Painted Wingback Chair – Nautical Design


I wish this was my backyard so I would face this view every morning when I wake up. Sadly, it isn’t and I just have to keep imagining how it would feel to have a home with such a view.

In a search to bring this kind of feel into my home I turned to my best friend – PAINT.

Some of you who follow my blog may remember my Reupholstered Chair project from last year. It was a tiresome project, but the upholstery process went smoothly. However, I was not happy with the choice of the fabric color scheme, but I thought that I could live it.

Well, I couldn’t. The colors just seemed so dull to me, and I felt that I had to do something to this chair or leave it at the curb side for someone to like it and take it.
As you can see I did not leave it at the curb side, but with some paint and a plenty of inspiration from the ocean I created this unique nautical design which has brought that coastal and refreshing feel into my living room.
The inspiration for this design came from our almost daily walks around beautiful beaches of Victoria BC, so I thought the best way to display the design of my painted chair is from the very spot where the inspiration came from.
To paint the chair I used the same technique applied to paint this chair. I already had the white paint, and only bought a quart of navy paint ( Arctic Night) at Walmart.
PicMonkey Collage
I first painted the whole chair in white and then, using the painters tape, I painted the navy stripes. I also painted the whole chair cushion in white and then applied three coats of navy paint all around the middle part of the cushion and the pipping. Applying the navy paint to this part of the cushion was the most challenging task, as I had to be extra careful around the pipping and to not mess with the white parts of the cushion.
While painting the cushion I realized that I was running out of the navy paint so I diluted the paint a little bit, and as a result I did not get the same paint texture as on the stripes.

I am so happy that I decided to paint this chair as it came out exactly as I have envisioned it.
If any of you out there wants to undertake this kind of challenge, I would encourage you to do so. It is a bit of work and a little bit of mess, but if your chair turns as beautiful as mine, than it is all worth it.
Happy chair painting everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.


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