Outdoor Holiday Decoration


This year my holiday decor is minimalistic. I was focusing more on other things that were requiring my attention at this time, and I completely neglected the holiday decor.

Despite being busy with other things, luckily I managed to do some DIY-ing and put a few things together for my outdoor holiday decor.

I started with decorations of lamp posts in our small neighborhood, because I think that there is something truly iconic about a lamp post adorned with decorations around the holidays.
I wanted to create something pretty, elegant and sturdy at the same time, because It is rainy and quite windy out here so I wanted my decoration to get through the holidays.

For this project I used several yards of thick wire, a plaid water resistant tablecloth 140 cmX180 cm) cut into 15 cm strips, glue gun, florist wire, and gold ornaments for decor.
PicMonkey Collage
Using the glue gun I run a thin layer of glue on every 15 cm distance on the plaid tablecloth, and then I proceeded with cutting. Applying a thin layer of hot glue onto the fabric before cutting, prevents fraying of the fabric after it is cut. Next I cut several pieces of wire in 1 meter lengths, and attached them length wise at one side of the fabric strip. I waited for a few minutes for the glue to settle and then curved the wired fabric strip into a giant bow, secured the center with a piece of florist wire, and decorated it with ornaments. Lastly, using a piece of thick wire, I made a small hanger and attached it to the bow. In less than 2 hours I ended up with a dozen of beautiful gigantic beautiful bows to be hung onto the lamp posts of our neighborhood.
PicMonkey Collage 2
The next day, applying the same technique, and using different type of fabric, I made some more decorations for the lamp posts and those all turned beautiful.
I am loving the festive look of our neighborhood with these cute and easy to make decorations, and I hope I have inspired someone to start making them too.

Thank you for visiting.


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