My Covid-19 Escape

Since the beginning of last year I have been trapped in my home! No travels, no family and friends gatherings, no dining outs…. NOTHING!!! And this has been very, vey hard on my mental and overall wellbeing, but I am sure that this is what everyone in the world is going through these days. ItContinue reading “My Covid-19 Escape”

“To Make Or Not To Make The Bed; That Is The Question”

I am pretty sure that Hamlet, being who he was, would have never bothered to discuss such a dilemma; but we ordinary people, with extraordinary busy lives, who are faced with this tedious chore every single morning may ask this question and seek a reasonable answer. There is no doubt that there are two typesContinue reading ““To Make Or Not To Make The Bed; That Is The Question””

Weekend Makeover – My Niece’s Bedroom

My niece is a busy bee. She is an university student, soon to graduate on two majors Accounting and Finance, so if she is not in a class or at the library studying for her exams, she will be either at the gym lifting weights, boxing, running on treadmill, or taking a class on advancedContinue reading “Weekend Makeover – My Niece’s Bedroom”

How To Decorate A Room From Scratch

Working in the field of home styling for a few years now, I am constantly approached by clients who are faced with decorating dilemmas as the time to move into their new empty place, be it a house or an apartment, approaches. That’s because decorating a room or the whole place completely from scratch isContinue reading “How To Decorate A Room From Scratch”

Repurposing A Dining Room Into A Bedroom/Reading Room

It is no news that people live more casually today than they did when formal dining rooms were put into homes. If you like the idea of inhabiting every room in your home rather than setting aside a formal space that is only used a handful of times a year, than this post is forContinue reading “Repurposing A Dining Room Into A Bedroom/Reading Room”

DIY – An Artful Thermostat Cover

Thermostats!!!!! These eyesores which we find in almost every home! Due to the nature of this device it is recommended to be mounted in a plain sight, in a common room, at eye level. This makes it pretty easy to notice this unsightly device and make you yearn to have it gone: but, getting ridContinue reading “DIY – An Artful Thermostat Cover”

Facelift Of An Old Space Using Dark Colours

In cases when you are not in a position (financially or for any other reason ) to undertake any renovation of a dated space in your home, than giving a fresh coat of paint always is a good idea. Sometimes, only a coat of paint paired with some stylish details may transform the most datedContinue reading “Facelift Of An Old Space Using Dark Colours”

Disa nga stilet ne disajnin e enterierit dhe s’i t’i dallojme ato

foto: Pinterest Padyshim se egziston nje numer tejet i madh i stileve ne disajnin e enterierit, por ne kete post une do te fokusohem vetem ne disa nga ato te cilat kan qene me prezente ne dekaden e fundit. Secili nga ne, ne ndonje faze te jetes do te perballemi me nevojen ose thjesht deshirenContinue reading “Disa nga stilet ne disajnin e enterierit dhe s’i t’i dallojme ato”

DIY Line Art Decor – H&M Home Inspired

Most of you already know that H&M HOME is now widely spreading around the world and their HOME Line is full of incredibly modern home accent pieces at very affordable prices. I love shopping for accessories in their stores, but I have to travel to another country in order to visit their stores as thereContinue reading “DIY Line Art Decor – H&M Home Inspired”

Si t’i perdorim ngjyrat e errta ne enterier

Foto: Instagram Per sa i perket perdorimit te ngjyrave te errta ne enterier, mbreteron supozimi se ambientet e brendshme te ngjyrosura me ngjyra te mbyllta jane depresive dhe e bejn qe dhoma te duket me e vogel dhe klaustrofobike. Nje supozim i tille i bene te pasigurt adhuruesit e ngjyrave te erreta per t’i perdorurContinue reading “Si t’i perdorim ngjyrat e errta ne enterier”

Trendet e Enterierit ne Vitin 2019

image via Instagram Fillimi i vitit eshte koha kur shumica nga ne kemi deshire qe t’a fillojme vitin me dicka te re, e per te gjthe ata te cilet ne plan e kan te fillojne vitin me ndonje renovim te hapsirave te tyre te banimit ose thjesht deshirojne qe te bejne perditesimin e hapsirave banuese,Continue reading “Trendet e Enterierit ne Vitin 2019”

Si t’i organizojme hapesirat e vogla qe te duken me te medha

Deshira e secilit prej nesh eshte qe te ket ne dispozicion sa me shume metra katrore ne banese apo shtepi sepse siq eshte ajo thenja popullore “sa me shlire aq me mire”, por shumica, e posaqerisht ne qytetet e medha, jetojne ne banesa me dhoma te vogla qe vertet eshte sfide per t’i arreduar. Megjithate,Continue reading “Si t’i organizojme hapesirat e vogla qe te duken me te medha”

Dhoma e punes ose kendi e punes

Te kesh nje pune te cilen mund t’a ushtrosh nga shtepia eshte nje luks i vertete, mirepo me zhvillimin e teknologjise si dhe me ndryshimin e rethanave te jetes e punes shume shpejte eshte duke u rritur numri i profesioneve te cilat munde te ushtrohen nga shtepia, prandaje tani nje luks i tille i punesContinue reading “Dhoma e punes ose kendi e punes”

Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC The REVEAL

Hello everyone! I’m so glad that you found yourself here today for the reveal of my Home Decor/Styling Studio Office Space. It has been, if I may say, a very short six week period along with a lot of sweat and hard work involved to transform this room from a modern farm house style sittingContinue reading “Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC The REVEAL”

Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC Week Five

As I am writing this post I am getting more nervous than ever, and I try to keep calm staring at my fall centrepiece on my coffee table that I recently DIY-ed and which I find to have such a calming effect on me. Even though I am almost done with all big tasks, suchContinue reading “Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC Week Five”