Old Lamp Makeover


Everyone loves the SPA experience. However, there are so many things in our lives that get into our way preventing us from going to the spa; time and money being the first on the list.

Let’s face it, the less costliest spa treatments, such us manicure or pedicure, start at $ 50 for a 60 minute treatment, so even if we find time to go to the salon to get such treatment, most of us, cannot afford it on a regular basis.

Two weeks ago I had a pedicure in a newly opened spa in my neighborhood, and I really enjoyed the pampering, relaxation and the ambiance of this new spa. Moreover, I got inspired there, so few days later I assigned myself a project; to rejuvenate the outdated, old lamp that I have been storing in my laundry room for ages. The assignment included finding a “spa feeling look” for this lamp.

This lamp has a story behind which makes me emotionally attached to it, so this is why I did not get rid of this “oldie” in the first place. Due to the space constraints I threw or gave away so many things, but I have always found place to store this old lamp.


For that “spa feeling look” that I was striving to achieve, I found a template (http://www.ellinee.com/blog/diy-paper-orchid/) for creating these beautiful paper orchids, and luckily I came to find a suitable white lamp shade at my close by Home Sense store.

I decided to go with white and light grey for the lamp base, and it took me 20 minutes between two coats to get the painting part done.


I printed 15 paper orchids and trimmed them down while watching my favorite Big Bang Theory show. After gluing them down according to the instruction from the website above, I attached them to the lamp shade by sewing them on using invisible (polyester) thread. So all it took me to between trimming, gluing and attaching the orchids on to the lamp shade was 1 hr and 30 minutes and, as I mentioned, I was watching TV too.
Now that I have this lamp I will recreate this spa inspired corner to relax while doing my manicure and pedicure at home. Hopefully, I will stick to this plan as I think it will save me some money and time too.

I am happy with the project. Let me know what you think. Do you have any project in mind that you could include these beautiful paper orchids? I would like to hear from you.

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Curtain Panel Makeover

I was thinking for a while about giving a refreshed look to a curtain that covers a north facing window in my living room. This window does not present any privacy issue, so initially when I made this panel I opted for a sheer fabric, and instead of attaching the panel to a rolling mechanism, I attached it to the wall using velcro tape. I glued one side of the velcro tape to the wall and sewed on the other side of the tape to the curtain panel.

Borig Look

Borig Look

For over eight years this curtain panel served the purpose and seemed that it was blending in nicely with the decor in my place. As the time went by the curtain itself, as well as that window corner appeared to look quite tired and boring and gradually, instead of disliking that corner, I started hating it.

My TV is right beside this window so, like it or not, I was kind of forced to face the curtain and that boring corner whenever I was watching TV. As much as I wanted a new look for my curtain, I also did not want to spent too much money or time creating that new look.

Well, I was lucky. I achieved what I wanted and only spent $ 0.50 and 30 minutes of my time.

I found an Iron-on Rug Binding tape in a color I wanted. It was on sale in a local fabric/sewing supply store ( Dressew, West Hastings, Vancouver BC also available online at http://www.createforless.com/ ). I bought two packages for $ 0.50.
I already had in mind the design, so I used the dressmaker’s chalk to mark the lines that would serve as a guidance for the tape to be ironed on.

I used the top of the panel as the starting measuring point. I draw a line 8 inches from the top and side hems, and then created two squares on each side at the top.

Subsequently, I started with ironing on the tape along the marked lines.


Even at the ironing stage, I was getting really exited as it seemed that the project is coming along very nicely, so I could not wait to finish and hang up the panel on to the wall.

Less than 30 minutes I was done with the ironing process, and proceeded with hanging up the panel.

The result was amazing. The old tired looking panel not only looks refreshed, moreover, it makes a “statement” in my living room.

Thrilled with the result, I did not stop there, so I “shopped” around my apartment to find some decorating items for that new corner in my living room. As you can see I found these vases and I think those added a “city chic look” to this corner.



Well, I am very happy with the outcome. Hope that you like it too.

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