Custom Dinning Table Set


This post is all about a Dining Table Set which was custom made for the dinning spot in this Living Room.

Since the dining area in this small living room is right opposite from the sofa, it kind of makes this dining table set as a focal point of the room. Having in mind this I had to pay an extra attention in terms of choosing the design of the chairs, the dining table as well as the colour of the table and chairs.

The client wanted a chic, full size dinning table and chairs but at the same time she wanted that the set is not bulky and does not take a lot of living space.

To achieve this I suggested that we go with the bench seating at one side and three small backless chairs for the other side. When not in use the bench and all the chairs fits nicely and tightly under the table creating the feel of spaciousness in the dinning spot.

As I mentioned the dinning spot is kind of a focal point in this living room so I had to come up with a unique design of a dining table; hence, i designed this very funky dinning room table which at one side has a shelving unit instead of legs, while on the other side a set of curved legs add interest and a bit of glam to the whole dinning set.
The table color is dark grey while the bench and the chairs are light grey, upholstered in linen fabric and decorated with thumbtacks.
The dining spot turned quite elegant; it adds interest to the room and, most importantly, it does not feel bulky and does not take a lot of space.
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