Neutral Living Room Design

My last project involves custom design of all furnishings, including the kitchen and wardrobes of a two bedroom condo in a brand new building located in a most dense Pristina neighbourhood.

The clients were upgrading from a one bedroom to a two bedroom condo. They sold their one bedroom with all their furnishings and they wanted a new design concept for their new place.

They already had in mind what they wanted and they even had in mind a colour scheme, but they needed help in implementing their design concept, so they asked for my help.
I had to work in a very tight time frame, and within a given budget so pulling everything together for less than a month was quite an achievement for me; considering that this was my first big project, and I was not aware of all of the resources at that time.

The clients were searching for that perfect sofa and chairs for months, but they could not find anything that suited their taste or something that could fit into their small open concept living area within which is the kitchen and dining area also.
We started with the sofa and chair design first. We opted for a long sofa which would fit up to four persons and two armless chairs. Armless chairs are perfect for small condos as they take up a very small amount of space. Both chairs and the sofa are raised considerably from the floor by using 20 cm decorative legs. Adding legs to the furniture is the best solution for small spaces, as this adds the feel of spaciousness; and, this is exactly how this rather narrow and small living room feels.
After choosing the sofa and chair design, we had to make a choice of the upholstery fabric and the drapes.
Where we live the choices of upholstery fabric are rather limited, and you have to make a choice of fabrics which are already in stock. There are no known or renowned brands of upholstery or drapery fabrics represented here so one has to make the best choice of what is found in the market. If you decide to take a route of ordering online than the shipping and custom fees are quite costly, and it takes forever until you get the item shipped to your address; therefore, most of the times it is more reasonable to make the best choices and work with supplies found locally.
As you can see the living room project turned quite elegant and functional. The living room feels calm, crisp, spacious and above all welcoming. My clients are happy and they are loving it, and I am thrilled that I helped them have such a beautiful and elegant living space.
In my next post I will be sharing with you the dinnig talbe and dinning chair desing for this condo, so stay tuned.

If you need help creating a functional, welcoming home filled with warmth and elegance please do not hesitate to ask for my design/decor services by e mailing at No matter how small the homeowners’ budget is I will help create beautiful living spaces for less.

We offer in person and online services. Check the Service icon at Home page of this blog.

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Besa GM

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