Kitchen With An Old World Feel


Living close by the Stanley park and English Bay In Vancouver BC is a blessing as I get to enjoy beautiful oceanside surroundings while taking my long walks along the Seawall and late afternoon strolls in the Stanley park

My husband is a not a real fan of walking so we do not get to do this activity together, however he does enjoy having his cigar with a nice ocean view, and he prefers Spanish Banks Beaches for this enjoyment, so we quite often hang out there. The area boasts open waterfront and spectacular views of the city’s downtown skyline, and moreover it has plenty of fee parking.

To get there we drive along Point Grey Road which is filled with stunning multi-million-dollar waterfront properties throughout that road. One such property in particular, which used to be under construction for months, has caught my eye while driving by the other day.The house features a stunning huge window, and it was obvious that it was a kitchen window considering that a huge stove hood appeared to be dangling from the ceiling right in the center of that big window. I envied that oversized kitchen window, and could imagine that the layout and the finishings in that kitchen would be one of a kind.

These days I was doing a research for some kitchen design ideas and came across the Western Living magazine, March 2013 issue, in which this kitchen was showcased. As I was suspecting, the kitchen design was spectacular.The major feature in this kitchen are brick veneer walls, exposed beams and European-style rift-cut walnut cabinets. The oversized windows give the kitchen specific character and everything there blends in so nicely creating an “Old World feel” in a brand new house.





The kitchen is designed by Alanna Johnston of Downsview Kitchen and Fine Custom Cabinetry.

Here are some more kitchen designs by Downsview Kitchen and Fine Custom Cabinetry.






I love everyone of them however, as much as I enjoyed all subtleties of these designs (and did some daydreaming too) I am afraid that I cannot afford any of those for my next kitchen renovation project. Therefore, I am going to have to redirect my kitchen design research to a more affordable path.

How about you? Would you consider any of these kitchen designs in your projects? If so, which one would you prefer more? I will definitely go for the one below loaded with an Old World feel.


Thank you for reading.


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