Have a Sparkling New Year 2015


As cliché as it sounds, this year has gone unbelievably fast. It feels like just yesterday when I was writing my last post at the end of the last December which was about my top 10 DIY projects. This year I was not able to engage myself in plenty of DIY’s, however, I was more involved in space planning, color scheme consultation, room makeovers, kitchen planing and design, furniture placement and design, drapery design etc. I was happy to get involved in such projects for some of my family members and a friend and, since each project turned amazing, they are encouraging me to start thinking of starting an interior decor business, something I am about to seriously consider.

Starting from January next year I will be sharing with you the finished projects as well as the ongoing ones, so stay tuned to see what I have been up to; and, until then I wish to all my friends, followers and readers of this blog a fresh start and infinite possibilities in New Year 2015.


Cheers to a New Year 2015

Thank you for visiting.


Photography: BESA GM
Styling: BESA GM
Tray: JYSK, redesigned by BESA GM
Black Throw: Cashmere by Lord and Taylor, NY
Accent Pillows: DIY, using a thrift store wool scarf
Champagne Glasses: Crate and Barrel
Bowl: IKEA

2 thoughts on “Have a Sparkling New Year 2015

  1. Thank you so much for your compliments and words of encouragement my friend. Happy New Year 2015 to you and have a wonderful year ahead. Cheers, Besa

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