Holiday Mantel – Silver & White with a Touch of Black

I did not know how much fun seasonal styling can be until I started making my own ornaments, wreaths and list goes on.

For my mantel decor this year I made these delicate, starburst looking ornaments spray painted in silver. These ornaments served as a starting point for my mantel decor. I laid these ornaments on the bed of fresh cut pine branches which I spread sparingly over the mantel. I intentionally did not want a fuller greenery look, as I wanted the delicacy of these ornaments to show when placed on the thin pine branches.
I added several silver candlesticks on both sides of the mantel, each holding tea light candles.
On the right side of the mantel I placed two glass vases filled with silver leaves and silver tree ornaments. To add a touch of black, I added a black tape placing it three inches below the top of the vases.
For a natural touch of the overall mantel decor I added some white painted branches placed in small white vases.
In the fireplace I placed an ice bucket filled with silver ornaments. It pops out against the fireplace soot, and creates a feel of holiday glam.

On each side of the fireplace I placed black vases filled with evergreens.

On the mantel I proudly hung white, self made ballerina stockings, tutorial of which can be found here.
Above the mantel I placed the Magnolia Wreath spray painted in silver, so this way I created a tone-on-tone decor using all shades of silver.
To do a tone-on-tone decor right is all about having a balance of texture, finish, shape, scale and proportion, and I think that my mantel fulfills, at least, most of those requirements.
I am loving my mantel decor this year,and even though I am aware that the gold tones are quite trendy this year, I like the icy look and festive spirit created by this palette.

While doing holiday decoration over the years I learned that sticking to a palette of two to three colors makes decorating easy and the end result looks perfectly put together.

To achieve this look I reused all materials found around the house and tree ornaments from last year; so, the cost of this look was $ 0.00.

What is your holiday color palette this year?

Thank you for reading.

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Mantel – Silver & White with a Touch of Black

  1. Beautiful and elegant! I love the simple lines but very sophisticated look. Did you make the magnolia leaf wreath? I would love one but I find them too expensive to buy ready-made (for my budget), but not looking to try my hand at making my own magnolia leaf wreath either! This year I used silver, shades of white and clear glass ornaments along with white feather boas (with bits of lavender and silver “tinsel” already woven in the boas) as garland. Touches of gold here and there but primarily the color scheme was the silver/white/clear glass, so the gold really popped where I used it. I’m always backwards, it seems. Last year I did more glitz and glam with lots of gold when everyone was doing silver and white, LOL! I’ve also seen lots of really beautiful “natural” or “nature” schemes that have inspired me and maybe that will be my theme next year — a year behind the fashion 🙂 But as long as we do what we love and love how it looks, who cares! For years I used the same decorations every year, so now I’m having a great time switching things up. I never cease to be amazed at how creative my fellow bloggers are, and how many different ways there are to “do” silver and white. Love yours!

    1. Thanks Jan for stopping by and taking time to comment. Yes, magnolia leaf wreath was a fall DIY project and then I spray paianted it to get a silvery look for the holiday mantel. I agree that when it comes to the decor, it is important that we should do what we love and love how it looks.I checked you mantel and I love yours too.Very elegant.Happy Holidays.

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