Starburst With A Twist – Nate Berkus Inspired


Those of you, who love Nate Berkus’ line at Target, probably know that some new items from his Spring collection will be available starting on February 16. While browsing online, I came across an add featuring this Nate Berkus’ starburst, in the below picture, which would be available at Target on the mentioned date retailing for $ 35.
Starburst - Nate Berkus

After analyzing the photo for a few seconds, I came to a conclusion that I could make something similar for much less.

I had some large bamboo skewers from another project, and of course I always have supplies of glue and spray paint, so it turned that I could make something similar for free. I love Nate and the Target, but it is just unjustifiable to spend $ 35 pus tax for an item which can be recreated so easily.

Soooo, here is what I came up with;

Not bad at all I think, and this is how I did it:
Starburst Collage
I first laid the first row of skewers in a similar shape as the prototype . I laid the second row trying to match the layout of the original and after I was satisfied with the layout, I glued the second row skewers to the first row ones at the points where they were meeting each other. I continued the same way with the third and the fourth row.
After gluing I allowed for about 24 hrs for the glue to dry completely, and then added a coat of spray paint.

Not a bad knockoff at all, and I made them two. Adding them in clusters seem to have more of an impact, and I am thinking of making another two and have all of them in a room which we use as a home office.
So my friends, it took me only 30 minutes to make both of them and, considering that I already had the supplies used for another project, I did not spend even a dime.

Are you inspired to make one?

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25 thoughts on “Starburst With A Twist – Nate Berkus Inspired

  1. Great job on your knock off of the starburst. They look great on your wall. Now you don’t have to wait until February to enjoy your wall.

  2. Wow – such a great idea!! LOVE this! Pinning it. Thanks for linking up to Take it on Tuesday!!
    ~ Betsy @ Romance on a dime

  3. Brilliant…………….and you did an awesome job, you should be very proud of yourself,
    you saved $35+ ……………….and made 2 great statement pieces.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Hi just stopping by to let you know you have been featured over at One More Time Events. Thank you for sharing and hope to see you again at this weeks party! Hugs, Tammy

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