DIY Succulent Centerpiece

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There is a spot in my garden with a colony of succulents which are growing and spreading so fast. I love them because they are so sturdy and forgiving; you do not have to care for them at all and they still live and thrive.

Since these plants have proved themselves for their sturdiness I was sure that these will do just fine if I bring them indoors, and create different centerpieces out of them.

I was right. These forgiving plants, even after more than a month in the completely new environment, are doing absolutely fine.
To create these centerpieces I used some river rocks, orchid planting soil which I had at hand, glass plate and a vase, a small class candleholder, a cloche and few succulents from my garden.
suculent centerpiece collage
The bed of rocks in these centerpieces serve as a drainage and at the same time gives a very natural look to these centerpieces.

Especially I like how the rectangle vase filled with rocks and soil turned out. I made sure that everything fitted nicely and tightly inside the vase so the centerpiece gets that lovely see through look.
4 - Copy
These centerpieces turned so chic so I decided I should give them the central spot, and where else than on the coffee table. They have become conversation pieces and everybody likes them. I am loving them too.
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If you love indoor plants but you are prone to starve them to death, then think succulents. They make a nice greenery addition to your home and they require minimal care.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Succulent Centerpiece

    1. Pershendetje Hido, Sipas pervojes sime kjo lule munde te mbahet edhe brenda se eshte shume e qendrueshme ne secilin ambient. Nese nuk ka dhe te mjaftueshem (si ne fotot me larte) athere pas nje kohe gjethet nuk ka me i pase shume te denduna, por prap ka me u rite mire. Shume flm qe po e viziton bllogun tim.Te fala.

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