Completed Renovation of our Old House


It has been about three weeks that we finally moved in to another city and we are in the process of adding finishing touches to our newly renovated house

It has been a lot of work inside and out since we moved in, and I am feeling quite tired from all of the unexpected work I have come across in the past few days. On the day we moved in, the renovation seemed finished and i thought there are only few things left that can be managed easily.

Well, I was wrong. We needed the installation of our new kitchen and even though I have assembled all the kitchen cabinets myself in a record time, the arranging for the installation of the wall cabinets, the countertop and appliances took more time than I have expected. Luckily, now I have the cook top installed so I can prepare hot meals at home, but my oven is till in the middle of the living room waiting for installation by the electrician.

I am very happy with the choices we made with regard to the color scheme, the materials we used etc. For the flooring we chose 12.3mm ENVY Laminate Flooring Silver Maple color and it very well coordinated with chosen enterior colors which are Silver Plate for the walls and Cotton White for the trim, both by Sherwin Williams. The old tiling adjacent to the fireplace has been replaced with black granite tiles, and the new 6 inch baseboards has added a nice and rich finishing touch throughout. The decision to remove the wall dividing the living room from the kitchen and replacing the kitchen window with the french door proved to have been the right one. The space now looks and feels larger, and moreover provides a direct access to the backyard. Previously, we had to use the laundry room door to get to the backyard, and it was an inconvenience.


During the past few days I was busy with the back yard. It is huge, and during more than a decade it has been grossly neglected by the renters. One portion of the yard was filled with scraps of wood and other junk, so it took us a lot of muscle work, two full days and three trips to the landfill with full truck loads to clean that mess up. Finally, my backyard is free of junk and does not resemble to a yard of a hoarder.
I have planted a lot of hydrangeas along the fence and I hope that those will do well considering that it is a shady yard as result of two huge willow trees.

Today I planted a few lavender plants in this built in planter (or a flower bed or whatever the creator called it) made by one of my previous renters. Even though I dislike very much the design of this planter, it would require a lot of work for demolition and disposal, so I decided to keep it for a while, hoping that lavenders will grow tall enough to cover it.
One little thing that fills up our flowerless big yard is our adorable 11 weeks old puppy. He was eight weeks (as seen in the photo) the day we got him, and it is amazing how much he has grown in just three weeks.

In a few days i will be leaving for a long vacation overseas so when I come back after two months, I assume that my puppy will be grown to a full size dog.

Thank you for reading.



2 thoughts on “Completed Renovation of our Old House

  1. Hello Besa!
    It was nice to se that you have finished renoving your house. I hope you and your husband enjoy your backyard and see the puppy groing up to a full sized dog , and I really like him now…
    I hope that have a very nice vacation.

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