Luxe Gift Wrapping


The easiest way to score big with holiday gift giving is by adding a little bit of shine. Metallics feel festive and happy… just how I want to make someone feel when I’m giving him or her a gift!

Shimmer and shine is a key trend for Christmas decor this year, with bright metallic shades being matched with traditional silver or gold to achieve that elegant luxe style.

I decided to follow the trend so my gifts are all “gold” this year.
As this look is all about quality and extravagance, I have replaced the wrapping paper with metallic stretch fabric and for the bows I chose a two sided sateen ribbon that has silver strips on both sides.
To achieve that tidy and sleek look, I hand made and hand stitched the bows to the wrapping fabric.
To create this look ( for three medium boxes) you need 60 cm of metallic stretch fabric, 5 meters of two sided black sateen ribbon, self adhesive tape, scissors, thread and a needle.

The overall look turned quite extravagant, but yet elegant and luxurious.
Have you wrapped your gifts yet? Hope you were not as late as I was.

Happy Holidays.


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