Hana’s Bithday Celebration

On my previous post I talked about how and why I ended up in NYC at this time of year. Usually I go there at Chrismas time, but this time was for a special occasion.

Beginning of February my niece Hana, was about to turn 18th so she demanded that I fly to NYC to celebrate her birthday together. I promised her that I would be there on her birthday, and that I will even make her a fancy birthday cake.

I was as a bit nervous about how the cake will turn out but at the end Hana liked it and this is what matters. It was a chocolate cake with white butter cream inside, and it tasted delicious. Outside it was wrapped in beige fondant! It was my first time that I worked with fondant and, to make things worst, I had a small amount of fondant to work with. This made the decoration process a bit challenging for me; however, at the end the cake turned pretty. Not so perfect, but certainly cute and fancy!

Hana was at school at the time we baked the cake and decorated the table and the backdrop, so when she returned home she was pleasantly surprised and liked everything what we did. She even became emotional, so we saw a few happy tear drops on her beautifull smily cheeks. I knew Hana’s taste. She doesn’t like things to be over the top, in this case over the top decor. She would find it kind of “cheesy”, so I had to be carefull to not cross that line which would make the decoration seem “cheesy” to her.

For backdrop decoration we used gold round placemats we had at home, fancy pinwheels and HOORAY lettered sign purchased at Target, some tissue paper cut in wide stripes and fringed at both sides lengthwise which were hung at the right side of the wall. It was a very simple set up but it turned very pretty and effortlessly stylish.

Here are some of the photos from the celebration.

Time to lit the candles

Let’s cut the cake

Enjoying the cake

And later on she oppened the presents….

It was such a beautifull day filled with plenty of family love and happines.

Thank you for reading.



Mother Goose Club Birthday Party Theme

6 (3)
There is a very cute little girl who endlessly watches the Mother Goose Club Shows. She loves all the characters and their roles, the songs and rhymes, but most of all she loves the colourful costumes worn by the cast of the show. Watching daily the educative content of the show now, along her mother tongue (Albanian), she started speaking English also, and moreover she learned all the the letters and spells them correctly in English.

The smart little princes, happened to be my husband’s niece, and she turned THREE yesterday . I was so happy that I was given the opportunity to help her family organise a birthday party with the girls favourite theme “MOTHER GOOSE CLUB ”. I designed this theme focusing on the colours of the costumes worn by the cast of this show, and it turned quite pretty and colourful. Everybody just loved it!
4 (3)

7 (3)
I made a lot of paper spin wheels for the background of the desert table as well as for the table centrepieces, and the desert table tablecloth was designed to match the colours of the birthday girls costume.
5 (4)
Also the table runners for the kids table were designed and made to match the rest of the theme colours.
Hand made spin wheels were tucked in a beige buckets filled with styrofoam and then covered with colourful tissue paper. The buckets were then placed in flower shaped plastic saucers.
Goodies for kids were placed in handmade individual popcorn boxes printed in a yellowish paper to match theme.

The birthday girl was so exited, happy and a bit overwhelmed by all what was created for her birthday, but I am sure that she will enjoy the pictures of this birthday for the days and years to come.

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Na eshte nje vajze e vogel dhe shume sipatike e cila pafundesisht i percjelle emisionet amerikane Mother Goose Club. Ajo i pelqen te gjitha personazhet e ketije emisioni, rimen dhe kenget, por per me teper asaj i pelqejne kostumet shumengjyreshe te veshura nga aktoret e emisionit. Permbajtja edukative e ketije emisionit ka bere qe kjo voglushe krahas gjuhes se saje ametare, te mesoj edhe gjuhen Angleze, e per me teper ajo tani i ka mesuar edhe te gjitha shkronjat dhe germezimin e tyre ne gjuhen Angleze.

Kjo voglushe e zgjuar ndodhi te jet mbesa e bashkeshortit tim, qe dje i mbushi TRE vjet. Jame shume e gezuar qe me eshte dhene rasti qe t’i ndihmoj familjes se saje te organizojne nje ditelindje me temen e preferuar te voglushes “MOTHER GOOSE CLUB”. Kur fillova me dizajnin e kesaje teme fokusin e perqendrova ne ngjyrerat e kostumeve te perzonazheve te ketije show-i, dhe si rezultat u krijua nji teme e bukur dhe e pelqyer nga te gjithe.

U punuan shume flutura rotulluese te formave te ndryshme dhe te cilat pastaje u perdoren per dekorin e prapavijes se tavolines se deserteve, si dhe per dekor te mesit te tavolines. Gjithashtu, edhe mbulesat e tavolines si dhe ajo e tavolines se deserteve u dizajnua ne ate menyre qe t’ju pershtatej ngjyrnave te kostumit te voglushes.

Disa nga fluturat rrotulluese punedore u futen ne vazo ne forme kofash te cilat u vendosen ne tabake ne forme lulesh dhe u perdoren per zbukurimin e mesit te tavolines se femijeve.

Grisinat per femije u vendosen ne kuti letre punedore me ngjyrna qe i pershtateshin temes se ditelindjes.

Vogelushja e ditelindjes ishte shume e gezuar, e ngazellyer si dhe perplote emocione per krejt ate se cka ishte e krijuar per te ate dite, dhe jam e sigurt se do te kenaqet me kujtimet e rikrijuara nga fotot e ditelindjes se saje te trete per shume vite ne vijim.

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