Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

I am so happy and exited that my niece’s bedroom project is finally finished. This was an easy and fun design project to work on, since the major work was done by the painter who did the horizontal stripes on a very rough surfaced wall.
Simultaneously, while the painting was under its way I worked on redesigning some of the items which were used in the decor of the room such us the clock, the drapes and the shelf above the bed.

Since it was decided not to replace the bed and the wardrobe, I had to work around these items and get the best use of the room and, as well to coordinate colours in the way that would fit my nieces taste. I wanted to go with a simple two colour palette and then she could add colour as her mood changes. I suggested that we go with a charcoal grey and pale grey stripes, so we did and the result was amazing.
To soften the grey wall stripes, I chose to go with white store bought panel curtains which were customized using a black and white patterned fabric added to the bottom of the panels.
For some trendy gold accent on the walls I bought a cheap wall clock which, with the power of DIY, turned into a very fun decorative item in the room. For a Kate Spade effect look I tied a thin gold ribon around the shade of this old IKEA lamp and now it looks so cool and stylish.
The back of the shelf above the bed was painted in vertical stripes with the same colours used on the walls, and it nicely complements the black and white checked wardrobe.
The new furniture in this bedroom makeover is the desk and the chair, and all other furniture, including the carpet was already there.
Although the colour scheme is monochromatic, the mood in the room can be changed by adding the splash of colour in the room decor, or just by changing the colours of the bedding.
All and all the room turned into a very chic spot where my niece will spend her time studying and of course some “texting” in between, and she is looooving it.
If your teen girl’s or boy’s room needs an update or makeover and you do not have time to deal with it, I am here to help with all your decorating needs. The design services are offered in person and online via Skype. So let me decorate your space; write an e mail at besagmblog@gmail.com and we will take it from there.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.


7 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

    1. Thank you for the compliment…and yes, I think too that the chair is the star of the room. It was the cosltilest item in this room decor but it paid off since it gave the room a specifc charm.

  1. WWWOO, really is so wonderful job!..Everything is in the best place and in best combination..i like the gold in white and in black!!!!

    1. Thanks for liking this combination, especially for noticing the gold accent clock on the wall. When I planned to do this colour combination for the walls I had in mind accentuating it with a splash of gold so I made this “golden clock”, and I will be sharing how I did it in one of my future posts, so stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi, I just found your blog from a post on Pinterest! I love your nieces bedroom and was wondering if you could share the paint colors you used for the stripe wall?

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