Mantel Decorating Ideas for Summer

Until recently, I left my fireplace mantel bare naked. Shame on me! I did not have a fireplace in my previous place, so I was lacking accessories to instantly decorate the mantel. As a result my fireplace mantel remained naked for a while, until I figured out what kind of mantel decor to incorporate so it would fit this time of year.

Few days ago I went shopping and I found this nicely shaped mirror at Home Sense, luckily at a half price. Not exactly what I was looking for, but it will do the job for now. The shape of the mirror fits my design idea for my mantel decor, but I would really prefer if the frame was much thicker. Well, sometimes you cannot have it all….
I painted the frame in white so it would nicely blend with the fireplace trim. For the decor I used these glass vases which I already had them from last year. I filled them each with silk white flower and added some greenery for color. Fresh cut flowers, such as white hydrangeas blossoms would suit better, but I just did not have them at the time of creating this design. Adjacent the large glass vase I placed two small oval shaped laboratory glasses from CB2. To add color, I also placed some moss and dried rhododendron leaves in those tiny ones.I also added a white round shaped glass vase from Ikea and two beach rocks collected in one of our recent vacations. IMG_6070_1
Inside the fireplace I placed a piece of a tree root painted in white. I found this piece this spring in English Bay Beach, Vancouver, and I used it as a decoration in its natural color for a while. Beach wood is being used largely in decor lately.

To compliment the summer decor of the mantel, I decided to paint this piece in white and I inserted it in the fireplace.
To add a sparkle to the cavity of the fireplace, I am using four led battery operated candles. I have masked those around the root branches, so no one can tell where those candle lights are coming from. It feels quite calming in the evening, and creates a nice focal point.

In my view everything has blended nicely together, and it feels fresh, crisp and fun. Just what we need for those hot summer days which are expected soon.

Does your fireplace mantel need to get dressed up? Do you change your fireplace mantel decor to reflect the change of to the seasons?

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend.


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