Mannequin Tree – DIY


Since I first saw a mannequin tree on Pinterest few years ago, I always thought that this was such a cool idea. Even though I never thought of making one, I thought that it looks beautiful if used as an alternative to a christmas tree.

Few days ago my niece came over and asked me if I could help her make one. She is in high school and they were having a science party around Christmas time so she thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a mannequin tree in the project of their working group.

I love my niece and despite being supper busy at this time of year, I could not say no to her. As my schedule was busy around Christmas time, we decided to make this tree earlier, so she could enjoy the tree at home before she sends it for a display on the scheduled date of the science party at school.

To make the tree we used 2.30 m X 80 cm chicken wire. The two lose ends were joined together with florist wire to make a skirt.
The upper part of the wire skirt was cut open to 50-60 cm slits on every 25-30 cm. Ends of each slit were put on top of one another making sort of darts.
This step was done in order to take in the wire and make it fit for the waist line of the mannequin.
When the desired waist line was reached by making these “darts” the skirt (wire) was put on the mannequin and was secured with another string wire around the waist.
Afterwards we started covering the surface of the wire with tree branches by securing each of them with florist wire.

We continued filling the empty spaces with smaller branches to create a fuller look.
Lastly, we tied a huge bow around the waist line and a DIY golden necklace made out of golden crepe paper.


My niece loved the look of the mannequin tree, and she spend the afternoon beside the tree by reading and sipping hot cocoa.

Would you consider replacing your traditional Christmas tree with a manequin tree?

Thank you for reading,


Bredhi Kukull – DIY

Para disa viteve, per here te pare e pash ne Pinterest Bredhin Fustan, dhe qe atehere mendova se kjo ishte nje ide shume interesante. Edhe pse kur nuk e planifikoja t’a beja nje te tille, gjithmone mendoja se ky lloj bredhi eshte nje alternative e mire e bredhit tradicional per festat e fundvitit.

Para disa ditesh, mbesa ime erdhi te me pyes se a do i ndihmoja ta beje nje bredh te tille. Ajo eshte nxense e shkolles se mesme dhe se ne shkollen e saj organizohej nje manifestim shkencor, dhe ate ne vixhilje te festave te fundevitit, andaj ajo kishte konsideruar si nje ide te mire poqese grupi i saje pjesmares ne manifesitm do te inkorporonte ne prezentimin e tyre Bredhin Fustan.

Une e dua mbesen time, andaje edhe pse shume e zene ne kete periudhe te vitit, une s’munda t’i them se nuk mund t’i ndihmoj, andaj vendosem qe ta punojme kete bredh menjiher ashtu qe ajo te kete mundesi qe te kenaqej me te deri ne diten kur duhet t’a dorezoj tek grupi i saj punues ne diten kur do te mbahet manifestimi ne shkolle.

Per t’a punuar bredhin ne huazuam nje manekene kukull. Pastaj u furnizuam me 2.30 cm (80 cm gjeresi) rrjete “rrethoje pule”. I bashkuam skajet e kesaj rrjete me tel floristi dhe skajin e siperm te rrjetit e preme duke i bere keshtu carje 50 deri 60 cm ne cdo 25-30 cm. Skajet e ketyre carjeve i vendosem siper njera tjetres per te bere keshtu si lloj brusnesh dhe per t’a ngushtuar keshtu pjesen e siperme qe ti bie taman belit te kukulles. Pasi u be ngushtimi i duhur e vendosem kete rrjete (fustanin) ne kukull dhe e siguram me nje tel te holle duke e kaluar ate neper vrimat e rrjetes perreth belit te kukulles.

Pastaj filluam me vendosjen e degeve te medha te bredhit perreth siperfaqes se rrjetes (fustanit) dhe kur mbuluam tere siperfaqen filluam me vendosjen e degeve te vogla neper zbrastirat e mbetura derisa e mbuluam siperfaqen ne teresi dhe e arritem dendesine e duhur.

Si perfundim e lidhem nje fjongo te madhe rreth belit te kukulles dhe i vendosem ne qafe nje xherdan te punuar nga letra krep ngjyre ari.

Mbesa ime doli shume e kenaqur me pamjen e bredhit kukull dhe e kaloi tere pasditen afer tije duke lexuar dhe shijuar pije nga cokollada e nxehte.

A do t’a konsideronit zevendsimin e bredhit tradicional te fundvitit me nje te tille?

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,



Small Room Makover – Week 6 The Reveal


The reveal day came much faster than I have anticipated, and while browsing the rooms and spaces of the 20 featured designers participating in ORC I was about to FAINT (seriously), seeing that every revealed space there was so breathtakingly beautiful.

Well, this is not something that I can say for myself and the room I worked on. Of course, I never expected that I can produce something that will wow anyone as I had to make this happen within an incredible low budget. However, I can say that I wow-ed myself knowing that I was able to put all this together with such a low budget and make this room liveable and functional again, as well as to cosy it up so it can be enjoyed by the owners for few more years to come.

For all of you who are here for the first time, this was the condition of the room the day I decided to get my hands on.


Because of the budgetary restraints, getting new furniture was out of the reach. Reupholstering was also costly, so we decided to slipcover the sofa/ loveseat duo, and I ended up doing this job because we could not find a willing or a skilful person in town who could make slipcovers.









We needed a desk which will serve as a working desk and/or make up desk, so I designed this hairpin desk which is made out of construction wire found at a construction site dump. The construction wire was cut (by a local blacksmith) into four pieces 156 cm long and bended into a hairpin shape which were attached to a base plate. After the legs were done, I painted them in black and attached them to a piece of 120cm long x 40 cm long x 2 cm thick MDF.
Also there was a need for drapes, so the owner had a pair of unused store bought white sheer panels. White sheer panels were not exactly what I would envisioned for this room, but I just had to peruse them, so in order to add some body to the drapes I lined them and added a decorative black and white band at the upper part of the drape.
No sofa is complete without some pillows, so I made several pillows using this interesting reptile print fabric and this beautiful green velvet.
This simple, yet elegant, gallery wall is created by using few used frames in which were inserted brushstroke art which I DIY-ed for this room.
To add some interest to the room I created this focal point wall by painting this geometric design mural. Also the wall art placed in this wall is a DIY project which was created by using an old useless painting.
So when it comes to sources I wish I had a list of sponsors that provided what I needed to complete this room, but what I can happily say is that I DIY-ed almost everything used in this room and I am very happy the way it turned out.


One thing I am not happy about though is, the PHOTOS. I had only one afternoon available to take photos and, as you can tell, it was not my day. It was a very rainy and dark afternoon and it just did not work. But, hey…life goes on… and there will be another One Room Challange event in spring.

Thank you for visiting and please check the reveals of other guest participants of One Room Challange.


Previous Weeks – Javet e Meparshme

Week 2
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Perditiesimi i Dhomes se Vogel – ORC Java e 6 – Perfundimi

Dita kur behet zbulimi i punes se bere gjate ketyre 6 javeve erdhi shume me shpejte se qe e kam pritur, dhe duke i shiquar dizajnet e zbuluara te 20 disajnerve pjesmares ne ORC gati u alivanosa (pernjimend) kur pash se secili dizajn i zbuluar sot nga ata ishte aq i bukur sa te linte pa fryme.

E po mire, kjo nuk eshte dicka qe munde t’a them per vetveten dhe per dhomen ne te cilen punova. Kuptohet se as qe kam pritur qe te krijoj dicka qe do t’a bente dike qe te thoshte wow, duke pasur parasysh buxhetin jashtezakonisht te vogel. Megjithate, munde te them se arijta ti them vetes wow, per faktin se arijta ta perfundoj dhomen me ate buxhet dhe t’a beje ate te jetueshme dhe funkcionale si dhe ta beje ate qe te shfrytezohet kendshem edhe per disa vitene vijim.

Per te gjithe ata te cilit po vizitoni per here te pare, ja se ne cfare gjendje (me larte) ishte dhoma ne diten ne te cilen vendosa qe ta pranoj sfiden.

Per shkak te kufizimeve buxhetore, blerja e mobiljeve te reja ishte jasht cdo mundesie. Mbeshjellja profesionale e tyre ishe e kushtueshme, andaj vendosem qe t’ju qepim mbeshtjellset, dhe une perfundova te merem me qepjen e tyre pasi qe nuk gjetem ndonje person me aftesi te duhura profesionale qe te merej me qepjen e tyre.

Na nevojitej nje tavoline qe do te sherbente si tavoline pune/grimi, andaj e disejnova kete me kembe ne form kapse flokesh te cilat jan te punuara me material ndertimor (shufra hekuri) te cilat i gjetem ne hekurishte. Shufrat e hekurit u prene ne gjatesi prej 156 cm dhe pastaje u kthyen per tu bere ne form te kapses se flokeve dhe u ngjiten ne pllaken baze. Pasi kembet ishin gati, e bera ngjyrosjen e tyre me ngjyre te zeze, dhe i ngjita ato ne nje pllake MDF 120 co e gjatex 40 cmi e gjere, me trashesi 1.6 cm.

Dhoma kishte nevoje per perde, ashtu qe pronarja i kishte nje pale perde te gatshme te ngjyres se bardhe. Perdet e bardha nuk ishte ajo cfare une e parashikoja per dhomen, por duhej t’i perdorja ato, dhe ne menyre qe te shtoja pake konstukt ne to ju qepa astarin e bardhe dhe e dekorava pjesen e tyre te siperme me shirit bardh e zi.

Asnje kolltuk nuke eshte i kompletuar poqese nuk dekorohet me jastek, andaj i qepa disa te tille duke e perdorur kete material interesant me print te lekures se zvaranikeve si dhe tjeret i punova me material plishi ngjyre te gjelbert.

Ky mur i thjeshte por shume elegant i stilit galeri u krijua duke i perdorur dis korniza te perdorura ne te cilat i vendosa disa punime te punuara nga une ne stilin “levizje brushe”

Qe t’e beja me interesant dhomen vendosa qe muri ballor te jet si pike fokale e dhomes ashtu qe e krijova nje mural me dizajn gjeometrik ne ate mure. Gjithashtu, edhe piktura e vendosur ne murin me mural eshte nje DIY projekt.

Pra kur bie fjala tek gjesendet per mobilimin dhe dekorin e dhomes une do te deshiroja t’a kisha pase nje liste te gjate te sponzorve te cilet kontribuan per regullimin e kesaje dhome, por fatkeqesisht nuk kisha sponsor. Por cka munde te them me kenaqesi eshte se gati cdo gje ne kete dhome esthe e punuar vet, dhe duke u nise nga ky fakt atehere edhe jame shume e kenaqur se si doli kjo dhome.

Megjithate, nje gje me te cilen nuk jame aspak e kenaqur jane FOTOT. E kisha vetem nje pasdite ne dispozicion per fotografim, dhe siq mund te shihni ajo nuk ishte nje pasdite qe ishte ne anen time. Ishte shume vranet dhe erret ate pasdite dhe dite aspak e pershtatshme per fotografim. Por hej….jeta vazhdon…dhe do te kete event te tille prap ne pranvere dhe shpresoj se atehere do te jem me me shume fat.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe, dhe gjeni kohe t’i vizitoni edhe hapsirat tjera te perditesuara nga mysafiret tjere participues te Sfida e Nje Dhome.


Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five


It’s another week of the One Room Challange, and I am getting a bit nervous about the comming week. We have only one week left before the grand reveal, so I will keep this post short and only give you some updates on what I did this week.

I painted the focal point wall, and added some geometrical design by painting two huge triangles. This design makes the room feel larger as it gives a perspective and adds interest to the room. The mural instantly grabs your attention when you enter the room and makes the room feel modern.
DIY artwork was another project that I had to tackle this week, so this is what I created by applying watercolour brushstrokes on a white card stock paper.
After the painting was done, I cut the paper to the desired sizes and run a solid line with a permanent marker around the cut edges. This gives the painted piece a more finished and polished look. Now, making a decision on how to hang them is not going to be easy.

I also hacked this Ikea shelf by painting the sides in black and adding a black electrical tape to the shelf edges so, this way, an inexpensive piece of furniture, will add contrast and will complement the colour scheme of the room.


As of today I will be in hunting around my client’s house to find accessories that will fit our design, thus i leave it here and up to the hunting and styling.

For those curious on where I started, and the progress I made through weeks please check:

week two
week three
week four

Thanks for visiting, and hope you will return again for the final reveal next week.

Java e Peste ne Eventin Sfida e Nje Dhome

Eshte java e peste a eventit Sfida e Nje Dhome (One Room Challange) dhe kame filluar qe te ndihem paksa ne siklet per javen e ardhshme. Ka mbetur vetem nje jave deri te shpalosja e disajnit final te punes, andaj nuk do e zgjas kete postim por vetem do ty ju perditesoj me disa nga punet me te cilat u mora gjate kesaje jave.

E ngjyrosa murin qe do e jete pika fokale e dhomes, ashtu qe e krijova nje dizajn gjeometrik duke i ngjyrosur dy trekendsha te medhenje ne mure me nyanca beige. Ky disajn po e ben qe kjo dhome e vogel te duket me madhe sepse po krijon perspektivesi dhe po shton interesim ne dhome.

Arti DIY eshte edhe nje projekt tjeter me te cilin u more gjate kesaj jave, keshtu qe ja se cfare krijova duke e perdore tekniken “brush strokes” qe njeherit eshte shume e aplikuar gjate ketyre viteve te fundit. Pas ngjyrosjes e bera prerjen e tyre ne madhesine e deshiruar dhe i rrethova skajet e tyre me marker permanent, gje qe kjo ju jap punimeve nje pamje te perfunduar dhe te llustruar. Tani vie ai vendimi i veshtire se si ti pozicionojme ne murin galeri te gjitha keto.

Gjithashtu e bera ridizjnimin e ketij rafti te IKEA’s duke ja ngjyrosur pjeset anesore me te zeze dhe duke ja mbeshtjell me shirit izolues te zi skajet e rafteve , keshtu qe ky raft jo i kushtueshem po krijon kontrast ne dhome dhe po inkorporohet mire ne skemen e ngjyrerave te dhomes.

Tani ka mbetur vetem te “gjahtojme” perreth shtepise se klientit per te gjetur akcesor dekorues per dhomen.

Per te gjith ata te cilet jan kureshtar se me cka fillova, mund te percjellni perditesimet gjate javeve te kaluara me poshte:

Java Dyte
Java Trete
Java Katert

Ktheni ketu te Enjen e ardhshme kur edhe do ta beje postimin e fotove te dhomes se perfunduar.

Ju faleminderit qe e vizituat kete faqe,

Pumpkin Spice Latte – Homemade

Having lived too far away from any Starbucks shops for a while, I am starting to crave for my favourite Starbucks pumpkin spice latte this fall. None of such lattes that I tried elsewhere so far, compares to the original Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte; but, luckily I found a great recipe that is even better than the Starbucks recipe (as it contains a real pumpkin instead of a pumpkin spice syrup) so, now, I can make my favourite lattes at home, and I am very happy to share it with you also.

This is my version adapted from this recipe. I usually make a big batch using 10 tablespoons of pumpkin pyre and proportional ammount of pumpkin spice, and it can be refrigerated up to a week.
Ingredients for 2 drinks:

2 tablespoons fresh pumpkin pyre or canned pumpkin
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice,
Freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoons pure vanilla extract
400 ml whole milk
1 to 2 shots espresso ( or about 1/2 cup of very strong filter or instant coffee)
100 ml heavy cream, whipped – optional

Heat the pumpkin and spices: In a small saucepan over medium heat, cook the pumpkin with the pumpkin pie spice and a dash of black pepper for 2 minutes or until it’s hot and smells cooked. Stir constantly.
Stir in the sugar: Add the sugar and stir until the mixture looks like a bubbly thick syrup or a paste (it depends from the quality of the pumpkin).



Warm the milk: Whisk in the milk and vanilla extract. Warm gently over medium heat, watching carefully to make sure it doesn’t boil over.
Blend the milk: Carefully process the milk mixture with a hand blender or in a traditional blender (hold the lid down tightly with a thick wad of towels!) until frothy and blended.
Mix the drinks: Make the espresso or coffee and divide between two mugs and add the frothed milk. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, or nutmeg if desired.

Latte me Ereza Kungulli (Pumpkin Spice Latte)

Per dy pije nevojiten:

2 luge gjelle pyre kungulli
Gjysem luge te kafes *ereza kungulli (pumpkin spice) plus dhe ca per dekorimin siper lattes
Piper i Zi- i bluar aty per aty- shume pake
2 luge gjelle sheqer
1 luge gjelle ekstrakt i vertete vanile (ose dy qeska sheqer vanille)
400 ml qumesht
1 ose 2 hudhje (shots) espresso (ose 1/2 filgjani instant kafe ose filter kafe e pregaditur shume e forte)
100 ml ajke te embel (whipping cream), shkopinje kanelle- opcionale

*Reqeta per Ereza Kungulli (Pumpkin Spice) nese nuk e gjeni te gatshme:

1 luge gjelle – kanelle
2 luge te volga caji – xhenxhefil i bluar
Gjysem luge te vogel caji – arez muskati e bluar
Gjysem luge e vogel caji -allspice (eshte kombinim i pipernave)
Gjysem luge e vogel caji- karanfil i bluar

Kungulli vendoset ne nje ene dhe nxehet ne temperature mesatare, i shtohet Ereza Kungulli (Pumpkin Spice) dhe pakez biberi i zi i bluar fresket, zihet edhe 2 minuta ose me teper deri sa te konsideroni se i vie era mire. Perzihet vazhdimisht me luge druri.

I shtohet sheqeri, dhe zihet keshtu derisa masa te behet sikurse sirup i trashe ose mase e trashe (varet nga lloji i kungullit qe e keni)

I shtoni qumshtin dhe ekstraktin e vanilles (ose sheqerin e vanilles) dhe e perzieni deri sa qumshti te nxehet.

Perzierjen e nxehte e kaloni ne blender tradicional (ashtu qe siper kapakut te blenderit tradicional e vendosni nje pecet te trash gjate perpunimit qe te mbroheni nga masa e nxehte (ose e perzieni me stick blender), dhe e mbani keshtu deri sa masa te perzihet dhe te trashet paksa.

Kjo mase pastaje hudhet siper espresso-s se pregaditur me pare ose ne mungese te makines expresso te pregaditet kafe filter e forte ose nescafe e forte.

Siper (opcionale) e dekorojme me shkumen e ajkes se bardhe, shkopinje kanelle, dhe e sperkasim me *Erez Kungulli.
Ju befte mire dhe kenaquni me shijen qe ju ofron kjo pije dimerore.