Mannequin Tree – DIY

Since I first saw a mannequin tree on Pinterest few years ago, I always thought that this was such a cool idea. Even though I never thought of making one, I thought that it looks beautiful if used as an alternative to a christmas tree. Few days ago my niece came over and asked meContinue reading “Mannequin Tree – DIY”

Small Room Makover – Week 6 The Reveal

The reveal day came much faster than I have anticipated, and while browsing the rooms and spaces of the 20 featured designers participating in ORC I was about to FAINT (seriously), seeing that every revealed space there was so breathtakingly beautiful. Well, this is not something that I can say for myself and the roomContinue reading “Small Room Makover – Week 6 The Reveal”

Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five

It’s another week of the One Room Challange, and I am getting a bit nervous about the comming week. We have only one week left before the grand reveal, so I will keep this post short and only give you some updates on what I did this week. I painted the focal point wall, andContinue reading “Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five”