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Have a Sparkling New Year 2015

As cliché as it sounds, this year has gone unbelievably fast. It feels like just yesterday when I was writing my last post at the end of the last December which was about my top 10 DIY projects. This year I was not able to engage myself in plenty of DIY’s, however, I was more… Continue reading Have a Sparkling New Year 2015

Holiday Decor

Luxe Gift Wrapping

The easiest way to score big with holiday gift giving is by adding a little bit of shine. Metallics feel festive and happy… just how I want to make someone feel when I’m giving him or her a gift! Shimmer and shine is a key trend for Christmas decor this year, with bright metallic shades… Continue reading Luxe Gift Wrapping

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Outdoor Holiday Decoration

This year my holiday decor is minimalistic. I was focusing more on other things that were requiring my attention at this time, and I completely neglected the holiday decor. Despite being busy with other things, luckily I managed to do some DIY-ing and put a few things together for my outdoor holiday decor. I started… Continue reading Outdoor Holiday Decoration