Mannequin Tree – DIY


Since I first saw a mannequin tree on Pinterest few years ago, I always thought that this was such a cool idea. Even though I never thought of making one, I thought that it looks beautiful if used as an alternative to a christmas tree.

Few days ago my niece came over and asked me if I could help her make one. She is in high school and they were having a science party around Christmas time so she thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a mannequin tree in the project of their working group.

I love my niece and despite being supper busy at this time of year, I could not say no to her. As my schedule was busy around Christmas time, we decided to make this tree earlier, so she could enjoy the tree at home before she sends it for a display on the scheduled date of the science party at school.

To make the tree we used 2.30 m X 80 cm chicken wire. The two lose ends were joined together with florist wire to make a skirt.
The upper part of the wire skirt was cut open to 50-60 cm slits on every 25-30 cm. Ends of each slit were put on top of one another making sort of darts.
This step was done in order to take in the wire and make it fit for the waist line of the mannequin.
When the desired waist line was reached by making these “darts” the skirt (wire) was put on the mannequin and was secured with another string wire around the waist.
Afterwards we started covering the surface of the wire with tree branches by securing each of them with florist wire.

We continued filling the empty spaces with smaller branches to create a fuller look.
Lastly, we tied a huge bow around the waist line and a DIY golden necklace made out of golden crepe paper.


My niece loved the look of the mannequin tree, and she spend the afternoon beside the tree by reading and sipping hot cocoa.

Would you consider replacing your traditional Christmas tree with a manequin tree?

Thank you for reading,


Bredhi Kukull – DIY

Para disa viteve, per here te pare e pash ne Pinterest Bredhin Fustan, dhe qe atehere mendova se kjo ishte nje ide shume interesante. Edhe pse kur nuk e planifikoja t’a beja nje te tille, gjithmone mendoja se ky lloj bredhi eshte nje alternative e mire e bredhit tradicional per festat e fundvitit.

Para disa ditesh, mbesa ime erdhi te me pyes se a do i ndihmoja ta beje nje bredh te tille. Ajo eshte nxense e shkolles se mesme dhe se ne shkollen e saj organizohej nje manifestim shkencor, dhe ate ne vixhilje te festave te fundevitit, andaj ajo kishte konsideruar si nje ide te mire poqese grupi i saje pjesmares ne manifesitm do te inkorporonte ne prezentimin e tyre Bredhin Fustan.

Une e dua mbesen time, andaje edhe pse shume e zene ne kete periudhe te vitit, une s’munda t’i them se nuk mund t’i ndihmoj, andaj vendosem qe ta punojme kete bredh menjiher ashtu qe ajo te kete mundesi qe te kenaqej me te deri ne diten kur duhet t’a dorezoj tek grupi i saj punues ne diten kur do te mbahet manifestimi ne shkolle.

Per t’a punuar bredhin ne huazuam nje manekene kukull. Pastaj u furnizuam me 2.30 cm (80 cm gjeresi) rrjete “rrethoje pule”. I bashkuam skajet e kesaj rrjete me tel floristi dhe skajin e siperm te rrjetit e preme duke i bere keshtu carje 50 deri 60 cm ne cdo 25-30 cm. Skajet e ketyre carjeve i vendosem siper njera tjetres per te bere keshtu si lloj brusnesh dhe per t’a ngushtuar keshtu pjesen e siperme qe ti bie taman belit te kukulles. Pasi u be ngushtimi i duhur e vendosem kete rrjete (fustanin) ne kukull dhe e siguram me nje tel te holle duke e kaluar ate neper vrimat e rrjetes perreth belit te kukulles.

Pastaj filluam me vendosjen e degeve te medha te bredhit perreth siperfaqes se rrjetes (fustanit) dhe kur mbuluam tere siperfaqen filluam me vendosjen e degeve te vogla neper zbrastirat e mbetura derisa e mbuluam siperfaqen ne teresi dhe e arritem dendesine e duhur.

Si perfundim e lidhem nje fjongo te madhe rreth belit te kukulles dhe i vendosem ne qafe nje xherdan te punuar nga letra krep ngjyre ari.

Mbesa ime doli shume e kenaqur me pamjen e bredhit kukull dhe e kaloi tere pasditen afer tije duke lexuar dhe shijuar pije nga cokollada e nxehte.

A do t’a konsideronit zevendsimin e bredhit tradicional te fundvitit me nje te tille?

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,


10 thoughts on “Mannequin Tree – DIY

    1. You will do, and have everything you want in your life Xhoana; you are such a promissing kid! I read your cute little blog and I am impressed with your language skills! Keep up with what you are doing as bright future is on your way, and thank you for checking out my blog.

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