Cool Terrace Re-Design

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Ridizajnim i Terraces Verore
I was recently given the opportunity to re-design and style the terrace of one of the most frequented cafes in Peja city, Kosova, which reopened last night after a couple of weeks of recess during the renovation.

Projekti im i radhes ishte ridizajnimi dhe stilimi i nje terrace verore te nje prej lokaleve me te frekuentuara ne Peje i cili, pas nji pushimi te shkurter, u rihap kete te shtune.

Yesterday I took some picks and I am happy to share them with you. I gave this place a total makeover. I created a new, fresh, clean and modern look and now the place completely reflects a new style and atmosphere.

Para se te rihapej per mysafiret, shfrytezova rastin qe ti beje disa foto te cilat me kenaqesi po i ndaje me ju. Terracen verore te ketije lokali e ridizajnova ne teresi dhe i krijova nje stile te ri, te fresket e modern, dhe tani ajo frymon ne nje atmosfere krejtesisht tjeter.

There are plenty of lounging areas to enjoy morning coffees surrounded with lush greenery and beautiful city park view, and plenty of seating for evening happy hours which are ongoing events in this cafe.

E ridizajuar dhe me stil te ri, kjo terrace verore tani ka vende me ulese te rehatshme dhe me pamje te gjelberimit te bujshem nga parku u qytetit, ku munde te shijohen kafet e para te mengjezit, dhe shume ulese tjera te pafund per mbremjet gazmore te cilat jane evente te rregullta te ketije lokali.

When planing for re-design concept, I wanted to introduce to this place a mix of cool and summery colours and to create comfortable seating areas and to make this place serve as a destination for relax and enjoyment of spare time.

Gjate planifikimit te konceptit te ri per kete terrace, intenca ishte qe t’i fusja ne perdorim nje perzierje te ngjyrnave qe reflektojne pasterti dhe sjellin atmosfere verore, si dhe te krijoj pjese me ulese te rehatshme qe do ta benin kete terrace nje destinacion per relaks dhe kenaqesi.

This project was offered and executed partly in person and partly online, and it worked out perfectly well.

Ky projekt u realizua pjeserisht “on-line” dhe pjeserisht drejteperdrejte dhe funkcionoi shume mire.

Enjoy the pics and do not hesitate to write to if you have a design dilemma. I may help you make your place be admirable by you and others.

Kenaquni me pamjet nga fotot dhe mos hezitoni te me kontaktoni ne per dizajnimin ose redizajnimin e juj te radhes. Une do te perpiqem te ju ndihmoj qe ta beni hapsiren e juaj te admiruar nga ju vet dhe te gjithe tjeret.

This is how I started:
Ja se se me cka fillova:
1'lle cafe- BEFORE
Ejoy the transformation:
Kenaquni me fotot e vendit te transformuar:
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21 1 lle

5 nile

2 nile

4 nille

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cafe 1

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6 nille
Thanks for visiting this page,
Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe


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