Grey Kitchen Design


‘Grey,’ a colour that is sadly still associated with negativity and dreariness, is actually one of the most popular kitchen colours around!  It is certainly the hottest neutral tone, and not just for the kitchen but for home interiors in general.

Essentially, Grey is a neutral and stable colour tone.  It effects a calming atmosphere, which is perfect for a kitchen, and at the same time carries an innate air of elegance and sophistication.  Implemented with due care, these qualities will carry through beautifully into the home.

I was so happy that in my last project the homeowners colour of choice for their kitchen cabinets was GREY, and we were lucky to find a supplier in the area we live that had this elegant soft lustre grey laminate for front doors and drawers.

Since the best use of space did not allow for applying any kitchen shape other than straight line shape, I had to add some interest to the kitchen design by incorporating some horizontal glass cabinets and some open shelving at the centre of the kitchen. Glass cabinet door was also used to hide a central heating device which was unwisely installed (by the builder) right beside the kitchen wall and which was “dramatically” visible from all around the living area. For continuous flow, the etched glass doors were used for the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

Instead of using a standard pantry cabinet, I designed these deep botom drawers for storing food supplies and other kitchen staff which is not used daily; and, the empty space below was designed for storing bulky staff or supplies that require air and can be stored in baskets.

Initially, these drawers were designed to be custom made wider, but the cabinet maker did not properly follow the design and the measurements so during the installation of the kitchen we realized that we were ending up with a 20 cmm empty spot at the right side of the kitchen. This was a big fail from their part, but since the owners were in a rush to move in, and did not have time to wait for the drawers to be redone, I had to come up with the idea on how to fill that empty spot which would also serve somehow a function; hence, I designed this wine shelf which will provide for a plenty of storage for homeowners.
The bottom cabinets are deep drawers which allow for an efficient time spent in the kitchen. In traditional bottom cabinets with doors, one has to bend and search for the stuff stored in those cabinets, whereas using drawers as bottom cabinets everything is visible and right within the reach. This adds to the cooking efficiency as well as to the enjoyment of the time spent in the kitchen.
While creating the design I was constrained with the design choices since there was no possibility of making any plumbing or ventilation adjustments. Regardless of the constraints, I managed to come up with a design which provides for a plenty of countertop working surface in this rather small kitchen.
Moreover, the colour and the design of this kitchen is working perfectly with the overall design of the Living and Dining area. The homeowners are loving it, and I am happy that they gave me the chance to help them achieve their goal of having an efficient kitchen which blends beautifully with the Living Room and the Dinning Area.
If you need help creating a functional, welcoming home filled with warmth and elegance please do not hesitate to ask for my design/decor services by e mailing at No matter how small the homeowners’ budget is I will help create beautiful living spaces for less.

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One thought on “Grey Kitchen Design

  1. Pata fatin mbreme ta shijoja kete ambient. Eshte nje ambient perrallor , me pershtatshmeri hapesinore dhe harmonizim te ngjyrnave, ne nivel te perkryer. Eshte risi ne Kosove qe tani kerkesen per nje ambient te deshiruar, mund ta realizojme ketu ne Kosove. Permes keshillave per realizimin e enderrave pa u lodhur vet, qe te kemi edhe ne nje ambient te deshiruar.
    Ne Zyren BESA GM , per dekorim dhe realizim, realizo enderren tende !

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