A Banquette – Great Solution for Small Spaces

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The affordability of living large has decreased lately, and the downside of the economy is forcing people to opt for smaller, more affordable, living spaces. Small living space, translates to “small kitchen and dining area”, so everyone living in such a space wants to utilize every inch; hence, the banquettes come as a solution.

Comfortable, high-back upholstered benches, or as the French call them banquettes, are also an alternative to traditional dining-room seating. They’re are a great way to make the most of tight dining spaces, as they don’t take up much space, and the storage can be incorporated in the design.
When you sit at a table with chairs, you need to be able to push your chair back almost a meter to feel comfortable. Not so with the fixed seat of a banquette, which makes it a good solution for small, empty kitchen corners.
Considering these advantages of the banquettes, these days a lot of home owners are considering this type of seating for their dining areas, so banquettes are experiencing a little revival. The pintrest and decor magazines are full of banquette design ideas, which are quite appealing, and some are pretty simple to make as a DIY project.

I have selected a few banquettes which I found adorable and which I would definitely consider for my home if I had a space that I could fit a banquette. My kitchen/dining area is small and very oddly shaped, so unfortunately I cannot fit any type of banquette in it.

For those of you who are tight in kitchen space or simply like banquettes, here are some different shaped banquettes which you may consider for your home:

pic 1 via
This is a straight banquette along the window which provides a plenty of seating for casual as well as formal dining.
banq 3 via
Beautiful corner banquette which adds architectural design to the space and has an unique crisp modern feel. Great space use of this rather oddly shaped corner.
banq 4 via
Small bay window space is greately utilized by this small banquette which has added a distinguished, modern look to this rather small kitchen. Another example how banquettes are great solution for small spaces.
banq 5 via
A simple corner banquete paired with these two Xavier Pauchard Tolix chairs, in this light filled kitchen corner, feels so relaxing.
banquette 6 via
In this very tight kitchen space the banquette, supplemented with these two chairs, provides penty of seating for eating, dining and lounging.
ban 9 via
ban 10 via
banq 7

This of the kitchen dining area is furnished with this glamourous banquette, and a table made by reclaimed wood top and iron base. Plenty of seating and unique glamourous look.

Hope that you will find these designs inspirational. For me each one is an eye candy, and I enjoyed collecting them for this post.

For more inspiration on this topic check my Pintrest BESA GM Banquette board.

Thank you for reading.


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