DIY Valentine’s Day Flower Wall Decor

I love everything that goes into party planning from styling the interiors and the table for my guests to cooking up the perfect dishes to serve, and I am happy to share with you some great ideas and tips for creating a fun + festive Valentine’s Day brunch or dinner party . When it comesContinue reading “DIY Valentine’s Day Flower Wall Decor”

My DIY Decorations for the Holiday Table Setting

My Holiday tables setting this year involved a plenty of DIY decorations, and as I announced in my previous post, I am going to share all that with you in this post. I will first start with the place cards. There is something special about the place setting cards in every event or family gatherings.Continue reading “My DIY Decorations for the Holiday Table Setting”

Holiday Table Setting Featuring Plenty of DIY-s

I am not the only one who loves the Holiday season. There are so many reasons to adore this time of year: family get togethers, joy and happiness that is spread around, lights and colours throughout, gift giving/receiving, helping those in need and you name it aaaannd, my favourite, THE FOOD. No Holiday is perfectContinue reading “Holiday Table Setting Featuring Plenty of DIY-s”

Holiday Tablescape Featuring a Beautiful Centrepiece

Almost a year has passed since I did this tablescape for an appearance in a Morning show in RTK which is a Republic of Kosova public broadcaster so, before this year comes to an end, I wanted to share with my readers some photos of this tablescape set for this occasion. For the centerpiece IContinue reading “Holiday Tablescape Featuring a Beautiful Centrepiece”

Holiday Mantel Decor – Simple, Quick and Easy

Some of you, I believe, are already done with your holiday decorating, but for those out there who did not do this yet and your busy lives do not allow you to put layers and layers of holiday decor around the house, here is an easy and simple decor idea for your holiday mantel decor.Continue reading “Holiday Mantel Decor – Simple, Quick and Easy”

Small Room Makover – Week 6 The Reveal

The reveal day came much faster than I have anticipated, and while browsing the rooms and spaces of the 20 featured designers participating in ORC I was about to FAINT (seriously), seeing that every revealed space there was so breathtakingly beautiful. Well, this is not something that I can say for myself and the roomContinue reading “Small Room Makover – Week 6 The Reveal”

Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five

It’s another week of the One Room Challange, and I am getting a bit nervous about the comming week. We have only one week left before the grand reveal, so I will keep this post short and only give you some updates on what I did this week. I painted the focal point wall, andContinue reading “Small Room Makover Progress – ORC Week Five”

Small Room Makeover Progress – One Room Challenge Week Four

Like in a small puzzle, bit by bit, things are starting coming together in this little room makeover that I decided to challenge myself with in this fall 2016 One Room Challenge Event. For me, the event has proven to be a reeeal challeng considering the tininess of the budget that I am working with.Continue reading “Small Room Makeover Progress – One Room Challenge Week Four”

Elegant Fall Front Porch Decor – Pumpkin Succulent and Mums Floral Arrangement

This year I may be a bit late with fall decor, but seeing all those pumpkins and mums that have flooded marketplaces, I just had to find time to decorate a spot in my house to set myself in a real fall mood by using these standard fall decor items. I like to come upContinue reading “Elegant Fall Front Porch Decor – Pumpkin Succulent and Mums Floral Arrangement”

Sofa/Loveseat Slipcovers – One Room Challenge Fall 2016 – Week Three

The third week of One Room Challenge event is already here. It is crazy how fast the time flies during this challenging event. If you are new here, thanks so much for checking my Small Room makeover out.  You can check out my first post related to this makeover if you’d like to get remindedContinue reading “Sofa/Loveseat Slipcovers – One Room Challenge Fall 2016 – Week Three”

Small Room Makeover – One Room Challange Guest Participant

This is the first year that I am taking part as a guest participant in the newest One Room Challange . For those of you who wonder what the One Room Challenge (or the ORC) is, it is an event that happens twice a year and is put together by the incredible Linda of CallingContinue reading “Small Room Makeover – One Room Challange Guest Participant”

Anna & Elsa – Frozen Birthday Theme

My super cute niece Hana turned five yesterday and since she adores Anna and Elsa from Frozen, her mother and I wanted to make her a surprise by decorating Hana’s 5th birthday event with a lot of her favourite colour PINK and beloved Anna and Elsa dolls. As a result we ended up with aContinue reading “Anna & Elsa – Frozen Birthday Theme”

Flower Pot Makeover – Kate Spade Inspired Look

While shopping for groceries the other day in my nearby supermarket, I came across some white plastic flower pots which caught my eye, and I was lucky to be around at that very moment when a huge bulk of african violets in all possible colours just came in. I took 2 flower pots and pickedContinue reading “Flower Pot Makeover – Kate Spade Inspired Look”

Valentine Decoration – Puffy Hearts

With the Valentine’s day around the corner some of you perhaps have started thinking of how to get your house into Valentine’s Day spirit, and spread some love around on that day for all your lovelies living in there. No store bought decorations/gifts for that day can show love and care more than those madeContinue reading “Valentine Decoration – Puffy Hearts”

Mother Goose Club Birthday Party Theme

There is a very cute little girl who endlessly watches the Mother Goose Club Shows. She loves all the characters and their roles, the songs and rhymes, but most of all she loves the colourful costumes worn by the cast of the show. Watching daily the educative content of the show now, along her motherContinue reading “Mother Goose Club Birthday Party Theme”