Decorative Rectangular Handcrafted Pillow

No room is completed without decorative pillows on a sofa or a chair, and everyone knows that pillows are a great decorative element by which you may inject style and colour to a space.

I love using pillows, by the way a lot of them, in my styling projects, and I am sure that I am not alone. Homeowners and designers alike often face difficulties finding the right mix of pillows which can make their projects look perfect and stylish. Sometimes you need patterned ones, sometimes the project calls for some textured ones, or the right mix of colour and pattern, and the combinations may be endless.

Having difficulties to find, right away, the envisioned mix of pillows for my ongoing styling projects I started to design and make my own pillow covers so this is how besagmhomeaccessories line of products was created.

This line is still in its baby steps, but I am working hard lately to hopefully bring this line on its feet soon. I am frequently adding different designs to the collection and they are being featured in my Instagram page @besagmhomeaccessories, so I kindly invite you to follow this account to check new interesting designs which are handcrafted with love in our workroom.

One of the latest designs is this rectangular pillow, the front of which is decorated with black chenille yarn.

It is unique design which adds texture to a sofa or a chair and it pairs beautifully with other textured and patterned pillows in my living room sofa.

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Facelift Of An Old Space Using Dark Colours

In cases when you are not in a position (financially or for any other reason ) to undertake any renovation of a dated space in your home, than giving a fresh coat of paint always is a good idea.

Sometimes, only a coat of paint paired with some stylish details may transform the most dated space into a chic and current place you will love and enjoy.

The evidence of what I just said above is this kitchen project which I completed last year, and which I just didn’t have time to share it so far.

The kitchen is part of an old apartment building in the central part of the city where my Studio space is located. The white kitchen cabinets and the dining set are about 30 years old and were in constant use as part of the daily life of a family of four, with a lot of guests frequenting daily. The cabinets and the dinning set were left in their original state and we only did some editing by removing some parts of furniture and accessories and painted the walls and windows.

Although the kitchen is functional as it is, of course now it is not being used for cooking meals. What is cooked in this kitchen though, are interesting and creative ideas for every project that is lined up for action. This space has become a great place to start the work with a cup of coffee, for meetings to schedule the daily or weekly activities, and for small breaks during the work.

The main feature which made a lot of difference in this space is the dark paint we used on the walls. I wasn’t afraid of using dark paint in this space as it is filled with LIGHT and the white cabinets reflect the light making it bounce on the walls and giving the space a light filled feeling.

Light and lighting is a very important aspect to consider when using dark colours in a space.

When using dark colours the main thing to consider is that dark colours absorb the light, whereas the white reflects the light. Therefore, it is important to BALANCE the dark colours with the white ones, so in this case the white kitchen cabinets, the bench and the rug are doing just that in this rather dark coloured kitchen.

Pops of living coral colour cushions on the dark vintage chairs add the needed contrast as well as a sparkle to this space.

When working with dark colours in an interior another thing to consider is the CONTRAST that can be infused with different finishes, textures, accessories with interesting forms, as well as with pops of colour. White zebra vases placed in a faux marble tray with a gold finish edge, some faux and real apples, as well as the pops of colour using greenery and decorative pillows are used as the contrast in this makeover.

By using contrasting items in a dark coloured space you make the light bounce throughout the space and accentuating the decorative objects used in the space.

This was a super non costly makeover but with a great impact to this space. The only items purchased for this makeover were the roller shades and the paint, which I helped to be apply on to the walls.

So, it is time to reveal how this space looked BEFORE:

And the happily AFTER:

Are you intimidated to use the dark colours in your living space? I bet you are and once I was too; but understanding the lighting, balance and contract that you need to consider when using dark colours, you will gain the needed confidence to apply that dark colour on to your walls.

If still not sure how to achieve the balance and contrast when using dark colours, we are more than delighted to help. Contact us through our website, social media FB fun page BESA GM Interiors, Instagram @besagm and e mail and we will be glad to help you with your next project through consultation or other services as needed.

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Disa nga stilet ne disajnin e enterierit dhe s’i t’i dallojme ato

foto: Pinterest

Padyshim se egziston nje numer tejet i madh i stileve ne disajnin e enterierit, por ne kete post une do te fokusohem vetem ne disa nga ato te cilat kan qene me prezente ne dekaden e fundit.

Secili nga ne, ne ndonje faze te jetes do te perballemi me nevojen ose thjesht deshiren per t’a areduar ose dekoruar ndonje prej hapsirave tona banuese.

Kuptohet, secili nga ne i kemi preferencat tona unike, si dhe gjerat qe i pelqejme ose jo. Megjithate, nese i mesojme dhe i kuptojme detajet si dhe karakteristikat themelore te stileve te ndryshme te enterierit, atehere kjo do te jet nje pikenisje e mire e projektit arredues me te cilin ballafaqohemi.

Pasi te njihemi me karakteristikat e stileve te ndryshme do t’a kemi me lehte t’a gjejme veten perbrenda stilit te caktuar dhe pastaje te fillojme t’a implementojme ate ne hapsiren te cilen e arredojme. Gjetja e stilit do te na shtoj konfidencen per t’i blere gjesendet mobiluese dhe akcessoret keshtu qe pas perfundimit te aredimit ose dekorimit do t’a pelqejme dhe do t’a duam me shume ate hapsire.

Ne vijim po i shtjellojme karakteristikat e disa prej stileve te enterierit qe ishin prezente ne kete dekaden e fundit, dhe gjasat jan se ato edhe metutje do vazhdojne te jen prezente:

Ne enterieriet e stilit klasik i kushtohet rendesi e madhe simetrise, balancit dhe rregullit. Hapsirat te cilat jane te arreduara ne stilin klasik jan te planifikuara mire, duke u nise nga nje pike fokale qendrore si kamini, siper me ndonje pasqyre ose pikture me korniza masive, ose ndonje tryezari masive me karriga grandioze e interesante ne dy pjeset ballore te tavolines.

Nuancat e ngjyrave qe perdoren ne enterierin klasik jane zakonishte neutrale ose te inspiruara nga natyra si ngjyra e kafte, tonet e se gjelbertes, pastaje edhe tonet me te buta te ngjyres hiri, ngjyres krem dhe te verdhe.
Materialet si druri i perpunur me shume detaje, pastaj guret natyror si mermeri e graniti etj jane finishet e zakonshme te enteriereve klasike, ndersa tekstilet jane materiale luksoze si mendafshi dhe plishi.
Stili klasik karakterizohet me perdorim the theksuar te akcesorve siper siperfaqeve te komodave, tavolinave anesore, ne dysheme etj.

Stili modern i enterierit karakterizohet me qasjen “cdo gje ne nje hapsire banimi duhet t’a ket vendin e vet dhe arsyen pse eshte aty”.

Kjo do te thot qe ne hapsirat me stil modern nuk kemi shume mobilje e akcesor, dhe ne ato hapsira jane pothuajse vetem gjesendet elementare mobiluese; pra thjeshtesia eshte edhe esenca e ketije stilit.
foto: Instagram
Mobiljet kan vija te dreja, pa detaje dhe me dollapa gjithandej per t’i vendosur gjesendet qe nuk nevojiten per perdorim te perditshem, dhe per t’i mbajte large syve ne menyre qe hapsira te duket ne rregull dhe pa raqe. Ky stil veqohet per mungese te dekorimeve te shumta si dhe asimetrise ne hapsire.


Ngjyrat qe perdoren jane kryesisht ngjyra neutrale dhe kryesisht monokromatike, si nuanca te se bardhes dhe te hirit dhe aty ketu perdoret ndonje ngjyre tjeter akcentuese si e kalterta ketu.
Ky stil e bene qe hapsirat e vogla te duken edhe me te medha. Materialet si dhe tekstilet jane te thjeshta dhe pa printe te theksuara shumengjyreshe. Nese perdoren printet ne tekstile, ato jane kryesisht gjeometrike qe te shtojne dimenzion ne hapsire.

Stili kontempoar i dizajnit te enterierit nuk eshte stil definitiv pasi qe edhe ne menyre kontekstuale i referohet trendeve te enterier ne nje periudhe te caktuar kohore.
foto: Instagram
Stili kontemporar i enterierit eshte modern, me elemente te trendit te kohes, dhe si stil evoluon ne menyre konstante. Pra dicka qe konsiderohet si dizajn kontemporar sot, ka gjasa te ndryshoj ne nje nga dekadat e ardhshme.
Stilin kontemporar shpesheher e ngaterrojne me ate modern, por keto stile dallohen per sa i perket pamjes. Stili kontemporar thjeshte nenkupton nje stil qe ka elemene qe jane ne trend ne ate kohe kur perdoren, ndersa stili modern eshte stil specifik dhe ka qendrueshmeri.
Materialet si metali dhe xhami jane materiale te popullarizuara per kete stil, mirepo per dallim nga stili modern mobiljet ne stilin kontemporar perveq atyre me vija te thjeshta e te drejta ne kete stil perdoren edhe ato mobilje me forma te lakuara dhe munde te perdoren edhe tekstile me tekstura te pasura si kadifeja dhe materiale tjera luksoze varesisht se cfare eshte trendi i kohes.

Mes-Shekulli Modern
Stili mes-shekulli modern lind ne vitet 50 kur tentohet te dilet nga stili klasik i te mobiluarit i cili ka qene i perhapur gjithandej.

Ky stil karakterizohet me vija te pastra e te drejta, me ngjyra akcentuese te te kaltertes e te gjelbertes si dhe me shume dru pa lakesa e detaje, dhe me akcente te metalit te vjetruar.
foto: Instagram
I inspiruar nga minimalizmi, mobljet e ketije stili jan te thjeshta dhe me forma organike, shume funkcionale, dhe me metoda te thjeshta te fabrikimit.
foto: Instagram

Keto dhjet vitet e fundit ky stil eshte perdorur shume dhe ashtu te themi e ka pasur nje rilindje per sa i perket aplikimit. Sidomos, mobljet origjinale nga kjo periudhe ishin shume te kerkuara, por gjithashtu ka pase edhe replikime te mobiljeve dhe te akcesorve te periudhes se mes shekullit, me modifikime te vogla ne detaje per t’ju pershtatur kohes se sotme.


Karakteristike kryesore e stilit skandinavian eshte koncepti “hygge”, qe eshte nje term Danez qe nenkupton rahati ose dicka qe eshte e rahatshme dhe e kendshme ne te njejten kohe.
foto: Instagram
Koncepti i ketije stili eshte vleresimi i gjerave te thjeshta ne jete, dhe krijimi i ngrohtesise dhe rehatise perbrenda shtepise.
foto: Instagram
Ky stil eshte i inspiruar me lifestyle-in e thjeshte Nordik, me predominim te ngjyres se bardh ne hapsiren e gjithmbarshme, me ngjyra te qelta te drurit, me textile me plot teksture, me pak akcesor, dhe me ndonje detaj te ndonje ngjyre pastel aty ketu.

Materialet me tekstur si peliqja artificiale, ose mbulesa te thurura me theke, pra dicka qe shton volum dhe ngrohtesi, jane karakteristike e ketije stilit.

Stili industrial karakterizohet me perdorimin e materialeve te paperpunuara si dhe inkorporimin e siperfaqeve te zhveshura ne dizajn.

Kryesisht ka lind si stil me rastin e shendrimin te objekteve industriale, si pjesve te fabrikave ose depove, ne hapsira te punes ose banimit.
foto: Instagram

Ne ket stil shofim siperfaqe te xhveshura te mureve me tulla qe kan pamje te vjetruar, ose beton i pangjyrosur, pastaje tavane me dukje te zhveshur ku i shofim te ekspozuar gypat e ventilimi ose ndriqimit.
foto: Instagram
Poashtu, eshte karakteristike edhe perdorimi i rafteve te ndryshme nga metali, kryesisht me pamje te vrazhde, te paperpunuar.
foto: Instagram
foto: Instagram
foto: Instagram

Sidomos eshte karakteristik ndriqimi, me llustera qe bejne impakt ne hapsire, pasi qe ndriqimi i ketyre siperfaqeve eshte me rendesi per t’i bere ato me te ngrohta.

Vintigj (Vintage)
Enterieret e ketije stili karakterizohen me perzierjen e gjesendeve te vjetra mobiluese ose dekoruese ma ato te reja ose te kohes.

60+ Vintage Living Room Ideas Decoration | Interiors | Pinterest pertaining to Marvellous Vintage Living Room For Your Home Concept –

Kjo shpeshhere munde te jet edhe sfiduese sepse po te mos behet balancimi i duhur i nje perzierje te tille atehere mund te perfundojme me ndonje hapsire e cila duke si ndonje shtepi e ndonje stergjysheje.

Per te arijtur pamjen e stilit vintage mund te perdorimi ndonje mobilje antike e cila eshte ruajtur mire dhe e cila munde te jet pike fokale ne dhome dhe pastaje te inkorporojme ne ate hapsire edhe ndonje akcesor vintage qe i perket periudhes se dollapit dhe keshtu ta bejme nje balanc te duhur te gjesendeve vintage me mobiljet tjera ne hapsire.
Gjesendi vintage qe perdoret ne arredim gjithmon duhet qe ne nje menyre te theksohet dhe ate duke mos perdorur finishe dhe tekstura qe jane te njejta ose te ngjashme me orendine ose gjesendin vintage te perdorur ne dizajn.

Stili eklektike i enterierit eshte stil qe huazon ide nga periudha te ndryshme kohore dhe nga stile te ndryshme. Pra ne keto enteriere hasim gjesende mobiluese dhe dekoruese qe i perkasin periudhave te ndryshme kohore dhe stileve te ndryshme arreduese.
foto: Instagram

Nje enterier eklektik i ekzekutuar shume mire eshte nje perzierje koherente (e unifikuar) e se vjetres, se rese, e tekstures dhe printeve dhe ngjyrave te ndryshme. Pra, ne kete stil gjejme elemente te stileve te ndryshme por te kuruara mire, ashtu qe secili element i inkorporuar ne dizajn komunikon mire ose ka nje relacion me elementet tjera ne hapsire per te krijuar keshtu nje pamje koherente dhe ambient te rehatshem.
foto: Instagram

Elementet e perdorura ne kete dizajn duhet te ken dicka te perbashket ne mes veti, nevojitet qe ato te komunikojne ne nje menyre me njeri tjetrin si psh. me madhesine, formen ose ngjyren, ne menyre qe te kemi nje perzierje te sukseshme.
foto: Instagram

Enterieri eklektik edhe pse permbane elemente mobiluese dhe akcesore dekorues nga periudha te ndryshme kohore dhe stile te ndryshme, kjo nuk do te thot qe ky stil eshte i corrjentuar dhe pa koherence. Ne te vertete ky stil eshte nje enterier shume kualitativ me nje kurim metodik i cili bazohet ne parimet e dizajnit te enterierit siq jane: kontrasti, perseritja, ritmi, kompozicioni si dhe te gjitha rregullat tjera relevante per dizajnin e enterierit.

Besoj qe pasi te jeni te njoftuar me karakteristikat themelore te stileve te cekura me larte, ju do mund t’a gjeni veten ne ndonje prej ketyre stileve dhe te fitoni sadopak konfidence qe t’a egzekutoni ate stil ne hapsirat e shtepive ose banesave t’uaja.

Nese nuk e gjeni veten ne asnjerin nga stilet e cekura me larte, atehere menyra me efektive e gjetjes se stilit dhe ndertimit te metutjeshem te tije eshte angazhimi i stilistes/it profesional, i/e cila do te ju ndihmoj qe shpejte ta identifikoni stilin e juaj te preferruar dhe pastaj me te cilin/en to te punoni se bashku qe ne menyre te suksesshme t’a transformoni hapsiren t’uaj nga vizioni fillestar gjer tek rezultati final.

BESA GM Interiors ofron sherbime te tilla dhe mund te na kontaktoni permes ketij bllogu, permes rrjeteve sociale ne FB BESA GM Interiors dhe Instagramit @besagm si dhe permes e mailit


Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe.


DIY Line Art Decor – H&M Home Inspired

Most of you already know that H&M HOME is now widely spreading around the world and their HOME Line is full of incredibly modern home accent pieces at very affordable prices. I love shopping for accessories in their stores, but I have to travel to another country in order to visit their stores as there are no H&M Home stores where I live at present.

By visiting their website I observed that they are carrying various mugs, plates and vases with one line drawings.

I loved this design the moment I saw it, and was ready to order one of the vases with this design from their online store. After a few thoughts I decided I don’t want to: simply because it would be another decorative item which, less than a year, would end up in my attic.

However, I still liked the one line artsy detail and I wanted to have something similar to it right NOW, so I DIY-yed my own version of one line face and eye.

As I am not a line artist, I had to first draw one line face profile with a pencil, and afterwards using a permanent marker followed a pencil mark and ended up with a face profile and an eye. I inserted the drawings in wooden frames, and placed them in my studio space.

Line art, a simplistic form of art without a texture and intricate detail, has become the biggest trend these last two years and its influence can be observed across a whole gamut of products, including jewellery, pots, and wall art.

So tiny and incredibly simple, these two drawings have made a big impact on the console table where I have placed them. These frames and art in them have made the space feel modern and current.

I feel that am now hooked into LINE ART, and I am ready to make more decorative pieces using this technique.

Line artist that I am following on Instagram and which create astonishing art pieces are: @alexa_coe ; @johnzabawa; @differantly; @florandform; and my all time favourite @christianespangsberg

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Small Bedroom Styling On a Budget

In our busy lives bedroom should not be just a place to have a good night sleep. We all need a bedroom which may serve as an oasis within our homes where we can find an escape for some rest and relaxation.

However, in order for a bedroom to serve as a place where one can relax , the bedroom should not look like this:

It takes a little work, some accessories, colour coordination, wall art, few yards of sheers and some greenery to add some style to a bedroom where one can relax and feel nice sleeping and waking up in that space.

This small bedroom was turned from a very depressing and empty looking room into a decently dressed and happy space where the owner likes to wake up in the morning.All of this without spending a dime.

After changing the layout of the furnishings of the room and after gathering some of the accessories which we found around the house, also by using the existing duvet and pillow covers, I managed to turn this naked looking room into a space that feels bright and decently dressed in hues of blue.

Mismatching patterns come together in a single color scheme to create an artsy visual.

Considering the size of the room, the storage space is limited so using baskets proved to be a good idea. The basket serves as decor, and as storage containing extra throws and pillows.

In a small bedroom there may not be a room to fit a nightstand! Use soft furnishings, such as a pouf that may be placed beside the bed! It may serve as a place to put your phone, a book or why not your favourite chocolate.You can easily shift the location of the pouf whenever you feel it is on your way, and even if you hit it while making your bed, you will not get bruised.

Since the room has plenty of light, I added light curtains thus allowing the sun to shine through. Beside the decorative aspect, these light curtains opened up the room and added some character.

The large dresser is also being utilised as a nightstand. In small spaces it makes sense to use a larger piece of furniture rather than a few smaller ones. The large piece of furniture that fits well in the space makes the room feel larger. The top of the dresser is accessorised with some decor pieces and greenery. The large piece of art in hues of blue above the dresser adds personality and cheers up the room.

The fresh and crisp look of this room was achieved mainly using items found around the house. The only new item in this room is the bed and the mattress, all the rest are previously owned/used items; yet everything looks crips, fresh and cosy.

This proves how impactful the styling of a room could be. Even a little bit of styling elevates a room from a naked to a decently dressed room as in the case at hand.

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