Watermelon Mojito

It is a long summer and I am enjoying it at my country seaside vacation home where there are no restaurants and bars around. Some may find this as an inconvenience, but for me it is an ideal way of enjoying the summer. This is a chance to disconnect from busy city life and some of the hassles it brings along. However, the lack of bars and restaurants near my vacations place does not mean that I have to deprive myself from the cool refreshing drinks while I am soaking in the summer sun.

This summer I found a perfect summer drink recipe that I am enjoying with my sisters while sunbathing at the beach.
This Watermelon Mojito screams “let’s cool off” with its bright colors and sweet fruit flavors. In addition to the mint, the watermelon gives this drink a perfect refreshing flavor, exactly what you need on a hot summer day.

What is your favorite drink this summer?

Thank you for reading.