An Outdoor Room

It’s natural to think of home and garden as two separate entities with a strict boundary in between. But linking indoor and outdoor spaces, even if it’s only a tiny garden or terrace, makes an interior feel larger. With the exterior connected to the house your eye sees further and a garden-facing room appears larger.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am an outdoor person, and I love spending time in my backyard. When the weather is warm outside, my living room doors leading to the terrace stay always open, so it was about the time to start thinking of setting up a sitting area next to my living room.

I furnished this exterior space as I would do an indoor one. I started by adding two comfy lounging outdoor chairs, then used indoor poufs which were slipcovered with an outdoor fabric, added a lot of cushions for extra seating and grouped them around a large coffee table. To tie the space together I added an existing outdoor sisal rug, and also used small side table as extra space to keep drinks to hand.

With the living room doors left open to the terrace, the home felt bigger and brighter, and we got to enjoy both places throughout summer.

Are you an outdoor person? Do you spend a lot of time in your backyard, deck or terrace during the summer? Do you decorate your outdoors as you would indoor spaces?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading this post.


2 thoughts on “An Outdoor Room

  1. Why can’t Sumner last longer to enjoy the space a bit more. But I’m sure you’ll make great use until the harsh winter comes. Excellent outdoor space my dear!!

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