Pouf Slipcovers

Poufs are expensive, but they are pretty and quite versatile. You can use them in every room around the house be it as an extra seating, as a feet rest, as a table with a tray on top and the list goes on.

Few years back I made a pretty fuchia coloured pouf. It was my first pouf ever made, and it turned beautiful. Since then I made a lot of of them in different colours and shapes using various fabrics, because in my styling projects I always look for different textures, materials and colours.

What I never thought of though, was creating a pouf slipcover; this way I would use an existing pouf, and add the needed colour and texture to a styling project just by slipcovering it.

Recently I was in a need of a pouf in specific colour and fabric texture for an outdoor use, so I created these simple and practical pouf slipcovers that changed entirely the look of the previous pouf and are so easy to slip them on and off to the existing pouf. They are machine washable, thus a perfect solution for an outdoor use.

An indoor pouf can be used outdoors throughout summer only by slipcovering it with a proper outdoor fabric.

I used these slipcovered poufs throughout summer as additional seating in different areas of my backyard. They not only provided comfy seating, but also added a stylish touch to the sitting corners in our backyard. In my next post I will share how I styled a teracce by incorporating these slipcovered poufs.

Adding a handle makes it easy to transport the pouf around the house or backyard.

Nona (my mother) loved the idea of slipcovering the poufs and on the photoshooting day we enjoyed our morning coffee sitting on slipcovered poufs in my dog’s IMO playground.

Imo, the dog did not take a seat on the poufs though. While at his playground he kept being bussy chasing bees and butterflies.

Do you like poufs, or do you own one? If you like them and would like to make one check my tutorial on how to make one HERE. If you already own one and would like to slipcover it then follow the below written instructions:

1.Measure the width of the ottoman’s top with a fabric tape measure. Add 1 inch to the width to allow for a 1/2-inch seam allowance the entire way around the circle. Record the measurement.

2. Measure the distance from the ottoman’s top to the floor. Add 1 1/2 inches to the measurement to allow for the seams. Record the measurement.

3. Wrap the tape measure around the sides of the ottoman to measure its circumference, or length of fabric needed for its sides. Add 1 inch to the measurement for seam allowance.

4. Spread the fabric out flat on a work surface, positioning its patterned side down. Measure and draw a circle on the fabric using the tape measure and a fabric pencil, making it equal in diameter, or width, to the calculated measurement from the first step.

5. Measure and mark a rectangle on the fabric’s surface using the tape measure and fabric pencil. Make the rectangle equal in width to the measurement from the second step and equal in length to the measurement from the third step.

6. Cut out the fabric circle with a pair of scissors, following the marked line. Cut out the rectangle with the scissors.

7. Spread the fabric rectangle out on the work surface with its patterned side down. Fold one of its lengthwise edges inward by 1/2 inch with wrong sides together. Fold the edge over again by 1/2 inch to create the hem. Pin along the edge with straight pins to hold the folds in place.

8. Select a color of polyester thread that matches the fabric’s main color as closely as possible. Thread the sewing machine with the thread.

9. Sew a 1/2-inch seam of straight stitches along the pinned edge to secure the hem in place. Remove each straight pin before sewing over it to prevent the machine’s needle from breaking. Clip any thread tails at the beginning and end of the seam using scissors.

10. Fold the rectangle in half with patterned sides together, matching up its two short edges and pinning them together. Sew a 1/2 inch seam across the pinned edge to turn the rectangle into a cylinder. Remove the pins before sewing over them.

11. Cut off any thread tails on either end of the seam with scissors. Press the seam open with a warm iron.

12. Lay the fabric circle flat on the work surface with its patterned side facing up. Match up the cylinder’s raw edge, or edge opposite to its hemmed edge, with the raw edge of the fabric circle, positioning their patterned sides together. Pin the matched edges together with straight pins.

13. Sew a 1/2 inch seam around the pinned edge, removing each straight pin before sewing over it. Cut back any thread tails.

14. Turn the slipcover right side out, pulling its circular sides down around its round top. Pull the slip cover over top of the ottoman.

The written instructions are from https://homeguides.sfgate.com/make-slipcover-round-ottoman-88622.html.

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Boho Backyard Corner

I am a summer person, and just love being outside whenever there is a good weather. Having a good sized backyard gives me the opportunity to create different sitting corners so I can enjoy the view of my backyard from different angles. Depending on the mood, I style and restyle these corners very often and this makes the time spent in my yard much more enjoyable and fun.

Because I love spending time in my backyard I also have to do a lot of gardening work, but luckily my husband got hooked into gardening too; so, I am sort of relieved from some of the gardening duties this year therefore I can spent more time chilling in different sitting corners in my garden.

I am happy to share some photos of one of the sitting corners in my backyard this year; it wasn’t anything special, but surely we enjoyed this setting for for a while during this summer.

Do you like to dress up your sitting areas in your backyard, porch or deck? Do you like to change the look of the sitting areas in your back yard, front porch or your deck often? It is so easy and you can do it by changing your pillows and adding different throws and accesories. It is so much fun and enhances the enjoyment of the al fresco sitting during the summer.

These macrame candle holders were an easy DIY and they really added a much needed sparkle during those summer evenings.

Crochet Pillows – Summer 2018

If you think that a granny square crochet pieces are outdated and that the idea of incorporating them in your home decor projects can make your space look so granny, than think again!

These fresh looking crochet pillows that were used in this balcony makeover tell us just that!

This “granny” balcony situated in an old city building from a communist era with it’s odd shape (supper long and extremely narrow) was a good candidate for a makeover using these crochet pillows from my Summer Pillow Collection 2018!

Using some used outdoor furniture, some inexpensive decorative items and by incorporating these crisp crochet pillows, I turned this outdate looking balcony into a cool place to chill during hot summer days.


The hand made front crochet pillow pieces are made of 100% cotton yarn and attached to pre washed 100% organic white cotton fabric and they were part of my pillow collection – Summer 2018.

These old fashioned pillows made this balkony look fresh and modern despite its odd shape and “age”; so, never underestimate the power of granny chrochet squares. To order pieces from this collection write us at besagmblog@gmail.com! We love to make your spaces looking great for less!

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Small Balcony Styling

Not everyone has an outdoor private space who would be able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, step in green gras,have a favourite drink among trees and smell the flowers.

However, most of us have a balcony and no matter how small it is we can make it a cosy functional living space, and by adding some greenery, flowers and summer accessories we can turn it into an urban oasis to enjoy it all summer along.

So how to create an inviting outdoor living space in our small balconies where we can’t wait to return from our long day of work and have our well deserved favourite drink?

First, start by planing which layout of furniture would fit best to your balcony situation, number of people that need to be accommodated on a daily basis, the privacy issues and the sun exposure that may need to be addressed and so on. After considering all these factors we ca make a better decision on what furniture to choose and how to lay those pieces out.

When choosing the furniture the comfort is the key when it comes to your apartment’s outdoor space, so adding comfortable seating will turn your outdoor space into the perfect place to lounge.

This is exactly what I applied in this small apartment balcony which I styled early this spring. I used two existing old iron garden chairs and elevated them to a supper comfy seating by adding fluffy custom made cushions.

After choosing the furniture, start adding pops of colour to your balcony. Nothing brings a balcony more to life than fun accent colors. Be bold with your outdoor accessories by incorporating bright, cheerful colors that will put a smile on your face every time you step outside.

If you prefer a more neutral setting, try picking one color to highlight through decorative pillows and flowers. This is what I applied in this balcony.

To cosy up the space and to maybe address the flooring issues (not so pretty tiles or old surfaces) that you may have, adding an outdoor area rug or a runner could be a good solution. This will add warmth and will make your balcony more inviting. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate some texture (like a natural fiber rug), color, or a pattern for some character.

No outdoor space is complete without plants and flowers, so the next step is to create a small garden. Just because you don’t have a backyard to grow a garden, doesn’t mean you have to put an end to your green thumb. Create your own small garden on your apartment balcony by DIYing a wall planter, like this lattice which can either provide support to an ivy planted in a small planter or you can be more creative and hang other plants such succulents, various ferns or herbs.

And lastly bring on the accessories such as wall hangings, candles, jars and everything else that will make your balcony look pretty, and things that you will be using while spending time in it.

Once complete, I assure you that, your well styled balcony will turn into an extra cozy space to unwind in after work, or a spot to entertain friends and family all summer along.


Tips on decorating this small balcony were featured on IMAZH RTK show.

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Boho Chic Picnic

It seems that this year we are going to have an extended summer. With temperatures hitting as high as 30 centigrade almost every day, it would not be a bad idea to plan a picnic. Who doesn’t love kicking back to eat delicious food in the sunshine with good company?

This is what we did on several occasions last year together with my mom, sister and my nephew. Since we really enjoy picnicking, I’d like to contribute some tips and tricks to help you host a perfect picnic .

You can have a picnic pretty much anywhere, but your choice of setting is one of the most important considerations when planning your picnic.

Do you want to hike to a picturesque spot, connecting with nature ? If so, get your walking boots on and pack light, taking only the essentials in a rucksack; food, drink and a blanket to sit on!

Do you want to dine in a place with wooden picnic benches to avoid sitting on the ground? If so, you can take more with you as, most probably, there’ll be parking close by.

As far as location is concerned, you could even have a picnic in your own garden or backyard if you don’t have much time to spare. Prepare your picnic as you would if you were visiting a park! This is what we did in one of the occasions. We picnicked in one of the corners of my backyard, and we had so much fun!

Comfort is key
A picnic is the ultimate chill out so it’s important that comfort is one of your main considerations.
A picnic isn’t a picnic without a blanket, and it is advisable if it is waterproof. You can buy a cheap shower curtain at a dollar store and place it underneath the blanket to instantly waterproof it. Scatter the blanket with cushions from your sofa for an instant boho chic vibe.

For our picnic I used my oversized decorative sofa cushions and instead of a blanket I used my patio carpet which is for an outdoor use. The use of these cushions gave this picnic that boho chic vibe.

Food, Glorious Food
Food is a must for every picnic, so bring cold dishes that do not require reheating, sweets and do not forget fruits.

No picnic is complete without drinks. Opt for refreshing homemade drinks like lemonade or nonalcoholic cocktails containing mint and other refreshing herbs.

To enhance the enjoyment of your picnic experience, you may want to do a bit of styling of the picnic venue.

Inject lots of color into your picnic with plenty of hot pink, navy and other colors of your choice.

Keep the bugs away with giant citronella candles and set out your summer snacks on mix and match china plates.

Fill a vase with your favourite flowers and serve up a batch of your favourite drink in a cool carafe. Put a string of solar lights, just in case you will stay longer until it gets dark.

The fall is already here and there are only e few warm, sunny days left to enjoy this year; so, grab your picnic basket, a blanket, pack up your favourite snacks and fruit, some decorative accessories, find a nice, shady spot for your picnic and enjoy it. It is so much fun, as these photos can tell!

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My Pergola Design

I am happy that my pergola project, which started 3 years ago, finally came to an end this summer.

My summer house has two fair size patios and each of them provides shade in different times of day. One is good to use in the mornings, up to the midday, while the other one (shown in the photos) is shady and cool in the afternoons.

However, both patios did not have any visual appeal and seemed so uninviting, boring and without any personality. Owning this place for about 14 years, it was about the time that I had to do some changes and infuse a bit of personality to the outdoor space so it would look more inviting and homy.

Four years ago I started with a simple pergola design sketch, and headed to different local carpenter businesses. All of the businesses that I contacted seemed to be willing to take up the job, but their quotes were nothing less than an overcharge. Not getting a god deal made me postpone this project for another year, and that is what I did.

Previous summer I was lucky to find a good carpenter that gave me a good deal, but I had to wait all summer for him to get his job done. By the end of the summer season last year, the pergola structures were erected in both patios, but unfortunately I did not get to enjoy them as the summer season was ove and I had to get back home.

Finally, this year the whole pergola project was completed fully and I got to enjoy the outdoors in my summer house at max.

In order to add some extra shade to the patio I covered the open roof of pergola with 80 cm wide white fabric.

Each stripe of fabric was cut and hemmed with a special polyester thread which is resistant to UV rays. Each end of the fabric stripe was hemmed with navy fabric cut in bias. This small detail added a very stylish and sophisticated look to the whole structure.

The pergola now acts as a canopy over our dining table, providing both shade and intimacy.

Our patio is much more inviting now and it seems like we have more livable space as compared to before.

No doubt that pergola has created a shady retreat to our patio and, moreover it serves as a major landscaping element to our backyard.

I couldn’t be more happier with the result. I am loving it!

Do you or anyone else you know has a living or working space that is in a need of a makeover? If so write at besagmblog@gmail.com , send the pics of your place and we will take it from there! We would love to help you creating an inviting space, with a lot of visual appeal and personality for less!

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Winter Tablescape


Dekorim Dimeror i Tavolines

This year the first winter day turned to be sunny and crisp and so perfect for spending a fun afternoon in the backyard with a cup of hot chocolate and some freshly baked ginger cookies.

To jazz up the first winter day experience I created a winter tablescape using some candles, greenery from my backyard, and my DIY ornaments created for my holiday mantel decor.

For a tablecloth I used a plaid cotton blanket in blue and I neatly tucked the candles in white cereal bowls which were previously staffed with the evergreens from my garden. I covered a cake stand with a white fur, on top of which I placed some chocolates, and on another cake stand I placed another vase with a candle and my favourite ginger cookies. Everything looked so wintery and chick so I took endless photos which I am sharing with you.

Enjoy the pics and write what you like the best about this table setting.

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Dita e pare e dimrit kete vit na erdhi si e fresket por me plote diell, dhe si e tille ishte perfekte per te kaluar disa momente te pasdites ne obor me nje filgjan perplot me qokollate te nxehte te percjelle me xhenxhefil gurabit te posadala nga fura.

Qe t’a beja experiencen e kesaje dite edhe me interesante, e krijova nje dekor dimeror te tavolines duke i perdore disa qirinje, pak gjelbrim nga obori, si dhe DIY ornamentet e punuara me pare per dekorin e kaminit.

Si mbulese te tavolines e perdora nje plaf te holle pambuku me te kaltert te cilin e kisha blere enkas qe t’a perdorja si mbulese, dhe ne enet ne te cilat e sherbejme kosin ose fluskat e mengjezit, i futa qirinjet e bardhe. Enen e kekut e mbulova me nje copez gezofi te bardhe dhe siper vendosa disa qokolata te vogla, ndersa ne enen tjeter te kekut e vendosa nje tjeter qiri dhe xhenxhefil gurabit e mija te preferura. Si perfundim, cdo gje dukej shume dimerore dhe shik, keshtu qe une bera foto deri ne “pafundesi” dhe te cilat po i ndaj me ju.

Kenaquni me fotot dhe me shkruani ne lidhje me ate se cka po ju pelqen me se shumti ne kete dekor dimeror te tavolines.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,



Cool Terrace Re-Design

17 1 lle
Ridizajnim i Terraces Verore
I was recently given the opportunity to re-design and style the terrace of one of the most frequented cafes in Peja city, Kosova, which reopened last night after a couple of weeks of recess during the renovation.

Projekti im i radhes ishte ridizajnimi dhe stilimi i nje terrace verore te nje prej lokaleve me te frekuentuara ne Peje i cili, pas nji pushimi te shkurter, u rihap kete te shtune.

Yesterday I took some picks and I am happy to share them with you. I gave this place a total makeover. I created a new, fresh, clean and modern look and now the place completely reflects a new style and atmosphere.

Para se te rihapej per mysafiret, shfrytezova rastin qe ti beje disa foto te cilat me kenaqesi po i ndaje me ju. Terracen verore te ketije lokali e ridizajnova ne teresi dhe i krijova nje stile te ri, te fresket e modern, dhe tani ajo frymon ne nje atmosfere krejtesisht tjeter.

There are plenty of lounging areas to enjoy morning coffees surrounded with lush greenery and beautiful city park view, and plenty of seating for evening happy hours which are ongoing events in this cafe.

E ridizajuar dhe me stil te ri, kjo terrace verore tani ka vende me ulese te rehatshme dhe me pamje te gjelberimit te bujshem nga parku u qytetit, ku munde te shijohen kafet e para te mengjezit, dhe shume ulese tjera te pafund per mbremjet gazmore te cilat jane evente te rregullta te ketije lokali.

When planing for re-design concept, I wanted to introduce to this place a mix of cool and summery colours and to create comfortable seating areas and to make this place serve as a destination for relax and enjoyment of spare time.

Gjate planifikimit te konceptit te ri per kete terrace, intenca ishte qe t’i fusja ne perdorim nje perzierje te ngjyrnave qe reflektojne pasterti dhe sjellin atmosfere verore, si dhe te krijoj pjese me ulese te rehatshme qe do ta benin kete terrace nje destinacion per relaks dhe kenaqesi.

This project was offered and executed partly in person and partly online, and it worked out perfectly well.

Ky projekt u realizua pjeserisht “on-line” dhe pjeserisht drejteperdrejte dhe funkcionoi shume mire.

Enjoy the pics and do not hesitate to write to besagmblog@gmail.com if you have a design dilemma. I may help you make your place be admirable by you and others.

Kenaquni me pamjet nga fotot dhe mos hezitoni te me kontaktoni ne besagmblog@gmail.com per dizajnimin ose redizajnimin e juj te radhes. Une do te perpiqem te ju ndihmoj qe ta beni hapsiren e juaj te admiruar nga ju vet dhe te gjithe tjeret.

This is how I started:
Ja se se me cka fillova:
1'lle cafe- BEFORE
Ejoy the transformation:
Kenaquni me fotot e vendit te transformuar:
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21 1 lle

5 nile

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cafe 1

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