DIY Mantel Decoration for the Holidays

DIY Dekorime te kaminit per festat e fundvitit Have you started with your holiday decor yet? I bet, most of you did not even start thinking about decorating and let alone start decorating. I know, it is perhaps too early and its either you do not have time or have no idea where to start;Continue reading “DIY Mantel Decoration for the Holidays”

Spooky and Elegant Halloween Decor

Dekor elegant dhe jo shume frikesues per Halloween I have never decorated for Halloween nor did I attend or host a Halloween party, until this year. I dislike scary stuff and some Halloween decorations just give me the creeps, so this was the reason that I never thought of decorating for halloween. Asnjehere me pareContinue reading “Spooky and Elegant Halloween Decor”

Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

I am so happy and exited that my niece’s bedroom project is finally finished. This was an easy and fun design project to work on, since the major work was done by the painter who did the horizontal stripes on a very rough surfaced wall. Simultaneously, while the painting was under its way I workedContinue reading “Teenage Girl Bedroom Design”

Outdoor Holiday Decoration

This year my holiday decor is minimalistic. I was focusing more on other things that were requiring my attention at this time, and I completely neglected the holiday decor. Despite being busy with other things, luckily I managed to do some DIY-ing and put a few things together for my outdoor holiday decor. I startedContinue reading “Outdoor Holiday Decoration”

St. Patrick’s Day Starburst

Sometimes I wonder if non-Irish and/or non-Christians have any business celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Well let’s be honest, like St. Valentine’s Day and, arguably, Easter and Christmas, we’ve secularized and commercialized what is really a sacred Christian feast day. However, I don’t actually think we’ve “ruined” the holiday. When people celebrate the secular side ofContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Starburst”

Knotted Pillows & Tutorial

Throw pillows are everyones best friend – and with good reason! Vibrant throw pillows can transform an entire room’s decor and deliver a bold color statement. If such pillows happen to be vibrant and dimensional, like these knotted ones which I made few days ago, then they can have a double effect in any room’sContinue reading “Knotted Pillows & Tutorial”

Valentine’s Day Mantel

I am really not into Valentine’s Day, and I have never decorated my home for this LOVE-ly holiday; however, the blogosphere these days is full of Valentine’s decor ideas, so I thought I should add my two cents and pull something together for this day; something quick, easy and LOVE-ly which would be a postContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Mantel”

Starburst With A Twist – Nate Berkus Inspired

Those of you, who love Nate Berkus’ line at Target, probably know that some new items from his Spring collection will be available starting on February 16. While browsing online, I came across an add featuring this Nate Berkus’ starburst, in the below picture, which would be available at Target on the mentioned date retailingContinue reading “Starburst With A Twist – Nate Berkus Inspired”

Valentine ‘s Day Decor – Wine Glass Candle Lampshades

With Valentine’s Day approaching, some of you may have already started thinking about what to buy or create for your loved ones for the Valentine’s, or what to incorporate in your home decor which would reflect the Valentine’s Day mood. Until yesterday, I did not think about any of the above. However, I created somethingContinue reading “Valentine ‘s Day Decor – Wine Glass Candle Lampshades”