Square Holiday Wreath

Even though I love and respect tradition, sometimes I like to put a modern twist on traditional things.

Few days ago I made this Holiday wreath and, as you may see, the wreath is not a roundly shaped traditional one. For a twist on a traditional round shaped wreath, I made this square shaped one using an old picture frame.

Moreover, for an extra twist, instead of hanging it on a door or on the windows, I decided to hang this wreath on my fridge door.
I know, it is a bit of unusual place to hung a wreath, but as soon as I placed the finished wreath against the fridge door as a test, it seemed that my kitchen instantly cheered up and I also “instantly” decided that this is where the wreath is going to stay for the Holidays.
So, I am glad that I made this unusual shaped wreath which, placed on even more unusual place, has added a very unique holiday touch to my very small kitchen.
To make this wreath I used:
• an old picture frame
• florist foam
• craft glue
• florist wire
• fresh pine branches
• pine cones and hemp twine for decoration, and
1.5 m wide ribbon and a large bamboo skewer to hang the wreath.

I started by gluing the strips of florist foam onto the picture frame, and left the glue dry completely. Then I started inserting thin branches of greenery onto the foam. I started from the four corners and worked towards the center of the frame. I inserted the branches in a 30 degree angle, and after covering the frame with a thick layer of branches I secured them with a floral wire all the way around.
PicMonkey Collage
To hung the wreath on a fridge door I used a wide ribbon 1.5 m in length and stitched the ends together forming a loop in which I inserted a long bamboo skewer. I placed the bamboo skewer between the fridge door compartments as seen in the picture below.PicMonkey Collage It is holding like it was glued on the door, and it does not move when the fridge door opens or closes.
I am loving my fridge holiday decor, and hope you will find it interesting too. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.


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