DIY Mantel Decoration for the Holidays


DIY Dekorime te kaminit per festat e fundvitit

Have you started with your holiday decor yet? I bet, most of you did not even start thinking about decorating and let alone start decorating. I know, it is perhaps too early and its either you do not have time or have no idea where to start; which decor route should take, which colours to incorporate into decor and list goes on.

A keni filluar me dekorin e shtepise per festat e fundvitit? Jam e sigurt qe shumica nga ju nuk keni filluar as te mendoni e lere me te filloni me dekorime. E di, mesiguri eshte shume heret dhe mesiguri nuk keni kohe ose edhe: se dini se nga te filloni, se dini se cfare drejtimi do ti ipni dekorit tuaj, cilat ngjyrera do ti inkorporni ne dekor dhe lista sa vjen e zgjerohet.

For all of you out there who did not yet start decorating for the upcoming Holidays, I am happy to share a simple, easy idea on how to super fast make yourself some ornaments which will add a holiday cheer and elegance to your fireplace mantel.

Per te gjith juve qe ende nuk keni filluar ende me dekorin e shtepise per festat e fundvitit, kam kenaqesine qe te ndaj me ju nje ide te tjeshte e te shpejte se si shume shpejte dhe lehte ti punoni vet disa oramente te cilat do te sjellin atmosfere festive dhe do t’i shtojne elegance kaminit tuaj.

Start by creating paper cones of different sizes. First, start by making a template of the desired shape and size and then start cutting the craft paper, then glue one side of the cone and attach the other side toghether. I used the glue gun and finished few inches at a time. To add a more richer look I covered the paper cones with white fabric and finished the seam with a ribbon. Lastly, I decorated them with some bows and ornaments.

Filloni me krijimin e koneve nga letra a trashe (hamer), dhe i krijoni disa ne madhesi te ndryshme. Se pari e beni mostren (shabllonin) dhe duke e perdor ate moster filloni me prerjen e tyre. I ngjitni skajet e secilit kon me ngjites ose silikon. Une e kame perdorur silikonin e nxehte. Per t’ju dhene nje pamje me te pasur, secilin kon e mbeshtolla me material te bardhe dhe skajin e pasem e perfundova me nje shirit te bardhe. Se fundi, secilin kon e dekorova me ornamente e disa edhe me kordela.
PicMonkey Collage

3 (2)15
To make a garland, I used black straws which were cut in 3 inches in length and then I looped through each cut piece a golden ribbon.

Per garlandin (xherdanin) dekorues, i kam perdorur kashtat qe i perdorim per lengje te cilat i kam prere me gershere ne gjatesi 3-4 cm dhe neper to e kam futur nje shirit ngjyre ari.

Everything looks clean, neat and elegant and it did not take too much time to make it. Most importantly it is a very low cost project to tackle. Give it a try and let me know how your decor turnes out.

Kjo pamje dekori duket elegante, e permbledhur, shume dimerore si dhe nuk mori shume kohe per t’u pregaditur. Per me teper ishte nje projekt shume i lire per t’u egzekutuar. Provoni edhe ju ta krijoni nje dekor te tile dhe me shkruani se doli projekti juaj.
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