Dekori i Interierit per Festat e Fundvitit

Gjithehere i jam gezuar fundit te vitit, dhe ate pikerisht per faktin se kjo periudhe gjithehere nderlidhet me ngjyra te bukura, shkelqim, vezullim, hare e gezim si dhe me shpirtin e posaqem festiv qe sjellin festat e fundvitit. Tani i gezohem edhe me teper ketyre festave pasi qe tash, me dizajnet e mija dekoruese kontribuojContinue reading “Dekori i Interierit per Festat e Fundvitit”

Si t’i organizojme hapesirat e vogla qe te duken me te medha

Deshira e secilit prej nesh eshte qe te ket ne dispozicion sa me shume metra katrore ne banese apo shtepi sepse siq eshte ajo thenja popullore “sa me shlire aq me mire”, por shumica, e posaqerisht ne qytetet e medha, jetojne ne banesa me dhoma te vogla qe vertet eshte sfide per t’i arreduar. Megjithate,Continue reading “Si t’i organizojme hapesirat e vogla qe te duken me te medha”

Front Porch Holiday Decor From Last Year

The fellow bloggers out there have already started to deck their halls for the Holidays, but not me; not yet for now. I am not fan of an early Holiday decorating, so I haven’t started yet. However, I am very, very late with posting the pics of how I decorated my front porch last year.Continue reading “Front Porch Holiday Decor From Last Year”

Dhoma e punes ose kendi e punes

Te kesh nje pune te cilen mund t’a ushtrosh nga shtepia eshte nje luks i vertete, mirepo me zhvillimin e teknologjise si dhe me ndryshimin e rethanave te jetes e punes shume shpejte eshte duke u rritur numri i profesioneve te cilat munde te ushtrohen nga shtepia, prandaje tani nje luks i tille i punesContinue reading “Dhoma e punes ose kendi e punes”

Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC The REVEAL

Hello everyone! I’m so glad that you found yourself here today for the reveal of my Home Decor/Styling Studio Office Space. It has been, if I may say, a very short six week period along with a lot of sweat and hard work involved to transform this room from a modern farm house style sittingContinue reading “Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC The REVEAL”

Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC Week Five

As I am writing this post I am getting more nervous than ever, and I try to keep calm staring at my fall centrepiece on my coffee table that I recently DIY-ed and which I find to have such a calming effect on me. Even though I am almost done with all big tasks, suchContinue reading “Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC Week Five”

Halloween Dinner Table

Halloween is here, and most of you have already decorated your homes, front porches or your backyards for this fun and spooky holiday. You may have carved your pumpkins too, and have stocked up your pantries with chocolate and candies for those happy trick-or-treat little friends that will show up on the Halloween night atContinue reading “Halloween Dinner Table”