My Covid-19 Escape

Since the beginning of last year I have been trapped in my home! No travels, no family and friends gatherings, no dining outs…. NOTHING!!! And this has been very, vey hard on my mental and overall wellbeing, but I am sure that this is what everyone in the world is going through these days. ItContinue reading “My Covid-19 Escape”

Crochet Pillows – Summer 2018

If you think that a granny square crochet pieces are outdated and that the idea of incorporating them in your home decor projects can make your space look so granny, than think again! These fresh looking crochet pillows that were used in this balcony makeover tell us just that! This “granny” balcony situated in anContinue reading “Crochet Pillows – Summer 2018”

Cool Terrace Re-Design

Ridizajnim i Terraces Verore I was recently given the opportunity to re-design and style the terrace of one of the most frequented cafes in Peja city, Kosova, which reopened last night after a couple of weeks of recess during the renovation. Projekti im i radhes ishte ridizajnimi dhe stilimi i nje terrace verore te njeContinue reading “Cool Terrace Re-Design”