Simple and Cosy Living Room Holiday Decor

This year I was too late with any Holiday decorating, and it was only two days ago that I was, finally, able to put up my Holiday decor in the living room.

Even though I decorate for the Holidays, my approach for the seasonal decor is keeping it simple and easy, meaning that I do not want to spend a lot of time decorating, and also when the Holidays are over it is not going to take a lot of time for me to put away all decorating items.

I am a big fan of fresh greenery used for the Holiday decorating so, this year too, I DIY-ed a long garland using fresh cedar clippings. The fresh aroma of the cedar is the best decorating “item” one can use for the Holidays.

I bought an artificial pre lit tree though, despite the fact that I love natural ones. The reason is that my living room is quite small and the only tree that I can fit in it is a tall and narrow tree which can be found easily only as an artificial product.

I bought a cheery striped fabric at the local fabric store and DIY-ed our oversized stockings. I just liked the fabric and made the stockings in a large scale to show off the fabric (chuckles).

I DIY-ed this simple and easy coffee table centrepiece which turned quite nice. Again, I used fresh cedar clippings, fresh magnolia leaves which and placed them carefully in an oversized clear glass bowl and then added in between the leaves Ferrero Roche chocolates. The centrepiece turned so cute, added cheer to the table and it is a nice way to greet and welcome guests who may visit during the Holidays.

Unlike previous years, this year I used red as a decorative accenting colour, and it really worked well with the existing colouring scheme in my living room. It is so easy and effortless decorating with this colour.

So this is pretty much it. Now I have to think about the cooking part, which gets complicated. I like to cook, but I also love to limit the calorie intake, so this is when the cooking gets complicated and the search for the Holiday low calorie recipes gets you on to a frustration mode.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and thank you visiting this blog.


One thought on “Simple and Cosy Living Room Holiday Decor

  1. Now you know there’s nothing simple about this holiday decor!!! It enhances your already beautiful decor.. and the centerpiece is perfect!! Merry Christmas to you

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