me shume dru pa lakesa e detaje, dhe me akcente te metalit te vjetruar.
foto: Instagram
I inspiruar nga minimalizmi, mobljet e ketije stili jan te thjeshta dhe me forma organike, shume funkcionale, dhe me metoda te thjeshta te fabrikimit.
foto: Instagram

Keto dhjet vitet e fundit ky stil eshte perdorur shume dhe ashtu te themi e ka pasur nje rilindje per sa i perket aplikimit. Sidomos, mobljet origjinale nga kjo periudhe ishin shume te kerkuara, por gjithashtu ka pase edhe replikime te mobiljeve dhe te akcesorve te periudhes se mes shekullit, me modifikime te vogla ne detaje per t’ju pershtatur kohes se sotme.


Karakteristike kryesore e stilit skandinavian eshte koncepti “hygge”, qe eshte nje term Danez qe nenkupton rahati ose dicka qe eshte e rahatshme dhe e kendshme ne te njejten kohe.
foto: Instagram
Koncepti i ketije stili eshte vleresimi i gjerave te thjeshta ne jete, dhe krijimi i ngrohtesise dhe rehatise perbrenda shtepise.
foto: Instagram
Ky stil eshte i inspiruar me lifestyle-in e thjeshte Nordik, me predominim te ngjyres se bardh ne hapsiren e gjithmbarshme, me ngjyra te qelta te drurit, me textile me plot teksture, me pak akcesor, dhe me ndonje detaj te ndonje ngjyre pastel aty ketu.

Materialet me tekstur si peliqja artificiale, ose mbulesa te thurura me theke, pra dicka qe shton volum dhe ngrohtesi, jane karakteristike e ketije stilit.

Stili industrial karakterizohet me perdorimin e materialeve te paperpunuara si dhe inkorporimin e siperfaqeve te zhveshura ne dizajn.

Kryesisht ka lind si stil me rastin e shendrimin te objekteve industriale, si pjesve te fabrikave ose depove, ne hapsira te punes ose banimit.
foto: Instagram

Ne ket stil shofim siperfaqe te xhveshura te mureve me tulla qe kan pamje te vjetruar, ose beton i pangjyrosur, pastaje tavane me dukje te zhveshur ku i shofim te ekspozuar gypat e ventilimi ose ndriqimit.
foto: Instagram
Poashtu, eshte karakteristike edhe perdorimi i rafteve te ndryshme nga metali, kryesisht me pamje te vrazhde, te paperpunuar.
foto: Instagram
foto: Instagram
foto: Instagram

Sidomos eshte karakteristik ndriqimi, me llustera qe bejne impakt ne hapsire, pasi qe ndriqimi i ketyre siperfaqeve eshte me rendesi per t’i bere ato me te ngrohta.

Vintigj (Vintage)
Enterieret e ketije stili karakterizohen me perzierjen e gjesendeve te vjetra mobiluese ose dekoruese ma ato te reja ose te kohes.

60+ Vintage Living Room Ideas Decoration | Interiors | Pinterest pertaining to Marvellous Vintage Living Room For Your Home Concept –
Kjo shpeshhere munde te jet edhe sfiduese sepse po te mos behet balancimi i duhur i nje perzierje te tille atehere mund te perfundojme me ndonje hapsire e cila duke si ndonje shtepi e ndonje stergjysheje.

Per te arijtur pamjen e stilit vintage mund te perdorimi ndonje mobilje antike e cila eshte ruajtur mire dhe e cila munde te jet pike fokale ne dhome dhe pastaje te inkorporojme ne ate hapsire edhe ndonje akcesor vintage qe i perket periudhes se dollapit dhe keshtu ta bejme nje balanc te duhur te gjesendeve vintage me mobiljet tjera ne hapsire.
Gjesendi vintage qe perdoret ne arredim gjithmon duhet qe ne nje menyre te theksohet dhe ate duke mos perdorur finishe dhe tekstura qe jane te njejta ose te ngjashme me orendine ose gjesendin vintage te perdorur ne dizajn.

Stili eklektike i enterierit eshte stil qe huazon ide nga periudha te ndryshme kohore dhe nga stile te ndryshme. Pra ne keto enteriere hasim gjesende mobiluese dhe dekoruese qe i perkasin periudhave te ndryshme kohore dhe stileve te ndryshme arreduese.
foto: Instagram

Nje enterier eklektik i ekzekutuar shume mire eshte nje perzierje koherente (e unifikuar) e se vjetres, se rese, e tekstures dhe printeve dhe ngjyrave te ndryshme. Pra, ne kete stil gjejme elemente te stileve te ndryshme por te kuruara mire, ashtu qe secili element i inkorporuar ne dizajn komunikon mire ose ka nje relacion me elementet tjera ne hapsire per te krijuar keshtu nje pamje koherente dhe ambient te rehatshem.
foto: Instagram

Elementet e perdorura ne kete dizajn duhet te ken dicka te perbashket ne mes veti, nevojitet qe ato te komunikojne ne nje menyre me njeri tjetrin si psh. me madhesine, formen ose ngjyren, ne menyre qe te kemi nje perzierje te sukseshme.
foto: Instagram

Enterieri eklektik edhe pse permbane elemente mobiluese dhe akcesore dekorues nga periudha te ndryshme kohore dhe stile te ndryshme, kjo nuk do te thot qe ky stil eshte i corrjentuar dhe pa koherence. Ne te vertete ky stil eshte nje enterier shume kualitativ me nje kurim metodik i cili bazohet ne parimet e dizajnit te enterierit siq jane: kontrasti, perseritja, ritmi, kompozicioni si dhe te gjitha rregullat tjera relevante per dizajnin e enterierit.

Besoj qe pasi te jeni te njoftuar me karakteristikat themelore te stileve te cekura me larte, ju do mund t’a gjeni veten ne ndonje prej ketyre stileve dhe te fitoni sadopak konfidence qe t’a egzekutoni ate stil ne hapsirat e shtepive ose banesave t’uaja.

Nese nuk e gjeni veten ne asnjerin nga stilet e cekura me larte, atehere menyra me efektive e gjetjes se stilit dhe ndertimit te metutjeshem te tije eshte angazhimi i stilistes/it profesional, i/e cila do te ju ndihmoj qe shpejte ta identifikoni stilin e juaj te preferruar dhe pastaj me te cilin/en to te punoni se bashku qe ne menyre te suksesshme t’a transformoni hapsiren t’uaj nga vizioni fillestar gjer tek rezultati final.

BESA GM Interiors ofron sherbime te tilla dhe mund te na kontaktoni permes ketij bllogu, permes rrjeteve sociale ne FB BESA GM Interiors dhe Instagramit @besagm si dhe permes e mailit


Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe.


DIY Line Art Decor – H&M Home Inspired

Most of you already know that H&M HOME is now widely spreading around the world and their HOME Line is full of incredibly modern home accent pieces at very affordable prices. I love shopping for accessories in their stores, but I have to travel to another country in order to visit their stores as there are no H&M Home stores where I live at present.

By visiting their website I observed that they are carrying various mugs, plates and vases with one line drawings.

I loved this design the moment I saw it, and was ready to order one of the vases with this design from their online store. After a few thoughts I decided I don’t want to: simply because it would be another decorative item which, less than a year, would end up in my attic.

However, I still liked the one line artsy detail and I wanted to have something similar to it right NOW, so I DIY-yed my own version of one line face and eye.

As I am not a line artist, I had to first draw one line face profile with a pencil, and afterwards using a permanent marker followed a pencil mark and ended up with a face profile and an eye. I inserted the drawings in wooden frames, and placed them in my studio space.

Line art, a simplistic form of art without a texture and intricate detail, has become the biggest trend these last two years and its influence can be observed across a whole gamut of products, including jewellery, pots, and wall art.

So tiny and incredibly simple, these two drawings have made a big impact on the console table where I have placed them. These frames and art in them have made the space feel modern and current.

I feel that am now hooked into LINE ART, and I am ready to make more decorative pieces using this technique.

Line artist that I am following on Instagram and which create astonishing art pieces are: @alexa_coe ; @johnzabawa; @differantly; @florandform; and my all time favourite @christianespangsberg

So hope you liked my take on a line art, and thank you for checking this post!


Small Bedroom Styling On a Budget

In our busy lives bedroom should not be just a place to have a good night sleep. We all need a bedroom which may serve as an oasis within our homes where we can find an escape for some rest and relaxation.

However, in order for a bedroom to serve as a place where one can relax , the bedroom should not look like this:

It takes a little work, some accessories, colour coordination, wall art, few yards of sheers and some greenery to add some style to a bedroom where one can relax and feel nice sleeping and waking up in that space.

This small bedroom was turned from a very depressing and empty looking room into a decently dressed and happy space where the owner likes to wake up in the morning.All of this without spending a dime.

After changing the layout of the furnishings of the room and after gathering some of the accessories which we found around the house, also by using the existing duvet and pillow covers, I managed to turn this naked looking room into a space that feels bright and decently dressed in hues of blue.

Mismatching patterns come together in a single color scheme to create an artsy visual.

Considering the size of the room, the storage space is limited so using baskets proved to be a good idea. The basket serves as decor, and as storage containing extra throws and pillows.

In a small bedroom there may not be a room to fit a nightstand! Use soft furnishings, such as a pouf that may be placed beside the bed! It may serve as a place to put your phone, a book or why not your favourite chocolate.You can easily shift the location of the pouf whenever you feel it is on your way, and even if you hit it while making your bed, you will not get bruised.

Since the room has plenty of light, I added light curtains thus allowing the sun to shine through. Beside the decorative aspect, these light curtains opened up the room and added some character.

The large dresser is also being utilised as a nightstand. In small spaces it makes sense to use a larger piece of furniture rather than a few smaller ones. The large piece of furniture that fits well in the space makes the room feel larger. The top of the dresser is accessorised with some decor pieces and greenery. The large piece of art in hues of blue above the dresser adds personality and cheers up the room.

The fresh and crisp look of this room was achieved mainly using items found around the house. The only new item in this room is the bed and the mattress, all the rest are previously owned/used items; yet everything looks crips, fresh and cosy.

This proves how impactful the styling of a room could be. Even a little bit of styling elevates a room from a naked to a decently dressed room as in the case at hand.

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Si t’i perdorim ngjyrat e errta ne enterier

Foto: Instagram

Per sa i perket perdorimit te ngjyrave te errta ne enterier, mbreteron supozimi se ambientet e brendshme te ngjyrosura me ngjyra te mbyllta jane depresive dhe e bejn qe dhoma te duket me e vogel dhe klaustrofobike. Nje supozim i tille i bene te pasigurt adhuruesit e ngjyrave te erreta per t’i perdorur ato ne dekorin e ambienteve tyre.

Ne te vertete ky supozim eshte large te se vertetes, pasi qe nje palete e ngjyrave te errta ne nje ambient te brendshem, poqese eshte i ekzekutuar mire dhe ne menyre korrekte, do t’a ben ate ambient te duket me i ngrohte, me i rehatshem, me dramatik dhe me plote jete.

Per me teper, muret me ngjyra te thella dhe te pasura si ngjyra blu e erret, ngjyre e gjelbert e mbyllet ose nuanca te ndryshme te se zezes e bejne qe hapsira te duket me e sofistikuar, glamuroze dhe luksoze.
Foto: Instagram
Photo Source: Instagram @suszi_saunders

Asnje nga ngjyrat pastele te perdorura ne ndonje hapsire nuk e kan fuqine te bejne impakt sikur se e bejne ngjyrat e errta.

Foto: Instagram @studiomcgee

Pra, cfare duhet te kemi parasysh kur i perdorim ngjyrat e errta ne menyre qe ato t’i ekzekutojme drejte ne dekorin e nje enterieri.


Kur dekorojme me ngjyra te errta gjeja me e rendesishme eshte qe t’a dijme se ngjyrat e errta e absorbojne driten ndersa ato te qeltat e reflektojne ate. Duke e pase kete fakt parasysh, hapsiren ne te cilen dominon ngjyra e mbyllet duhet t’a balancojme me ngjyra te qelta reflektuese.

Kete balancim mund t’a arrijme me inkorporimin e mobiljeve dhe akcesorve me ngjyre te qelet.Ngjyra e erret e mureve e ben qe akcesoret apo mobiljet me ngjyre te qelet te theksohen edhe me shume, e ne te njejten kohe ngjyra e qelet e ackesoreve dhe mobiljeve i jep nje gjalleri ngjyres se errt ne mure duke u bere keshtu nje balancim, dhe ne te njejten kohe duke mos i dhene mundesi ngjyres se erret te mbizoteroi.

Per t’a arrijtur nje balancim te duhur dekoret e perzgjedhura duhet te jene te lehta, ne ate kuptimin qe mos te jen te ngarkura me ndonje print ose disajn te theksuar. Ne nje dhome me mure te lyera me ngjyre te erret do t’a arrijme nje balancim te duhur poqese e perdorim nje tepih me ngjyre te qelet, pastaj nje tavoline sherbyese pjesa e siperme e se ciles eshte me ngjyre te qelet (bardhe, bezh ose gri qelet, dru etj) pastaje piktura ose dekore te murit me ngjyra te qelta, si dhe akcesor te tjere me te vegjel te ngjyres se qelet.
Foto: Instagram @studiomcgee

Foto: Instagram

Foto: Instagram


Foto: House Beautiful

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Ne haspirat me ngjyra te errta eshte shume me rendesi qe perveq sensit te balancit te krijohet edhe kontrasti. Kontrastin mund ta arrijme me perdorimin e dekoreve, siperfaqet e te cilave kan finishe dhe tekstura te ndryshme si dhe forma interesante.

Finishet, qoft i ngjyres se murit ose gjesendeve dekoruese, mund te jen me shkelqim, gjyseme shkelqim ose mat, dhe kete duhet te kemi parasysh kur e bejme perzgjedhjen e akcesorve. Akcesoret me shkelqim kan tendence qe te reflektojne driten andaj preferohet qe ne mase te duhur t’i inkorporojme ne dekorin e asaje haspire te ngjyrosur me ngjyre te erret.

Githashtu, per kontrast ne keto situata perdorim ngjyra metalike si ngjyre ari, bakri etj. qe sjellin gjalleri dhe effekt dramatik si dhe akcesor me forma interesante qe shtojne kontrast dhe duken bukur ne prapavi te erret.

Kontrast munde te shtojme edhe me perdorimin e akcesorve me teksture. Nje prej mundesive per te shtuar teksture eshte perdorimi i tekstileve me teksture si ne mobilje ashtu edhe ne jastek dekorativ. Kombinimi i ngjyrave te errta me tekstile luksoze sjelle ne menyre instante stil dhe sofistikim ne cdo hapsire. Kadifeja, per shembull eshte nje material qe ka teksture dhe qe krijon nje ndjenje te kendshme dhe te sofistikuar ne hapsiren ku e perdorim.

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Per nje ekzekutim te mire te dizajnit te hapsires ne te cilen dominon njyra e erret triku eshte qe te bejme ndarje te hapsires te lyer me te erret me sa me shume materiale dhe tekstura te ndryshme. Tepihu punedore me theke, pastaje jastek dekorative me teksture, korniza te bukura, tavolina nga materialet natyrore, pastaj vazo dhe abazhur dekorativ etj, do e bejne qe ngjyra e erret te mos predominoj por e bejn qe kjo ngjyre te duket e sofistikuar, dramatike.

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Ne hapsirat e dekoruara me ngjyra te errta, ndriqimi eshte nje element shume i rendesishem. Sasia e ndriqimit ka efekt ne ngjyren erret, pra ajo ngjyre do te duket edhe me e erret ne mure ne hapsiren ku ka me pake drite natyrore, por edhe do te mer nuanca te ndryshme gjat intervaleve kohore te dites, varesisht se ne cfare mase deperton drita ne ate hapsire dhe ne cfare kohe te dites. Andaj, ndriqimi adekuat artificial eshte po aq i rendesishtem edhe per hapsirat qe kan ndriqim te bollshem natyral. Perdorimi adekuat i ndriqimit artificial ne keto hapsira e ben qe hapsira e lyer me te erret te duket edhe me bukur.

Perpos ndriqimit standard te llusterave ne tavan, duhet inkorporuar edhe abazhur te ndryshem te vendosur ne mure, mbi komode ose tavolina anesore, si dhe abazhur dyshemeje ose spot drita te cilat e theksojne pikturen ose ndonje akcesor intereresant. Ne cdo ambient, e posaqerisht ne ate ne te cilin dominon ngjyra e erret shtresimi i ndriqimit artificial eshte nje prej elementeve shume te rendesishme per nje ekzekutim te suksesshem te dizajnit.

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Kur ngjyrat e errta jane te ekzekutuara mire, duke i pase per baze keto qe i cekem ketu, atehere si perfundim do te kemi nje ambient me nje ndjenje rehatie, me dukje dramatike dhe me plote gjalleri sepse ngjyra e erret e mureve i thekson te gjitha elementet e dizajnit ne ate hapsire.
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Shpresoj se ky postim mund te ju ndihmoj te gjithe atyre qe i pelqejne ngjyrat e errta por qe ende nuk e kan pasur guximin qe ti perdorin ato ne dekorin e ambienteve te tyre.

Per keshilla profesionale rreth dekorit me ngjyra te errta na kontakoni permes e mailit ose permes rrjeteve sociale ne FB fan page BESA GM Interiors si the ne Instagram @besagm. Ne kemi kenaqesine te degjojme nga ju dhe te ju ofrojme ndihme profesionale rreth dekorit te enterierit.

Paraqitja ime ne Miremengjesi Kosove RTK Live per te diskutuar rreth kesaj teme:


Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe!


Trendet e Enterierit ne Vitin 2019

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Fillimi i vitit eshte koha kur shumica nga ne kemi deshire qe t’a fillojme vitin me dicka te re, e per te gjthe ata te cilet ne plan e kan te fillojne vitin me ndonje renovim te hapsirave te tyre te banimit ose thjesht deshirojne qe te bejne perditesimin e hapsirave banuese, une e kam bere nje permbledhje te trendeve te enterierit te cilat do ti shohim me te madhe ne vitin 2019 dhe metutje.

Materialet natyrore si guri, mermeri, druri, betoni, bambusi etj, kane qene ne trend ne keto disa vitet e fundit, dhe duke e mare per baze se keto materiale na lidhin me natyren atehere pritet qe keto materiale te konsideruara si “trendy” gjate ketyre vitetve. Ne vitet ne vijim keto do te ken nje perdorim edhe me te gjere dhe do te etiketohen si dhe do te mbesin si elemente klasike te dizajnit te enterierit.
Do te thote ne kete vit dhe metutje do te perdoren materiale qe jane miqesore per ambientin, materiale qe jane te ripertritshme dhe qe nuk e demtojne planetin pas perfundimit te perdorimit te tyre. Pra, fokusi i trendit eshte pikerisht natyra dhe ruajtja e planetit.

Great Interior Decoration Furniture of The Best Interior Decoration Trends 2019 Interior Decor Trends Picture Room Living – Perihelionarts

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Per sa u perket ngjyrave te mureve te enterierit ne gjate ketij viti do te shohim se nuancat e ngjyres se hirit qe kan qene ne trend keto 10 vitet e fundit do te fillojne te zevendesohen me nuanca te ngjyres bejzh, pra perdorimin e nuancave te natyrore.

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Pastaje, gjithashtu do te ket perdorim te theksuar te ngjyrave te errta e posaqerisht atyre ngjyrave qe u gjasojne gurve te cmuar si e gjelberta e emeraldit, e kuqja si rubini, indigo e mbyllet etj. Do te thot edhe sa i perket perdorimit te ngjyrave cdo gje do te lidhet me natyren. Keto ngjyra pritet qe gjate ketije viti dhe metutje t’i shohim jo vetem neper accesor dekorativ ose neper mure, por edhe neper dyert e dollapave te kuzhines, rafte te dhomave te ndejes, biblioteka etj.

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Ne kete vit do te shohim qe pllakat e kuzhines te jen pika fokale ne kuzhine, pra ato do te vendosen jo vetem prapa dollapave te kuzhines por do te vazhdojne edhe pertej dollapave gjer ne tavan dhe do te jen me dizajne te theksuara qe zgjojne interesim dhe sjellin kenaqesi visuale.

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Kur jemi tek kuzhinat, kete vit parashikohet qe te kemi dollapa te kuzhines me ngjyra te mbyllta e posaqerishte parashikohet te jen me ngjyre te zeze, e hirit e mbyllet dhe indigo. Edhepse kuzhinat e bardha kan dominu gjate nje periudhe relativisht te gjate, bota e dizajnit po e sheh kthimin e kuzhinave me ngjyre te zeze neper enterieret e shtepive dhe banesave. Kjo ngjyre eshte edhe praktike sidomos per familjet me femij dhe maca apo qen, sepse njollat shihen shume me lehte ne siperfaqet e bardha ndersa ne ngjyren e zeze njollat kamuflohen me lehte. Pra, parashihet qe te shohim shume e me shume kuzhina me dollape te zeza dhe me mure dhe banak te bardhe nga mermeri.

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Pritet qe gjate ketije viti te kemi nje kthese per sa i perket ngjyres se dyshemeve. Perderisa gjat ketyre 10 viteve te fundit kan dominu ngjyrat e mbyllta te dyshemeve, tani pritet qe dyshemete te jen te ngjyrave me te qelta, ngjyrave qe jane me te ngrohta dhe me te peraferta me ngjyrat natyrale te drurit; edhepse dyshemet me ngjyre te mbyllet prap do t’a ken vendin e merituar ne shtepit me stil te caktuar.
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Kadifeja ose Plishi si material multidimensional dhe luksoz do te jet nje nder materialet me te kerkuara ne vitin 2019. Pra nese ne kete vit e kemi palnifikuar te blejm ndonje kolltuk ose ndonje kanape, sofe ose cfardo ulese dhe nese deshirojme te jemi ne trend atehere e perzgjedhura duhet te jet nga kadifeja.
Mirepo, kadifen munde t’a inkorporojme ne dekorin e enterierit edhe permes jastekve dekorativ nga kadifeja, pastaj permes tabureve, mbulesave etj. pra per t’ju pergjigjur trendit te perdorim akcesor te ndryshem nga kadifeja ne menyre qe t’a sofistikojme hapsiren me kete material luksoz.
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Vendosja e tapetave neper mure do te jet nje prej trendeve qe do t’a karakterizoj kete vit. Posaqerisht jane tapetat me motive botanike (lule e gjethe) ato qe do t’i shohim te instaluara neper muret e ambienteve te brendshme gjate ketije viti. Per te gjith ata te cilet ju pelqejne, por nuk jan te gatshem qe t’a aplikojne kete trend ne teresi, atehere munde te fillojne me nje mur qe eshte pike fokale ne dhome dhe t’i ngjyrosin muret tjera me ngjyre qe e komplementon tapeten. Perpos tapetave me motive botanike, munde te pedoren edhe tapeta te nje ngjyre te caktuar por qe kan teksture si dhe ato me motive gjeometrike.

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Per vite me radhe mobiljet qe jane perdorur per aredim kan qene kryesisht ato me kende te drejta dhe pa lakesa te theksuara. Ne kete vite pritet qe ky trend te ndryshoj dhe do te shohim shume e me shume sofa me forma te lakuara ose harkore. Perdorimi i ketyre mobiljeve qofshin ato sofa, fotele ose komoda, e bene qe hapsira te shfrytezohet me mire se sa me mobilje kendore, si dhe e bene qe hapsira te duket me e zgjeruar dhe me luksoze.

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Me shtrirjen e trendit eko-chic, dekoret e punuara me metoden DIY (beje vet) si dhe te gjitha dekoret pune dore dhe ato artizanale do te cilesohen si shume te cmuara dhe do te jen pjese e rendesishme dekorative ne cdo hapsire.
Qofshin ato mobilje te vogla druri ose akcesore te ndryshem te punuar me dore, keto produkte punedore do e bejne ambientin me unik, me natyral dhe me te personalizuar. Fokusi i ketyre projekteve DIY eshte perdorimi i materialeve natyrore si dhe atyre materialeve te cilat jane miqesore me natyren, dmth qe nuk e demtojne ate. Pra gjate ketije viti do te shofim shume dekore nga druri qeramika, betoni, kashta , bambusi, leshi, linoja etj.Posaqerisht keto dekore do te jen perplot teksture dhe ngjyra natyrore.
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Jasteket dekorativ jan akcesor shume i perdorur ne dekorin e enterietit mirepo kete vit do te theksohet perdorimi i tyre e posaqerisht i atyre jastekve artizanal dhe punedore qe jane me plot teksture dhe nga materialet natyrore.

Joana Gaines Pillows

Joana Gaines Pillows
Eshte nje nder ato trendet e dizajnit qe vjen e shkon dmth perseritet nder vite, mirepo parashikimet jane qe ky stil do te kthehet me te madhe gjate vitit 2019 por me nje kthese, ku do te shohim shume detaje moderne ne kete stil. Do te kete shume lakesa per sa i perket mobiljeve dhe dekoreve, si dhe do te jet me i paster dhe me i ndritshem (me me pake raqe) dhe me shume shtresime te materialeve vibrante dhe me shume teksture.
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Ky stil karakterizohet me perzierjen harmonike te elementeve te reja dhe te vjetra dekorative si dhe shtresimin e teksturave dhe ngjyrave per te krijuar keshtu nje ambient me plot spirit dhe per t’u kenaq ne cdo aspekt.
Natyra e ketije stili inkurajon perdorimin e elementeve dekorative qe jane organike dhe punedore dhe ne kete stil shume pak shofim elemente mobiluese te prodhuara masovikisht.

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Parashikimet jan se kete vit do te ket nje perdorim te gjere te mobiljeve transparente si karrika, banka, rafte, tavolina etj. pasi qe gjesendet nga ky material jane te lehta, nuk e nguflasin siperfaqen, dhe pasi qe jane transparente e bejne hapsiren te duket me e madhe dhe gjithashtu duken bukur e sidomos kur te shtresohen me tekstura te ndryshme si jastek plishi, peliqe artificiale etj.
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Tashme e dime se cfare efeki qetesues ka gjelbrimi dhe natyra tek njeriu, andaje per te bere ate lidhjen me te theksuar me natyren, trendi kete vit do te jet sa me shume gjelbrim natyror ne ambientet e brendshme. Perpos efektit dekorativ e relaksues keto bime ndihmojne edhe ne pastrimin e ajrit andaj eshte edhe nje trend te cilin padyshim se secili ka me e perqafu me endje.
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Eshte mire qe t’i perdorim trendet si pikenisje per krijimin e stilit, mirepo shume me me rendesi eshte krijimi i nje dekori te personalizuar te ambientit i cili eshte autentik. Pra, me rendesi eshte qe t’a degjojme veteveten dhe te mendojme se cka na ben te ndihemi te lumtur, te relaksuar dhe rehat, si dhe cka e permireson ndjenjen e mireqenjes; t’a krijojme stilin tone personal qe na sjelle kenaqesi dhe gezim.

Behu autor i jetes tende. Krijoje stilin tend!


Intervista ne Miremengjesi Kosove – RTK Live ku diskutuam rreth kesaje teme:

Ju faleminderit qe e vizituat kete faqe!

One Short Week In Rome

I have visited Italy a few times so far but have never been to Rome! My Italy trips included Florence, Venice, Pizza, and Milan and I just couldn’t wait to visit Rome.

I knew that one day I will be visiting Rome, but I wanted to make sure that I will have at least one week time for touring the most notable attractions of the city and experience each of them in a best possible way.

December 2018 was the time we decided to take this trip, and we are glad we did it this at time as the weather was perfect (sunny and crisp) and the crowds at the main attractions were not as large as they use to get in summer time.

We were already in Italy on our skiing trip to Livigno, Lombardy region and afterwards we drove to Rome. It was a long 8 hours drive, and due to some traffic jams on our way we arrived at the hotel late at night. It was Christmas time, to be more exact our first day in Rome was on the 23 December, so even though we had one week stay in Rome I knew that it is not going to be enough to fulfil all the planned visits considering that some of the attractions which we were planing to visit were closed on Christmas Day such as the Vatican Museums , Sistine Chapel as well as the Colosseum and Palatine Hill.

1. Vatican City

On our first day in Rome, early in the morning, we headed to the Vatican City to get the tickets for the Museums and Sistine Chapel and realised that we made a big mistake by not purchasing such tickets online with the available skip the line option.

We had to get in line and wait about 2 hours. So, I strongly recommend that you book your tickets online directly from the Vatican official site with skip the line option and allocated time slot for visit; this way you will save your valuable time.

Doors to the Vatican Museum open at 9 am, so I recommend you arrange your entry for as close to then as you can manage. I realised that the Vatican Museum gets really crowded as the day progresses, so getting there early will let you enjoy it for a while before it gets too busy.

There’s loads to see in the Vatican Museums so we spend a whole lot of time here. Our favourites included the Map Room;

the Animal Room;

the Raphael’s Room;

Roman Emperors statue room;

various and endless corridors full of frescos and rich Renaissance art throughout this holy place;

the most presios marble apliques on athe floors and throughout;

the famous Belvedere Torso;

After being amazed by all the art in the endless Museum corridors and various rooms, we entered the famous Sistine Chapel, the Papal election venue. Even though it was early in the morning the crowd on the Chapel was unbelievable. The security gurads kept repeating that we must continue walking and we were not allowed to stop at any point and of course not allowed to take pictures. I was able to circulate for about 20 minutes in there and admire the altar frescos by the incredible Michelangelo.

After exiting the Sistine Chappel we were able to enjoy visiting St. Peter’s Basilica the world’s largest church, and what is regarded as one of the holiest Catholic shrines. With designers including Bramante, Raphael, Bernini and Michelangelo, it’s a magical Renaissance building, and is a work of art in itself – before you even start to consider all the artworks within!

We also wanted to take a look of the Basilica from above, so we climbed to the top of the dome. This offered superb views across the city, as well as the view of beautiful Vatican gardens.

2. Castel Sant’Angelo
Originally built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, the Castel Sant’Angelo has been sitting on the banks of the river Tiber for nearly two thousand years. In that time it has evolved from its initial role as a tomb, becoming a fortress, a castle, and finally, a museum.

3. Piazza del Popolo
This is the location of the northern gate of Rome, and is where, for countless years before trains, planes and cars, travellers would actually arrive into Rome.

From here, three roads span southwards in a trident formation, with the central road, the Via del Corso, running dead straight through the centre of Rome to the Piazza Venezia. Originally this would have been the route from the northern gate of Rome to the Roman Forum.

In the centre of the Piazza del Popolo is an Egyptian obelisk, dating from the rule of Rameses II, which was brought to Rome in 10BC, and put in this plaza in the 16th century. On the south side of the Piazza are the twin churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto, and Santa Maria del Miracoli, sitting either side of Via Corso.

We visited Piazza del Popolo on a Christmas Day, which was a sunny, bright and most beautiful day ever. We sat on the stairs of Egyptian obelisk and enjoyed the sun, the street music and everything this beautiful day had to offer. Afterwards, we walked through Via Corso all the way to the Piazza Venecia, which is a magnificent square. The highlight of this square is the building which was closed on the Christmas day but since it was close to our hotel, we went the next day and had a chance to get in and see how it looks inside. Magnificient, in and out and there were some art exhibitions taking place on the lower floors of the building.

4. Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps were the first attraction that I got to visit in Rome. On our fist day in Rome we got up early to go to the Vatican Museums and the staff from the hotel we were staying at gave us instructions how to reach on foot to the Vatican City. The direction they gave us sent us through these stairs. After a five minute walk from the hotel we reached the Spanish Steps and continued on the Condotti street, which is a high end shopping street, and then headed to the Vatican City. We didn’t know that our hotel is just around the corner of Spanish Steps, a really cool spot to be at and enjoy the Holiday cheer.

This 135 step staircase was opened in 1735 to link the Spanish Embassy near the bottom of the steps to the Trinita dei Monti staircase at the top, and are today a popular spot to stop, eat Gelato in summer, and watch the world go by.
5. Trevi Fountain
Wandering through our hotel neighbourhood we ran into the Trevi Fountain the world’s largest Baroque fountain. Since we walked a lot during our visit in Rome we passed by this fountain almost daily and it is always a crowded location, whatever time of the day (ir nihgt) you visit. Built in the early 18th century, it is said that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you are guaranteed to return to Rome. Of course, I threw a coin and I would love to return there in a near future.

6. The Pantheon
A little walk from the Trevi Fountain is the incredible Pantheon. This building, which has been standing for almost 2,000 years, is the best preserved Ancient Roman monument in Rome. I was impressed by it’s incredible dome, which even today, two thousand years since it was built, still holds the record as the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome.

Originally built as a temple to the Roman gods, the Pantheon was converted for use as a Christian church in 609 AD, which is the main reason it survives in such excellent condition today. It’s also notable for being home to the graves of the painter Raphael and two Italian Kings.

7. The Colosseum
Our fourth day in Rome started with the Colosseum visit. Built in Roman times as a space for holding public spectacles, the Colosseum is most famous for being the home of gladiators, who would battle it out in front of audiences that could number as many as 80,000 people.

The Colosseum, the incredibly large and outstanding human made creation is the largest amphitheatre in the world. Once you visit this site you notice the damage that this structure has suffered in it’s thousand years of existence, but despite everything it is hugely impressive to visit, and anyone is just wowed with the work of the ancient architects and craftsman.

There are always huge crowds to visit Colosseum and Palatine Hill, so purchasing an online skip the line ticket for this attraction is a must. We purchased ours in the official site of Colosseum in this link.

8. Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
This was the seat of power during the reign of the Roman Empire, as well as the central marketplace and business district. Basically, Roman life for centuries revolved around this area of Rome, so for me this was the most interesting visit in Rome as no visit to the city is complete without walking these ancient ruins.

During my law studies some 40 years ago, the most voluminous subject on the first year’s curricula was the Roman Law, and I was especially intrigued with the famous Twelve Tables which in fact were stone tables in which Romans engraved and documented the centuries-old customary laws which became the foundation of Roman law as we know it. The Twelve Tables touched on many areas of law, not only the civil law that applied directly to citizens, but also areas such as public law and religious law, which applied to larger social constructs and institutions.

The Temple of Saturn (498 BCE), one of the oldest structures in the Roman Forum, dates back to the earliest days of the Roman Republic. Adjacent to these columns in the Forum are the remnants of the rostra, the speakers’ platform, on which the engraved tablets of the Twelve Tables were mounted for all to see.

We had a week in Rome and were able to visit most of the attractions. We took our time and enjoyed the visit to each of the attraction on our list. The nicest thing is that, because of the central location of our hotel, we could walk to all the attractions. Considering that the weather was perfect we enjoyed the Rome and got quite familiar with the streets and Piazzas of the central Rome.

Piazza dei Venezia

In every street corner wendors were selling baked chesnuts, and I can still smell them!!!

We aslo visited a lot of churches, which are almost 900 in this city and each of them is more beautiful than the other. There are so much to be seen and experienced in this beautiful city, and I know that we just experienced a glimpse of it, but one week is just not enough.

However, when you leave the city and reflect back, you realise that you have seen a lot in one short week, and that the trip have made you feel more positive, enriched and happy.

Hope to get back to Rome again; a made sure to threw a coin in Trevi Fountain, and I am hopping that this will work!

Thank you for visiting this blog and taking time to read this long post.



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