Current Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is not anymore a back room in a house used for preparation of meals only. Beside cooking, the kitchen has become a central meeting place for family and friends, so if we want to make sure that our homes have a truly updated look and feel, we shall start with our kitchens. In case that, for any of you, a time has come to undertake such an update this year, here are some of the hot new kitchen trends that have started gaining popularity in the first half of 2013 and which,looks like, are going to stay around for a while.

Kitchen with Less or No Upper Cabinets and Glass-front Cabinets

There is a growing trend in kitchens with no upper cabinets. Incorporating this trend makes the kitchen look airy and reduces the bulkiness or heaviness that traditional kitchens sometimes have.
In place of the upper cabinets there are either empty walls or open shelving. Either way, in case you consider this trend, you will want to make sure you have enough room in your base cabinets to store all your kitchen needs.

When considering this style it is to carefully select your kitchenware so that you are showcasing items that match your overall kitchen style. Spices, olive oil, cookbooks and glass jars filled with oatmeal or dried fruits are all great candidates for showcasing; however, it is important to take time to curate those important statement kitchenware pieces so the kitchen does not look tacky. For this style I have selected the following:
2 source
The bare walls around this white kitchen are tiled up to the ceiling height with high glazed subway tiles. These tiles has been succesfully used for years in classic as well as modern kithchen design.
3 source
Beautifully curated shelves in this stunning white kitchen make you fall in love with this style. Dark grey countertops make the below kitchen cabinets pop up, and beside open shelving, the legs, door details of the cabinetry make this kitchen look so airy, crisp and pretty.
4 source
A beautiful traditional kitchen featuring open concept shelving.

5 source

This is a great example how an existing kitchen with upper cabinets can be transformed to an open shelf concept by removing the upper cabinet doors. Well curated shelves make this kitchen appear beautiful in its simplicity.

6 source

Glass-front cabinets are just as beautiful in modern kitchens as they are in traditional spaces, and are a great option for those who would like to embrace the open shelving trend, but do not want to commit to dusting.

Darker Cabinets

Dark finishes for kitchen cabinetry are gaining in popularity.

While white cabinetry will never go out of style and still it is the top selling cabinet color, it seems that these coming years dark colors will be more present in kitchen cabinetry.
Gray seems to be the color of the moment. Gray is becoming another neutral that can be paired with many accent colors and always look chic and modern.

7 source

8 source

9 source
Beside grey, black kitchens are also gaining in popularity, and with their elegance and boldness, they can really make a statement. Some homeowners are reluctant to go with a black kitchen; however, black kitchens look stunning in any place where there is a high amount of natural light.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

The two tone kitchen cabinet trend is a sophisticated way to give your kitchen design a modern update. Depending on your kitchen layout and personal taste, there are many ways to achieve the look. Best part about the trend is that it is an affordable way to give existing cabinets an instant facelift by just painting them.

10 source
11 source
12 source
13 source
14 source
15 source

Painting upper cabinets and lower cabinets a different color keeps things interesting, and it is an easy makeover you can do by yourself, by painting your upper or lower cabinets.

Hope that you enjoyed the selection of the designs used for this post as much as I enjoyed collecting them. For more kitchens design ideas you may follow my Pinterest Kitchen Board at BESA GM.

Thank you for reading.

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