Açma – Turkish Bagel


Winter and cold weather keeps me wanting to escape anywhere where is warmer and sunnier. However, chances to escape to warmer climates for me at this time are slim, so the only thing left is evoking the sunny summer days.

When, evoking summer time my thoughts go to Turkey and our summer vacations spent there almost every year. Vacations for me there mean sun, sea and terrific food; bread, baking goods and various types of cheese (there are about 500 types of feta cheese) being at the top in the list, so yesterday I had a craving for a turkish Açma (pronounced “Achmah”) which is similar to a bagel but differs in texture and the way how it is prepared.
While bagels are bathed in boiling water before being baked, the Açmas are softer in texture and no such bathing is involved in the making process.

Acma is the second most popular pastry in Turkey, after Simit being the first; and these two pastries can be found fresh anytime of day at each bakery, markets and at the streets where street vendors with their small little carts cary always freshly baked, warm Açmas and Simits.
Paired with black tea and goat cheese Acmas make one of a kind breakfast or lunch. I made them yesterday, so I will share the recipe and my version of preparation:

2 eggs – yolks and whites separated
5 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup (250 gr) butter or margarine – melted
2 cups of warm water
5 cups all purpose flour
2 teaspoons dry yeast or a small 1 inch cube of fresh yeast
200 gr fetta cheese – optional
1 tablespoon balkan style yogurt
black sesame seeds (Nigella seeds) – optional

In a mixing bowl combine egg whites, sugar, salt and stir thoroughly so the sugar is coated with egg whites. Add melted butter or margarine and continue stirring. Add warm water and proceed with adding the flour and instant yeast.

Note: If using fresh yeast, dissolve it first in a lukewarm water and then mix it together with the liquid ingredients.

Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it sit for an hour at a warm spot.

Sprinkle generously the working surface with flour and transfer the dough from the bowl. Fold in the dough gently to form a big ball.

Flatten the dough ball with a rolling pin to form a rectangle about 20X15 inch (50×38 cm) in size.
Sprinkle the flattened dough with feta cheese crumbs.

Place the half of the rectangle on the top of the other half to make a sandwich like shape, and proceed with cutting one inch (2.5 cm) thick vertical stripes using a pizza cutter.
Swirl each stripe and close their ends forming a circle. Place them in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Beat the egg yolks and yogurt together and brush the tops generously. Sprinkle them with black sesame seeds (optional), and bake them in the preheated oven in 400 F (220 C) for about 25 minutes or until the tops get golden brown.


Enjoy them with black tea and cheese.

Afiyet Olsun ( “Enjoy” – in Turkish)

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Valentine’s Day Mantel


I am really not into Valentine’s Day, and I have never decorated my home for this LOVE-ly holiday; however, the blogosphere these days is full of Valentine’s decor ideas, so I thought I should add my two cents and pull something together for this day; something quick, easy and LOVE-ly which would be a post worthy for sharing it in the blogland out there.

Yesterday, I rolled up my sleeves up and pulled together two supper mini thumbtack LOVE-ly pillows which I attached them (temporarily) onto the already existing framed wall art, and created a Valentine’s Day wall art decor.
I already had the thumbtacks and some scraps of white fabric, so I thought making these small pillows would allow me to easily attach the thumbtacks on them.These small pillows also could be easily attached and detached (after this LOVE-ly day) from the preexisting wall art featured HERE

To make these pillows I cut the scraps of fabric to match the size of the center of the preexisting wall art (the center is 7X8 inches cavity which holds a small piece of hand painted glass) and machine stitched all the way around leaving a small opening for stuffing. I turned the pillow inside out, stuffed it and closed the opening.
Val Wall Art
Using the letter stencils I traced the X and O letters and proceeded applying the thumbtacks. After I was done I inserted the sides of the pillow into the wall art cavity, and here they are.
For further styling, I used what I could find around the house; such as this white lampshade which was decorated with the red LOVE ribbon, purchased the other day at a dollar store.
Just to add some splash of traditional red color, I cut some paper hearts and hung them on to these branches snipped from the outdoors.
For some more splash of red, the matt of the white frame was lined with red paper.
So all in all it was an easy and very quick project to tackle, and most importantly it was non costly and so fun to put together.
Hope you will find this inspiring, and will create something for this day. I am sure that if nothing, you will have a lot of fun putting something together.

Thanks to the following blogs for featuring the Valentine thumbtack wall art: Megan Makes; The Cottage Market
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DIY Moroccan Pouf


The poufs a.k.a floor pillows are the most versatile accessory ever. You can use them as extra seating, as a footstool, a side table, an accent piece and even a storage. They are small and don’t take up a lot of room and may add a lot of fun, and personality to a space. In addition, like in my case, they can add a splash of color and cheer up a space.

Most of you may probably know that Pantone, a global leader in color calibration technology and the global authority, has announced PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating and enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014.

In order to incorporate the mentioned color of the year in my home decor I decided to make a moroccan pouf which I can use as an additional seating and as a side table.
I had purchased this purple stretchy fabric last year with an intention to surprise my niece by making her a prom dress, but a few days after this purchase she surprised me even more when she phoned saying that she is ordering her prom dress online in a color pretty close to the color of the fabric I purchased for her. To this day, I have never revealed the surprise to my niece and she is about to find out after she reads this post.

Luckily the color of the mentioned fabric pretty much looks alike the color of the Pantone’s Radiant Orchid, so I decided to make the pouf using this fabric. I also had a lot of stuffing salvaged from the back pillows of my old sofa and a zipper (odd color I know but it was free), so this was another project for which I did not have to spend a dime.

The stretchy fabric made the pouf receive a wavy shape which makes it even more beautiful and fun, so if you fancy this shape get a stretch fabric and do not use the lining.
To make the pouf you will need 2 yards of fabric, plenty of stuffing (you can also use clothing, bed sheets, comforters, paper etc) and of course you will need a sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors,upholstery thread, 36 inch long paper to make a pattern, zipper and a button to finish off the pouf.

To make your pattern, cut a rectangle of paper about 36 inches long and about a foot wide. Fold the paper in half along the short edge and in half again the long edge, then trim to the dimensions indicated in the pic below:

As per the instruction from the pattern above, I unfolded the paper pattern and pined it to the fabric.

I first cut out one section and used this section as a template placing it in a position that allowed me to efficiently use up the fabric.

I placed the pattern as seen in the picture 1 (from the collage below), as this is how it worked for me best, and I cut out eight sections.
Moroccan Pouf-Sewing


I pinned two sections together , wrong side out, and sewed them together (pic. 2) along one edge using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I continued sewing the remaining sections together along one edge in sets of two.

At this point I ironed open the seam allowances of all four sets (pic.3) , and added a top zig zag stitch to each set (pic. 4).

I continued sewing each set of two along one edge into sets of four (pic. 5), and proceeded with the ironing the seam allowances and added zig zag top stitching.

Finally I sewed two sets of four together along both edges (pic. 6) leaving an opening at one side for a zipper.

I sewed on the zipper (pic. 8) and pulled the fabric through the zipper opening to turn it right side out, and added the last top zig zag stitch (pic. 7) starting at the tip of the zipper and continuing all the way around. I finnished it off by adding a large leather button at the top (pic 9).

I stuffed the pouf with the repurposed stuffing taken from two oversized sofa pillows. Two huge back pillows are stuffed in this not so big pouf, and i think that it could take even more.
Some of you may be intimidated with the work involved in this project and about the level of sewing skills. Even though I have advanced sewing skills, I am sure that this project can be easily tackled by anyone who has beginner level sewing skills, provided that they can easily sew a strait stitch.
I spent less than 2 hours to complete this project, and I am so glad that I decided to infuse the color of the year into my home decor through this pouf.
The pouf has added a splash of fun color in my living room, and I am loving it.

If anyone decides to tackle this project I would be so happy if you send me the pictures to see how your pouf turned out.

Great thanks to the following blog sites for featuring this post: Rain on a Tin Roof, Life in Velvet, The Cottage Market, DIY Vintage Chic; Time To Sparkle
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Lamp Makeover


This weekend, my old lamp has undergone another reincarnation. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts here, this lamp has a certain sentimental value for me and I cannot threw it away, so in order to try to “fit it in” in the decor of our house, I am giving the poor lamp more reincarnations than it can take. Sorry my lovely lamp.
This time I gave my lamp a more bold and elegant look.
The silver look came partly because I had the silver spray paint “ in stock”. The shade was another item that I already had, so I was only required to come up with the idea of remodeling the shade. Well, considering that I love quick and easy projects I decided that a black 2 inch stripe around the shade’s top and the bottom edge would be quick and easy and would look nice, and it certainly did.
As seen in the collage below, I taped off the bulb insert and spray painted the lamp. After the lamp dried, using black tempera paint I stenciled a small wreath. I applied the paint over the stencil with a piece of sponge.
SPRAY paint & stenciling
To create the wreath stencil I downloaded this wreath and copied it in a piece of transparent vinyl, then using a pointed precision knife created a stencil.
For the shade remodel I used a piece of black vinyl fabric which was cut in 2 inch width stripes, and in a length to fit the perimeter of the top and bottom of the lamp. I glued the stripes to the top and the bottom of the shade using craft glue.
To create this look I did not spend a dime, and as far as the time is concerned I only spent about an hour and a half to spray paint and apply the stencil as well as for altering the shade. The time spent includes copying and cutting the stencil.
This was indeed a super quick and easy project, and the lamp ended up with an entire new look.
Do you have a lamp that needs a new look? I would love to hear from you.
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Katarina Cake


I am not the only one who loves rich cakes, as I am sure that many of you out there share such a guilty pleasure. When I say rich cake I mean calorie bombs with plenty of sugar, eggs, butter, nuts and what not; a thin slice of which will make you instantly feel happier and “heavier”. Well, the cake recipe I am about to share is one of those calorie bombs, and it happens to be one of my favorites.
Beside its richness, the aroma and the taste of this cake for me always evoke nice childhood memories and reminds me of the cosiness of our parents small kitchen/living room where my mother used to make this and other super rich cakes for us.
I like easy and quick cake recipes, but this cake is not one of those; however, despite being time consuming to make, I always take time to make this cake for every important occasion in my life.
What makes this cake so tasty, is the filling . The filling of this cake resembles to the filling of the Napoleons, which is another favorite of mine.
I made this cake few weeks ago in celebration of our wedding anniversary, and the cake turned delicious as always, so I am happy to share these photos and the family cake recipe with you.
So here it is;

Sponge I
7 eggs at room temperature
7 tablespoons sugar

7 tablespoons all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

10 tablespoons walnuts – grated
50 gr. dark chocolate- grated
zest of one lemon

Sponge II
5 egg whites
7 tablespoons icing sugar
3 tablespoons all purpose flour
100 gr. golden raisins
100 gr. chopped walnuts
zest and juice of an orange

The Filling
5 egg yolks
15 tablespoons granulated sugar
3 tablespoons corn starch
1/2 l. milk
250 gr. non salted butter
250 gr. icing sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (or vanilla sugar)

To Make Sponge I
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a round cake pan with parchment paper.
Separate egg whites from yolks.
In e separate bowl beat egg yolks and sugar on high speed until smooth and fluffy. Add slowly and gradually flour, baking powder, and grated chocolate to the egg yolk mixture.
Beat egg whites on high speed until soft peaks form.
Fold the egg white mixture into the batter very gently until just combined. Add gently the grated walnuts and the lemon zest and pour the mixture into prepared pan. Spread to even out the surface.
Bake for 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Turn sponge upside down onto cooling rack lined with a dish towel, remove the parchment paper and allow cooling. Cut in the middle, horizontally, to create two layers.

To Make Sponge II
Beat 5 egg whites on high speed for about a minute, start adding gradually icing sugar and continue beating. After the soft peak form, start adding flour and continue beating in low speed until everything is incorporated. Using spatula, fold in raisins, chopped walnuts, orange juice and zest.
Bake in a round baking pan lined with parchment paper in a 350 F preheated oven, for about 35 min, or until a toothpick comes out clean. Turn the baked sponge upside down onto cooling rack lined with a dish towel, remove the parchment paper and allow to cool.

To Make the Filling
Bring the milk to a boil in a medium sized pot.
Beat 5 egg yolks with granulated sugar and add in the corn starch. Pour the mixture to the boiling milk, stirring vigorously to avoid clumping. Reduce the heat to medium or low and continue to cook for about 5-10 minutes stirring continuously. Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature and stirr it occasionally.

In e separate bowl, using electric mixer, whip the butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy. Add and stir the cooked mixture (cooled at a room temperature) into the butter, one spoon at a time, and continue whipping until smooth and fluffy. Add vanilla. Put the filling mixture into the fridge to stiffen.

Layer each sponge with the chilled mixture and also coat the outside of the cake with a thin layer of this mixture. Sprinkle the top of the cake with grated walnuts.


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Peta e pare:

7 veze ne temperature dhome
7 luge gjelle sheqer
7 luge gjelle miell
1 luge caji pluhur pjekurinash
10 luge gjelle arra te bluara imet
50 gr cokollat e zeze- e grier me errende
Korja e nje limoni- e greier imet me errende

Peta e dyte:

5 te bardhe te vese
7 luge gjelle sheqer pluhur
3 luge gjelle miell
100 gr rush te thate
100 gr arra te coptuara
korja dhe lengu i nje portokalli

5 te kuq te vese
15 luge gjelle sheqer
3 luge gjelle nisheste
1/2 l qumesht
250 gr gjalpe pa krip
250 gr sheqer pluhur
1 luge gjelle ekstrakt vanille ( ose dy qeska sheqer vanile)

Pregaditja e petes se pare:

Nxehet fura ne 180 grade C. Shtrohet forma rumbullake per torte me leter per pjekje.
Ndahen te kuqet nga te bardhet e vezeve.
Ne njeren ene tunden te kuqet e vese dhe sheqeri deri sa te behet shkume e forte, dhe pastaje fillohet ti shtohen gradualisht mielli, pluhuri i pjekurinave, dhe cokollata.
Ne anen tjeter tunden te bardhet e vese deri sa te behet shkume e forte. Kjo shkume e bardhe vendoset ne enen me perzierjen e te kuqve te vese dhe me levizje te lehta me luge ne forme shpatulle mbeshtillet reth mases me te kuq te vese. Pas perzierjes, shtonen arrat e bluara dhe korja e limonit dhe zbrazet ne formen per pjekje..Piqet 30 minuta ose deri sa remojsa me te cilen e kontrolloni del e paster.
Pas pjekjes i hiqet letra, lihet te ftohet dhe pritet horizontalisht ne mes, qe ti krijojme dy peta.

Pregaditja e petes se dyte

Tunden 5 te bardhet e vese ne shpejtesin me te madhe te mikserit dhe pas nje minuti tundjeje fillohet t’i shtohet sheqeri pluhur. Pasi te krijohet shkuma e forte, filloni ti shtoni miellin gradualishte luge per luge duke e rahur vazdimisht por ne shpejtesin me te vogel te mikserit, deri sa mielli te perzihet. Me shpatull druri dhe me levizje te lehta, i mbeshtjellni ne kete mase rrushin e thate, arrat e coptuara, lengun dhe koren e portokallit.
Piqet ne fure te nxehur paraprakisht ne temperature 180 grade C, ne tepsi te shtruar me leter per pjekje. Kontrollohet me remojse se a eshte pjekur, dhe nese remojsa del e paster atehere nxiret nga furra, vendoset mbrapsht ne telin per ftohje i cili eshte i shtruar me lecke kuzhine. I hiqet letra dhe lihet te ftohet.

Pregaditja e kremes

Vlohet qumeshti ne nje tenxhere me madhesi mesatare.
Ne nderkohe sa qumeshti eshte duke u nxehur tunden 5 te kuq te vese dhe sheqeri te ciles mase pastaje i shtojme nishesten.

Kjo mase hudhet ne qumeshtin e vluar ( hiqeni qumenshtin nga stufa ne momentin kur ja hudhni kete mase), uleni temperaturen ne nxehtesi mesatare ose te ulet, dhe vazhdoni t’a zieni kete mase per 5-10 min. duke e perzier vazhdimisht. E leni masen te ftofet ne temperature dhome duke e perzier kohe pas kohe.

Ne nje ene tjeter, me mikser elektrik, tundet gjalpa dhe sheqeri pluhur deri sa te behet nje mase e bute dhe e shkreht. Gjalpes se tundur tani fillojme ti shtojme masen e zier te cilen e kemi ftohur ne temperature te dhomes. Eshte me rendesi qe masa e zier te jet e ftohur plotesisht dhe te jet ne temperature te dhomes, se perndryshe do te perfundojme me fluska te cilat e demtojne konsistencen e kremes, e me kete edhe shijen e tije. Kjo mase i shtohet gjalpes se tundur luge per luge dhe pase seciles luge te shtuar pason tundja me mikser deri sa te fitohme nje mase te te shkreht kremoze (fluffy).
Ne fund i shtohet vanilla dhe krema futet ne frigorifer te fortesohet.

Pas ftohjes dhe fortesimit ne frigorifer, petat e tortes (revanite) siper lyhen secila me kete krem si dhe pjesa e jashtme e tortes lyhet gjithashtu me nje shtrese te holle te kesaj kreme, dhe ne sperkatet me arra te bluara.

Ju befte mire!


Starburst With A Twist – Nate Berkus Inspired


Those of you, who love Nate Berkus’ line at Target, probably know that some new items from his Spring collection will be available starting on February 16. While browsing online, I came across an add featuring this Nate Berkus’ starburst, in the below picture, which would be available at Target on the mentioned date retailing for $ 35.
Starburst - Nate Berkus

After analyzing the photo for a few seconds, I came to a conclusion that I could make something similar for much less.

I had some large bamboo skewers from another project, and of course I always have supplies of glue and spray paint, so it turned that I could make something similar for free. I love Nate and the Target, but it is just unjustifiable to spend $ 35 pus tax for an item which can be recreated so easily.

Soooo, here is what I came up with;

Not bad at all I think, and this is how I did it:
Starburst Collage
I first laid the first row of skewers in a similar shape as the prototype . I laid the second row trying to match the layout of the original and after I was satisfied with the layout, I glued the second row skewers to the first row ones at the points where they were meeting each other. I continued the same way with the third and the fourth row.
After gluing I allowed for about 24 hrs for the glue to dry completely, and then added a coat of spray paint.

Not a bad knockoff at all, and I made them two. Adding them in clusters seem to have more of an impact, and I am thinking of making another two and have all of them in a room which we use as a home office.
So my friends, it took me only 30 minutes to make both of them and, considering that I already had the supplies used for another project, I did not spend even a dime.

Are you inspired to make one?

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Current Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is not anymore a back room in a house used for preparation of meals only. Beside cooking, the kitchen has become a central meeting place for family and friends, so if we want to make sure that our homes have a truly updated look and feel, we shall start with our kitchens. In case that, for any of you, a time has come to undertake such an update this year, here are some of the hot new kitchen trends that have started gaining popularity in the first half of 2013 and which,looks like, are going to stay around for a while.

Kitchen with Less or No Upper Cabinets and Glass-front Cabinets

There is a growing trend in kitchens with no upper cabinets. Incorporating this trend makes the kitchen look airy and reduces the bulkiness or heaviness that traditional kitchens sometimes have.
In place of the upper cabinets there are either empty walls or open shelving. Either way, in case you consider this trend, you will want to make sure you have enough room in your base cabinets to store all your kitchen needs.

When considering this style it is to carefully select your kitchenware so that you are showcasing items that match your overall kitchen style. Spices, olive oil, cookbooks and glass jars filled with oatmeal or dried fruits are all great candidates for showcasing; however, it is important to take time to curate those important statement kitchenware pieces so the kitchen does not look tacky. For this style I have selected the following:
2 source
The bare walls around this white kitchen are tiled up to the ceiling height with high glazed subway tiles. These tiles has been succesfully used for years in classic as well as modern kithchen design.
3 source
Beautifully curated shelves in this stunning white kitchen make you fall in love with this style. Dark grey countertops make the below kitchen cabinets pop up, and beside open shelving, the legs, door details of the cabinetry make this kitchen look so airy, crisp and pretty.
4 source
A beautiful traditional kitchen featuring open concept shelving.

5 source

This is a great example how an existing kitchen with upper cabinets can be transformed to an open shelf concept by removing the upper cabinet doors. Well curated shelves make this kitchen appear beautiful in its simplicity.

6 source

Glass-front cabinets are just as beautiful in modern kitchens as they are in traditional spaces, and are a great option for those who would like to embrace the open shelving trend, but do not want to commit to dusting.

Darker Cabinets

Dark finishes for kitchen cabinetry are gaining in popularity.

While white cabinetry will never go out of style and still it is the top selling cabinet color, it seems that these coming years dark colors will be more present in kitchen cabinetry.
Gray seems to be the color of the moment. Gray is becoming another neutral that can be paired with many accent colors and always look chic and modern.

7 source

8 source

9 source
Beside grey, black kitchens are also gaining in popularity, and with their elegance and boldness, they can really make a statement. Some homeowners are reluctant to go with a black kitchen; however, black kitchens look stunning in any place where there is a high amount of natural light.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

The two tone kitchen cabinet trend is a sophisticated way to give your kitchen design a modern update. Depending on your kitchen layout and personal taste, there are many ways to achieve the look. Best part about the trend is that it is an affordable way to give existing cabinets an instant facelift by just painting them.

10 source
11 source
12 source
13 source
14 source
15 source

Painting upper cabinets and lower cabinets a different color keeps things interesting, and it is an easy makeover you can do by yourself, by painting your upper or lower cabinets.

Hope that you enjoyed the selection of the designs used for this post as much as I enjoyed collecting them. For more kitchens design ideas you may follow my Pinterest Kitchen Board at BESA GM.

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Valentine ‘s Day Decor – Wine Glass Candle Lampshades


With Valentine’s Day approaching, some of you may have already started thinking about what to buy or create for your loved ones for the Valentine’s, or what to incorporate in your home decor which would reflect the Valentine’s Day mood.

Until yesterday, I did not think about any of the above. However, I created something really simple and lovely for that day.

While checking my pinterest boards for a paint color for an undergoing project, I came across a pin featuring beautiful mini wine glass candle lampshades.

After seeing the pin, and knowing that nothing sets the mood like candlelight, I immediately pictured these wine glass candle shades decorating my diner table for the Valentines.

Since the project seemed so easy I wanted to get it going immediately. I downloaded and printed the shade pattern from here. My wine glasses are bigger than usual, so I had to adjust the pattern and make a larger one by adding an inch on the sides and an inch to the bottom of the original pattern.

Candlelight glowing through translucent paper is more appealing to the eye but I did not have that kind of paper to use in this project so, instead ,I used waxed paper which I use for baking.
PicMonkey Collage LAMP SHADE
As seen in the collage above, I laid a sheet of wax paper at a size to fit the pattern at hand.

For a “Valentine” touch, I decided to incorporate rose petals into the shades, so i cut each petal into a heart shape and even wasted some petals trying to cut them into lip shape. After waisting a few I finally ended up with a pair of lips which more look like they had undergone un unsuccessful silicone job, but still they will look fun for that day.
I placed the petals on the laid wax sheet and covered them with another sheet of wax paper. Subsequently, using the iron, in a low setting, I pressed the wax sheets together, and ended up with a perfect translucent paper product.

Afterwards, I traced the shade pattern on to the created wax sheet and proceeded with cutting. From the paper remnants I cut some small circles which I added to the bottom of the shades.

I applied a thin line of glue to one straight end and wrapped the other end over the glued end adhering them together to form the shade.
After finishing the first two, I got carried away and made more shades which I placed them on various candleholders, and they all look nice.

Using wax paper for this project proved to be a good choice as this paper is resistant to heat, so it does not present an immediate fire hazard used together with lit candles. Of course, you should never leave any candle unattended (disclaimer, just in case).
This is a very easy, quick and non costly project and these can be used for many occasions such as: any special day in your life; weddings; tea parties; birthday parties and list goes on…
Use your imagination for the shade design, as the posibilites are endless, and enjoy making them as much as I did.


Happy shade making, and thank you for reading.

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A Banquette – Great Solution for Small Spaces

Decorpad banquette via

The affordability of living large has decreased lately, and the downside of the economy is forcing people to opt for smaller, more affordable, living spaces. Small living space, translates to “small kitchen and dining area”, so everyone living in such a space wants to utilize every inch; hence, the banquettes come as a solution.

Comfortable, high-back upholstered benches, or as the French call them banquettes, are also an alternative to traditional dining-room seating. They’re are a great way to make the most of tight dining spaces, as they don’t take up much space, and the storage can be incorporated in the design.
When you sit at a table with chairs, you need to be able to push your chair back almost a meter to feel comfortable. Not so with the fixed seat of a banquette, which makes it a good solution for small, empty kitchen corners.
Considering these advantages of the banquettes, these days a lot of home owners are considering this type of seating for their dining areas, so banquettes are experiencing a little revival. The pintrest and decor magazines are full of banquette design ideas, which are quite appealing, and some are pretty simple to make as a DIY project.

I have selected a few banquettes which I found adorable and which I would definitely consider for my home if I had a space that I could fit a banquette. My kitchen/dining area is small and very oddly shaped, so unfortunately I cannot fit any type of banquette in it.

For those of you who are tight in kitchen space or simply like banquettes, here are some different shaped banquettes which you may consider for your home:

pic 1 via
This is a straight banquette along the window which provides a plenty of seating for casual as well as formal dining.
banq 3 via
Beautiful corner banquette which adds architectural design to the space and has an unique crisp modern feel. Great space use of this rather oddly shaped corner.
banq 4 via
Small bay window space is greately utilized by this small banquette which has added a distinguished, modern look to this rather small kitchen. Another example how banquettes are great solution for small spaces.
banq 5 via
A simple corner banquete paired with these two Xavier Pauchard Tolix chairs, in this light filled kitchen corner, feels so relaxing.
banquette 6 via
In this very tight kitchen space the banquette, supplemented with these two chairs, provides penty of seating for eating, dining and lounging.
ban 9 via
ban 10 via
banq 7

This of the kitchen dining area is furnished with this glamourous banquette, and a table made by reclaimed wood top and iron base. Plenty of seating and unique glamourous look.

Hope that you will find these designs inspirational. For me each one is an eye candy, and I enjoyed collecting them for this post.

For more inspiration on this topic check my Pintrest BESA GM Banquette board.

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Top 10 DIY Projects in 2013

top 10

It has been almost a year since I started this blog and, considering the slow blogging pace during the first months this year, I never expected that I would complete enough projects to write a year in review post with my 10 top projects.

Well, I was wrong and, being inspired from other talented bloggers out there, and encouraged by the incoming traffic after each posting, I was motivated to start various projects and even undertake some challenging ones for which I have never thought I would accomplish successfully.

Considering my fist year of blogging adventure as a successful one, I would like to share with you my 10 Top Projects of 2013.

So, here are they in no particular order:

Small Bathroom Remodel

Painted Wingback Chair

Pom Pom Edged Blanket

Fireplace Screen Makeover

Magnolia Wreath

Pumpkin Decor Idea


Reupholstered Wingback Chair
19 B

Magnolia Leaf Arrangement for Fall Mantel Decor

Coffee Filter Wall Art

Ballerina Stocking

happy holidays.

I want to thank all my followers and readers for stopping by my blog, and also great thanks to those blogsites that featured these projects in their blogs.

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Happy New Year.


New Year’s Eve Table Setting

Have you made your New Year resolution yet? Aren’t there things that you need to change or goals you would like to achieve?
With New Year’s Day coming up, the question about the New Year’s resolution(s) is quite common. It is that time of year that we all tend to make decisions to either reform our old habits or achieve new goals.
One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is very simple, realistic and attainable, so it would be embarrassing if I cannot keep it.
I decided that every once a week no matter what, I will be making a dinner, set the table with fresh flowers and wine, and take time to enjoy the dinner and keep the happy conversation going on throughout the dinner.
I know that some of you out there do not have to make such a decision, because you have this thing ongoing on a regular basis, but I realized that I had departed from that routine for quite some time.
Lately, I have become kind of lazy and even though my husband and I cook and bake regularly, unfortunately I am not taking time to set my table in a manner which would allow us to enjoy our dinning time more, be it visually or conversation vise.
I will start my New Year’s resolution on the New Years Eve with this very simple, nature inspired and romantic dinner table setting.
To achieve this look I used a white tablecloth on top of which I put a black and white wrapping paper as a runner. Very simple and informal, but it added a very festive, elegant, and chic look. When it comes to informal and fun dinner gatherings, using wrapping paper or other decorative paper products for table setting proves to be a very affordable option of achieving elegant and modern look in an instant.
For a centerpiece I made these two pears to serve as candleholders. I placed the pear candleholders on a white porcelain tray and added some silver ornaments.
For layering and a fuller look, I placed a white place-mat under the charger and the striped black/white thick napkin on the plate. For some festive sparkle I added silver leaves on top of the napkin and tied the cutlery with fresh baby breath.
I wanted my New Year’s table to include things that we love and enjoy all year around, so I collected some moss from our walking route and tied it around the black painted whisky bottles.I enjoy the mossy walking route with our dog, and my husband enjoys a glass of scotch on the rooks in the evening by the fire, so topped with my favorite red roses this floral arrangement became a very appealing and will add a romantic touch to our New Year’s Eve table setting.
I already started loving my New Year’s resolution, and I will do whatever it takes to keep it alive. It is so easy, effortless and so much fun, and for now I do not see a reason which could prevent me of keeping it going.
Have you decided to make any New Year’s resolution this year and, if so, what is yours?
Happy New Year 2014
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Thank you for reading.

Square Holiday Wreath

Even though I love and respect tradition, sometimes I like to put a modern twist on traditional things.

Few days ago I made this Holiday wreath and, as you may see, the wreath is not a roundly shaped traditional one. For a twist on a traditional round shaped wreath, I made this square shaped one using an old picture frame.

Moreover, for an extra twist, instead of hanging it on a door or on the windows, I decided to hang this wreath on my fridge door.
I know, it is a bit of unusual place to hung a wreath, but as soon as I placed the finished wreath against the fridge door as a test, it seemed that my kitchen instantly cheered up and I also “instantly” decided that this is where the wreath is going to stay for the Holidays.
So, I am glad that I made this unusual shaped wreath which, placed on even more unusual place, has added a very unique holiday touch to my very small kitchen.
To make this wreath I used:
• an old picture frame
• florist foam
• craft glue
• florist wire
• fresh pine branches
• pine cones and hemp twine for decoration, and
1.5 m wide ribbon and a large bamboo skewer to hang the wreath.

I started by gluing the strips of florist foam onto the picture frame, and left the glue dry completely. Then I started inserting thin branches of greenery onto the foam. I started from the four corners and worked towards the center of the frame. I inserted the branches in a 30 degree angle, and after covering the frame with a thick layer of branches I secured them with a floral wire all the way around.
PicMonkey Collage
To hung the wreath on a fridge door I used a wide ribbon 1.5 m in length and stitched the ends together forming a loop in which I inserted a long bamboo skewer. I placed the bamboo skewer between the fridge door compartments as seen in the picture below.PicMonkey Collage It is holding like it was glued on the door, and it does not move when the fridge door opens or closes.
I am loving my fridge holiday decor, and hope you will find it interesting too. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.



Whether you’re a gingersnap fan or not, the combination of spices in this recipe will for sure make you become a gingersnap lover. No store bought ginger cookie will ever satisfy you again once you have tried these spicy goodnesses.

After making these cookies last night I had to share them with you in an instant. They came out so tasty, crunchy and spicy and I am so happy that I found this great recipe by Jennifer Lindner McGlinn.
As I was in search for a very spicy gingersnap recipe I was brave enough to add a bit of cardamom, which the original recipe lacks.
I remember reading somewhere that adding cardamom to gingersnap recipe take gingersnaps to a whole new level, so I added a 1/4 teaspoon to a batch. Cardamom is somewhat peppery, and after trying I agree that it is a perfect addition to any gingerbread/snap/cookie recipe.

So here is the recipe by Jennifer Lindner McGlinn, slightly adopted by me:

2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoons ground ginger
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
¾ teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon cardamom
¾ cup (11/2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1 cup sugar plus more for rolling
¼ cup molasses
1 large egg

Whisk together the flour, baking soda, salt, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves in a medium bowl.

Combine the butter, sugar, and molasses in a large bowl and stir until combined. Drop in the egg, mixing until incorporated. Gradually stir in the flour mixture, mixing to form a soft dough. Cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator to chill for at least 2 hours or overnight.

Position a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat the oven to 350°F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper.

Shape the dough into walnut-size balls, roll in sugar, and arrange them about 2 inches apart on the prepared baking sheets. (If your kitchen is quite warm and the dough balls become soft, set them in the refrigerator until chilled and fairly firm.) Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until the cookies have spread, are light golden brown, and the cracks still appear moist. Cool the cookies on the baking sheets set on wire racks for about 1 minute before removing them to the racks to cool completely.
Store the cookies in an airtight container or in a zip-top bag for up to 4 days.
Makes about 30 cookies.

Happy Holiday Baking


Budget-Friendly Holiday Table-Setting Ideas


Few more days and many of us will be either hosting a dinner party or lending a hand at a party. Beside a good menu, every host likes to add stylish holiday sparkle to the dinner table, but not everyone, including me, is willing to spend a fortune, season after season, on a table decor.

In order to achieve a desired holiday look and still not spend a dime on table setting decor you may follow these budget-friendly table-setting ideas.

1. Use a white tablecloth. It is always classic, but you can add a layer of color and dimension to your table setting by choosing a runner cloth in a contrasting tone or design. Or you may leave a textured wood table bare and use a table runner in the center, or use various cloth or DIY placemats.

In my case I turned a white linen curtain panel to a tablecloth. I had a curtain panel which I could not use anywhere, so it ended up serving as a tablecloth for the holidays.
I wanted to add some dark blue hues for my white holiday table setting so to achieve this palette I used a silk scarf in dark blue to serve as a table runner.

2. Use classic white dinnerware. They are versatile and can be used everyday and for entertaining. White dishes also show food to its best advantage— which is why the pros use them.

I used my everyday Mikasa fine bone china set. To create contrasting layering, I placed them on the black inexpensive chargers purchased last year at a half price. This way in case I decide to change the color palette next year, which most probably I will, I can spray paint these chargers into a desired color and my white dishes will always match that color.

3. Cloth napkins are inexpensive so buying a set or two is a good and inexpensive way to instantly dress up and add elegance to your table.

I used these very inexpensive wrinkle free cloth napkins purchased years ago and I have been using them for almost every occasion. I used napkin rings, and to add an extra finish I “garnished” the napkins with lavender springs.

4. Make a on-hand centerpiece. Use serving pieces, vases, pitchers, or bowls from your everyday collection and fill them with flowers, fruits, pinecones, leaves, branches, or your favorite pieces from around the house.
As a centerpiece I used my soup serving dish and filled it with white silk flowers. To add some holiday sparkle to the centerpiece, I dip-painted birch branches and placed them into the soup dish. I used a florist foam to make them stand in a vertical position.

5. Use candles as a low-cost way to add impact and atmosphere.
I grouped candle holders of different heights around the centerpiece, and the glow from the candles make this DIY centerpiece look even more appealing.
For some more holiday sparkle I filled white ramekins with silver ornaments.
Holiday table decorations can set a merry scene in no time, but as you can see there’s certainly no need to spend a fortune.

Small but strong points—such as a festive focal point, festive decor touches, can instantly update your tablescape and add seasonal sparkle.

I think that my holiday table looks pretty and elegant, and all this on a budged and with some power of DIY.

Are you still in search for the holiday table setting idea? I would love to hear from you.

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Raffaello, originally produced by an Italian company called Ferrero, is a coconut cream candy, wrapped in a wafer shell and coated in coconut flakes and meringue with a roasted almond inside.
To say that they taste delicious is understatement. I could eat a whole box without making a pause between each candy. I love them that much that I make them at home very often, so I am constantly in search for a recipe that would get close to the taste of the original Ferrero Raffaello.
The recipe that I am using lately calls for condensed milk. Previously, I had recipes that called for powder milk as a main ingredient.
Even though the ones made with the powder milk come out nice and tasty, I did not like the powder milk aroma, so when I tried the recipe calling for condensed milk I was sure that I would be sticking to this one for a while.

Homemade Raffaellos are softer though and they melt easily, so the best is to keep them refrigerated before serving.

So here is the recipe:


260 ml sweetened condensed milk
75 g skim milk powder (⅓ cup)
30 g unsalted butter, at room temperature
35 whole, blanched almonds
220 g + 130 g unsweetened coconut flakes


Mix the condensed milk, milk powder and butter until all ingredients are combined.
Add 220 g coconut flakes and mix well.
Chill for about 30 minutes, until firm enough to handle.
If the coconut mixture is too sticky and you cannot easily form balls just add more coconut flakes.
Take one teaspoon of the coconut mixture, place one almond in the middle and shape into small balls .
Roll each ball into coconut flakes.
Store them in a fridge and keep them refrigerated .
They take less than 15 minutes to make and they will look pretty cool on your desert table during the Holiday Season.

They will make a perfect hostess or Christmas gift, or a dessert for any occasion.


260 ml qumesht i kondenzuar i embel(nje kanaqe)
75 gr qumesht pluhur
30 gr gjalpe
35 gr bajame te zbardhura
220 gr fluska kokosi
130 gr fluska kokosi per mbeshtjellje

Qumeshti i kondenzuar, qumeshti pluhur dhe gjalpa perzihen mire. Mases i shtohen fluskat e kokosit, perzihen mire dhe masa futet ne frigorifer dhe lihet te qendroj aty perafersisht 30 min. Nxjeret nga frigoriferi dhe fillohet perpunimi duke formesuar toptha te vegjel ne madhesi te ares se vogel. Nese masa ngjitet ne duar i shtoni kokos deri sa te behet mase e lehte per perpunim. Ne mes te topthit i fusni nje bajame, dhe e rumbullaksoni topthin perseri duke e kaluar pastaje topthin ne fluska kokosi. I vendosni ne frigorifer dhe i leni te qendrojne aty deri para se ti servoni.
Pergaditen brenda 15 minutave dhe dot e duken shume bukur ne tavolinen e deserteve per festat e fundvitit.

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Holiday Mantel – Silver & White with a Touch of Black

I did not know how much fun seasonal styling can be until I started making my own ornaments, wreaths and list goes on.

For my mantel decor this year I made these delicate, starburst looking ornaments spray painted in silver. These ornaments served as a starting point for my mantel decor. I laid these ornaments on the bed of fresh cut pine branches which I spread sparingly over the mantel. I intentionally did not want a fuller greenery look, as I wanted the delicacy of these ornaments to show when placed on the thin pine branches.
I added several silver candlesticks on both sides of the mantel, each holding tea light candles.
On the right side of the mantel I placed two glass vases filled with silver leaves and silver tree ornaments. To add a touch of black, I added a black tape placing it three inches below the top of the vases.
For a natural touch of the overall mantel decor I added some white painted branches placed in small white vases.
In the fireplace I placed an ice bucket filled with silver ornaments. It pops out against the fireplace soot, and creates a feel of holiday glam.

On each side of the fireplace I placed black vases filled with evergreens.

On the mantel I proudly hung white, self made ballerina stockings, tutorial of which can be found here.
Above the mantel I placed the Magnolia Wreath spray painted in silver, so this way I created a tone-on-tone decor using all shades of silver.
To do a tone-on-tone decor right is all about having a balance of texture, finish, shape, scale and proportion, and I think that my mantel fulfills, at least, most of those requirements.
I am loving my mantel decor this year,and even though I am aware that the gold tones are quite trendy this year, I like the icy look and festive spirit created by this palette.

While doing holiday decoration over the years I learned that sticking to a palette of two to three colors makes decorating easy and the end result looks perfectly put together.

To achieve this look I reused all materials found around the house and tree ornaments from last year; so, the cost of this look was $ 0.00.

What is your holiday color palette this year?

Thank you for reading.

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Metallic Starburst Ornaments

URCHINA week ago I made these delicate metallic starburst like ornaments which I will be incorporating in the holiday decor.

They are simple and quick to make and you will only need a craft glue, styrofoam balls (different sizes), craft sticks or skewers and spray paint to end up with these lovely festive ornaments.

To make them I used styrofoam balls of different sizes, so in order to adjust the size of the ball and the craft stick I had to cut the craft sticks in half or in three pieces. I used garden sheers to cut the sticks and dipped the tip of the stick in glue prior to poking it in to the styrofoam ball.

As shown in the pictures in the collage, I started by poking the sticks all around the center of the ball and continued poking in circular motion until all the ball surface was filled with sticks.
collage 2
I spray painted all ornaments at once on both sides with silver spray paint. I only gave them one coat, as I realized that the styrofoam did not respond well to the paint. It started deteriorating a bit as soon as it got in contact with the paint.

I placed the unpainted ornaments on the bed of dried leaves as I wanted to protect the surface from the paint. Luckily, this had a double effect. The leaves which were supposed to protect the surface, turned beautiful after being spray painted, so I will be using those for decorating also.

After the paint dried out I ended up with a bunch of these very delicate looking ornaments which I will be showcasing at their fullest in my next post when I will be revealing my Holiday Mantel Decor.
Until then enjoy a sneak peek of what is coming up soon.
Urchin Decor
Thank you for reading.

Ballerina Stocking With Tutorial

season grettings

There are so many beautiful stockings out there, and they are all affordable, but I decided to make my own this year. I found an elegant fabric at a local fabric store in the remnant bin. It was 0.50 m, and that was exactly what I was looking for. The price, if you were wondering, was $ 3.50 (happy dance). Getting hold of this beautiful fabric gave me the motivation to immediately start with a project.

Without any specific measurements I made the stocking pattern and traced it onto the fabric. Since my fabric was 2.45 m wide and 50 cm long, I was able to cut three stockings. To maximize the use of fabric, I placed the pattern as shown in the first picture of the collage.
After cutting, I placed the cut stockings right sides together. I stitched around edges, leaving top open. I made a triangle stitch at the stocking heal to enhance the heal portion for a more natural look. Then, I turned stocking right side out. Four inches below the stocking top, I aded ruffles made out of coffee filters which were left overs from my previous coffee filter wall art project.
From a long piece of fabric, I made a cuff by folding right sides together then stitched across the short edge. I ended up with a cuff tube which I attached to the stocking.

With the stocking right side out, I covered the top edge with the cuff tube. I stitched around the bottom of the cuff tube to secure the cuff to the stocking and enclosed raw edges.

For the hanger piece, I folded a piece of ribbon in half and stitched it on at the top back of the stocking.

Using some greenery and leftover painted pine cones, from the Magnolia Leaf Wreath and Tea Light Centerpiece projects, I made these nice looking ornaments and attached them to the back of the stocking.
pine cones 1
I ended up with this gorgeous ballerina like stockings.
The evergreens and pinecone ornament gives this stocking a natural and elegant feel, and it can be used not only as a stocking but as a decor piece throughout the house during the holiday season.
Are you inspired to make one today? If so, start right now. You will love it.
happy holidays
Happy Holidays everyone, and thank you for reading.
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Eco-Friendly Holiday Decor


The Holidays season is all about the family gathering, festive home decor, Christmas tree and ….list goes on and on. Since being friendly to the environment is a priority for me, I added my eco-friendly practices to my Holiday decor.
Decorating eco-friendly for me means finding more friendly alternatives available, so my decor choices do not add to landfills and pollution.
The idea is not to do away with decorating or turn the holiday into a drab affair, but to plan more responsibly and with a greater focus.

My porch is the first corner that got decorated this year. In order to remain within the frame of the eco-friendly decor practices, I reused the old fake plastic tree. While they’re made using petroleum, a nonrenewable resource, the resources have already been used, the money’s been spent, and pitching it will just mean more junk for the landfill.


I have donated almost all tree ornaments, and I am not buying new ones. Instead, I made these giant natural color bows from the repurposed material. Each of these pieces used to create these bows served as “a slipcover” for plastic vertical blinds in my condo. Some of you may giggle and call me crazy, but yes, I did make sheer slipcovers for those ugly plastic vertical blinds.
PicMonkey Collage

I handmade this very simple, yet beautiful, garland using natural materials: twine and cotton balls. Using a crochet needle I made chain loops and added a cotton ball on every 12 inch distance. The garland added an organic feel to the tree decor.

For further styling of the tree corner, I used eco friendly led Christmas lights, and few thick branches of a birch tree. I collected these branches this fall when a huge branch fell onto our yard.
So the total cost of my eco-friendly porch decor was $ 0.00 dollars, and I am very pleased with the achieved look as my porch now has an organic holiday touch.

Using this approach I wanted to show that simple, elegant, and responsibly made holiday décor is an attainable and viable option for everyone.

Are you a fan of the eco-friendly decor?

Happy Holidays everyone, and thank you for reading.

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Small Kitchen Remodel


I could not agree more with the saying that “kitchen is the heart of a house”. This goes for everyone, even for those whose busy lives do not allow them to often cook meals in their kitchens. It is a place where you find yourself as soon as you wake up to have your morning cup of coffee or tea. It is a place which fills a home with wonderful aromas and where memories are made. Having such an important place in a home, beside being functional, the kitchen cabinetry, the shape and size ideally should suit the taste of people who use that kitchen the most.

Well, this is not always the case, and many of us end up living in homes with old, not so functional and oddly shaped kitchens. While some of such kitchens can be saved and brought back to life with some power of DIY, there are some kitchens that are helpless, and tearing them down completely is the only thing that will work.

My old kitchen was one of those helpless ones. It was a very small, mid century kitchen with built in wooden cabinets which were painted over and over. On top of it, the long time renter has made some improvements and “decor” touches that made this kitchen even more undesirable; so the day we took the possession of the house this spring, we started tearing down the kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen area was very small, so in order to make it appear larger we removed a part of the wall that divided the living room and the kitchen. To get a better access to the backyard, we replaced the kitchen window with French doors. These changes instantly made the kitchen feel larger.

To enhance the feel of a larger space I went with white cabinets. I chose the IKEA Adele doors, and created a kitchen plan in their software. To keep the expenses down, I did not make any other structural changes so I had to work around the existing placement of kitchen cabinets. However, my challenge was how to make the kitchen functional without involving any plumbing work.

To maximize the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen, instead of a stove I decided to get a separate cook top and underneath the cook top I placed a set of drawers for my pots and pans to have them easy accessible when cooking. The dishwasher, placed next to the sink, provides the only countertop working surface in the kitchen; pretty small isn’t it?

However, despite the lack of countertop space, the placement of the kitchen cabinetry has been carefully planned, so the cooking and baking in this small kitchen proceeds quite smoothly.

Opposite to cook top and sink, I have placed high wall cabinets. One of them is a 15 inch pantry cabinet with several floating shelves. Floating shelves make an easy access to the food supplies, so it is worth paying few more dollars for this commodity. Oven and the microwave are placed on another high cabinet, and the drawer below the oven is a huge bonus. This is where I store all my baking pans. The fridge is very tightly squeezed between the oven cabinet and the wall, and we were so happy to see it fit because we thought we were short for just less than 1/8 of inch.

I played safe with the backsplash, and went with the classic subway tile. I opted for white tiling and very light grey countertop, as when pairing with white cabinets they create a uniform view and add to the feel of spaciousness.
For a pop of color I chose these icy blue cotton velvet drapes, which give the kitchen a very sharp and clean look.

Considering the size and the shape, designing this kitchen in this space without jeopardizing the functionality and appearance was a challenge in a way. Ordering and assembling the cabinets all by myself was another challenge and a tiresome and hard work.
However the project has been completed now and, considering all circumstances, I am very happy with the way my kitchen turned out.

So are you ready to see the before kitchen?
Here is my poor old, tired, hilarious, dysfunctional, neglected BEFORE kitchen:
BEFORE -Kitchen 2 Before Kitchen
And here is my new and bright, AFTER kitchen:


Have you done any kitchen update lately? I would love to hear from you.

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Thank you for reading.

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