DIY Chair Slipcover


For a revival, many old or worn off chairs need a slipcover or an upholstery job.

My chair was neither old or worn off, but it still needed a slipcover.

I got this beautiful chair few years ago, and haven’t used it that much during these years; but, the moment I started using it, for real, I realized that having white furniture and a big dog is not something that you can have both at the same place. Hence, the sewing skills to slipcover my beautiful chair came very handy.

To make this slipcover I started by searching for fabric. This was a difficult task since, where I live at the moment, there are not so many fabric stores around, and an online fabric purchase does not work as shipping is an issue here. However, after two months of searching I was lucky to find a linen look upholstery fabric in a local discount store, and I immediately started the project.
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First, I made a pattern by tipping over the chair back and the side of the chair onto an extra large garbage bag as this is what I had handy at that time. For making a pattern a large sheet of paper, of course, would be more appropriate and would look less disturbing, if you know what I mean. But, I wanted to make the pattern at that instant moment and the first thing I came accros was a garbage bag. Now I see that it was not a very good idea as it looks pretty gross in the picture. My appologies.

I used a pen to trace around the back of the chair onto the fabric leaving a 1/2″ seam allowance, and added a little extra length at the bottom for the bottom hem. I did the same thing for the sides of the chair.

Using these patterns I cut the fabric and joined the two back pieces. I had to add extra triangles at the sides of the back piece to create an easy fit. Then, I joined the each side and attached them to the inner part of the chair back.

For the seat bottom I just traced the chair cushion out onto my fabric adding 1/2″ seam allowance, and cut it out. Before joining cushion pieces I added piping to both bottom pieces.

Lastly I trimmed the bottom edge to be even,did the hemming and tried the piece on the chair to ensure it fitted. I needed to make a few necessary adjustments and after that all looked perfectly fine.
From the leftover fabric and using a striped tea towel and a pot holder, I made a a matching toss cushion to complement the slipcover. I think that this cushion makes this slipcover to stand out. I am loving it.
This slipcover proved to be a life saver as I can now enjoy both, the chair and the dog. Moreover, I will no longer give those nasty looks to my dog when he sniffs or touches the chair with his (not so perfectly clean) paws.

This project costed me less than $20, and I spent about three effective hours to finish it.

I am loving the new look of my chair and, what is more important, I love the possibility of having a clean and spotless chair with a dog around.

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