About the founder

Even though a lawyer by profession, Besime Gashi Muja -BESA has always been passionate about designing clothes and spaces. At the age of fifteen she started designing and making clothes for herself, her family and close friends. Later on her passion for design and decor grew bigger and spread in another area-INTERIORS.

At a very young age she and her sister were successfully decorating spaces for their extended family and friends by rearranging furniture, advising on a colour palette, drapery design and sewing, wallpaper application etc. Despite her passion for design, at that time, she never thought of pursuing interior design as a career so she went on studying the law. After completing the studies, she worked in the field of law for over twenty years and had a successful national and international career as a lawyer.

Lately, she decided to make a carrier shift and pursue her passion for interior design and decor, so recently she established her interior design and decor studio located in Pristina, Republic of Kosova.

Through this blog she will share her ideas, projects, inspirations and she will be delighted if you follow along.

Thank you for taking time to visit.

Reth Themeluesit

Edhe pse juriste me profesion, Besime Gashi Muja- BESA ka qene gjithnje e pasionuar pas disajnimit te rrobave dhe hapsirave. Qysh ne moshen pesembedhjet vjeqare ajo disajnonte dhe i qepte rrobat per vete, familjen dhe shoqerine e ngusht. Me pas, pasioni i saje per disajnim dhe dekorim u rit dhe u zgjerua ne nje tjeter sfere- ENTERIERET.

Ne moshe shume te re ajo, se bashku me motren e saje, mereshin me dekorimin e hapsirave banuese per anetaret e gjere te familjes si dhe shoqerise se ngushte duke ju bere riaranzhimimin e mobiljeve, konsultime per perzgjedhjen e mobiljeve, perzgjedhjen e paletes se ngjyrerave per dekorimin e hapsires, perfitimin e nuances se ngjyres dhe ngjyrosjen e dhomave, vendosjen e tapetave, disajnimin dhe qepjen e perdeve etj. Perkunder pasionit per disajn, ne ate kohe ajo perzgjodhi qe te studioj ne fakultetin juridik dhe pas perfundimit te studimeve ajo punoi ne lemine juridike per me shume se njezet vite dhe pati nje karier te sukseshme vendore dhe nderkombetare si juriste.

Rishtazi, ajo vendosi qe te beje nje shkeputje nga kariera e saje e deritanishme dhe te ndjeke pasionin e saje per disajnimin dhe dekorimin e eneteriereve, prandaj edhe e themeloi studion per disajn enterieri me seli ne Prishtine, Bregu i Diellit, Kompleksi FAMIS.

Permes ketije bllogu ajo i shpalose idete, projektet dhe inspirimet e saje ne lemin e disajnit dhe dekorit te enterierit, dhe do te ishte shume e lumtur dhe falemnderuese po qe se do e percjellni bllogun e saje.

Ju falemnderit qe gjetet kohe t’a vizitoni kete faqe.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog! I’m always happy to find another lover of Pagliacci’s! And what a beautiful spot you have here, I may have to stay and look around for a while 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking my bathroom remodel. The vanity is Martha Stewart brand, and I purchased it at Home Depot.

    1. Thank you Katherine for visiting my blog and for connecting with me. This led me to your about page, and I loved reading about you. What an interesting life you’ve led, and how talented and inspiring you are! I have bookmarked your blog for more reading and will soon connect with Google +. Thanks again.

  2. I enjoyed the blog about eco-friendly Christmas decorations. However, I would continue reading more posts if the type was easier to read. I prefer black type. Grey is difficult for me to read.

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