Valentine’s Day Mantel


I am really not into Valentine’s Day, and I have never decorated my home for this LOVE-ly holiday; however, the blogosphere these days is full of Valentine’s decor ideas, so I thought I should add my two cents and pull something together for this day; something quick, easy and LOVE-ly which would be a post worthy for sharing it in the blogland out there.

Yesterday, I rolled up my sleeves up and pulled together two supper mini thumbtack LOVE-ly pillows which I attached them (temporarily) onto the already existing framed wall art, and created a Valentine’s Day wall art decor.
I already had the thumbtacks and some scraps of white fabric, so I thought making these small pillows would allow me to easily attach the thumbtacks on them.These small pillows also could be easily attached and detached (after this LOVE-ly day) from the preexisting wall art featured HERE

To make these pillows I cut the scraps of fabric to match the size of the center of the preexisting wall art (the center is 7X8 inches cavity which holds a small piece of hand painted glass) and machine stitched all the way around leaving a small opening for stuffing. I turned the pillow inside out, stuffed it and closed the opening.
Val Wall Art
Using the letter stencils I traced the X and O letters and proceeded applying the thumbtacks. After I was done I inserted the sides of the pillow into the wall art cavity, and here they are.
For further styling, I used what I could find around the house; such as this white lampshade which was decorated with the red LOVE ribbon, purchased the other day at a dollar store.
Just to add some splash of traditional red color, I cut some paper hearts and hung them on to these branches snipped from the outdoors.
For some more splash of red, the matt of the white frame was lined with red paper.
So all in all it was an easy and very quick project to tackle, and most importantly it was non costly and so fun to put together.
Hope you will find this inspiring, and will create something for this day. I am sure that if nothing, you will have a lot of fun putting something together.

Thanks to the following blogs for featuring the Valentine thumbtack wall art: Megan Makes; The Cottage Market
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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Mantel

  1. The XO pics are so cute and clever! Love it!

    Dropping by for Thrifty Things Friday!



  2. Oh, I have always loved Valentines Day. Growing up my mother always gave us a little gift to show her love. I did the same with my children and grand children. My youngest son was born on Valentines Day so now I love it even more! Your mantle turned out great. What a clever use of thumbtacks! Don’t think I would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Such a joy to give birth to your son on Valentine’s Day which is also a holiday which you have always loved. Where I come from this holiday was not celebrated at the time I was growing up, so perhaps this is why I was not interested so much decorating for this day. Thank you so much Jann for sharing this lovely story, and for being such a wonderful host. Hugs, Besa

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