Metallic Starburst Ornaments

URCHINA week ago I made these delicate metallic starburst like ornaments which I will be incorporating in the holiday decor.

They are simple and quick to make and you will only need a craft glue, styrofoam balls (different sizes), craft sticks or skewers and spray paint to end up with these lovely festive ornaments.

To make them I used styrofoam balls of different sizes, so in order to adjust the size of the ball and the craft stick I had to cut the craft sticks in half or in three pieces. I used garden sheers to cut the sticks and dipped the tip of the stick in glue prior to poking it in to the styrofoam ball.

As shown in the pictures in the collage, I started by poking the sticks all around the center of the ball and continued poking in circular motion until all the ball surface was filled with sticks.
collage 2
I spray painted all ornaments at once on both sides with silver spray paint. I only gave them one coat, as I realized that the styrofoam did not respond well to the paint. It started deteriorating a bit as soon as it got in contact with the paint.

I placed the unpainted ornaments on the bed of dried leaves as I wanted to protect the surface from the paint. Luckily, this had a double effect. The leaves which were supposed to protect the surface, turned beautiful after being spray painted, so I will be using those for decorating also.

After the paint dried out I ended up with a bunch of these very delicate looking ornaments which I will be showcasing at their fullest in my next post when I will be revealing my Holiday Mantel Decor.
Until then enjoy a sneak peek of what is coming up soon.
Urchin Decor
Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Metallic Starburst Ornaments

  1. Some beautiful store windows in New York City have some of the same ornaments but in bigger sizes as decor for this holiday season. I love how elegant yours are.

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