Coconut & Quick Oats Bars

When it comes to food recipes, easier is always better. This bar recipe is one of them, except that it is a quick one too. This recipe is pretty much just melt, mix and bake.Easy, peasy and they are delicious!! I made a batch of these bars the other day and my husband and I,Continue reading “Coconut & Quick Oats Bars”

Easy Spring & Easter Tablescape

These last few days spring was in the air, and today we officially marked the start of the loveliest season of the year. I love spring, and all the pretty colors that it brings along. Beside pretty colors, it brings joy, warmth, and most importantly restores my mood. Being in a good mood, and toContinue reading “Easy Spring & Easter Tablescape”

St. Patrick’s Day Starburst

Sometimes I wonder if non-Irish and/or non-Christians have any business celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Well let’s be honest, like St. Valentine’s Day and, arguably, Easter and Christmas, we’ve secularized and commercialized what is really a sacred Christian feast day. However, I don’t actually think we’ve “ruined” the holiday. When people celebrate the secular side ofContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Starburst”

Knotted Pillows & Tutorial

Throw pillows are everyones best friend – and with good reason! Vibrant throw pillows can transform an entire room’s decor and deliver a bold color statement. If such pillows happen to be vibrant and dimensional, like these knotted ones which I made few days ago, then they can have a double effect in any room’sContinue reading “Knotted Pillows & Tutorial”