Holiday Decor

Office Space Holiday Decor

Since I was all done with Holiday decorating of my house as well as some parts of the outdoors, I thought that my office deserves some holiday decorating too. I was determined to bring some holiday cheer into this space where I spent most of the time during the weekdays. This space is quite small… Continue reading Office Space Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor

Dekori i Interierit per Festat e Fundvitit

Gjithehere i jam gezuar fundit te vitit, dhe ate pikerisht per faktin se kjo periudhe gjithehere nderlidhet me ngjyra te bukura, shkelqim, vezullim, hare e gezim si dhe me shpirtin e posaqem festiv qe sjellin festat e fundvitit. Tani i gezohem edhe me teper ketyre festave pasi qe tash, me dizajnet e mija dekoruese kontribuoj… Continue reading Dekori i Interierit per Festat e Fundvitit

DIY, Holiday Decor

The Entryway Holiday Decor

As soon as one gets into the Holiday spirit than it is easy to get carried away with decorations; however, it is so fun and joy putting up all those twinkle lights, wreaths and garlands around the house or working spaces, so personally I think that there is nothing wrong with being carried away, and… Continue reading The Entryway Holiday Decor