Office Desk and Chair Design

Thanks to local craftsman my office desk and chair turned exactly the way I have envisioned them. It did not happen quick and easy, but thanks to my patience and persistence, finally I got what I wanted. Duke ju falemnderuar zejtarve vendor tavolina ime e punes dhe karriga dolen saktesisht ashtu sic i kisha parashikuar.Continue reading “Office Desk and Chair Design”

Grey Kitchen Design

‘Grey,’ a colour that is sadly still associated with negativity and dreariness, is actually one of the most popular kitchen colours around!  It is certainly the hottest neutral tone, and not just for the kitchen but for home interiors in general. Essentially, Grey is a neutral and stable colour tone.  It effects a calming atmosphere,Continue reading “Grey Kitchen Design”

Neutral Living Room Design

My last project involves custom design of all furnishings, including the kitchen and wardrobes of a two bedroom condo in a brand new building located in a most dense Pristina neighbourhood. The clients were upgrading from a one bedroom to a two bedroom condo. They sold their one bedroom with all their furnishings and theyContinue reading “Neutral Living Room Design”