The Entryway Holiday Decor

As soon as one gets into the Holiday spirit than it is easy to get carried away with decorations; however, it is so fun and joy putting up all those twinkle lights, wreaths and garlands around the house or working spaces, so personally I think that there is nothing wrong with being carried away, and in some cases even overdoing it! If this is something that brings you joy and makes you happy, just go for it!

In my case I did not get carried a way too much, just a little!!!!! Or maybe a less than a way to much, and more than a little? Or certainly, just the way to much! No, I don’t think so! I Certainly did not get carried away way to much, but I was just in a mood to decorate for the Holidays and bring festive atmosphere around my Studio space to celebrate the launch of my Home Accessories line.

My Home Accessories line branded as besagmhomeaccessories was launched this month, and I started with a collection of unique pillow casings which will be selling online. Each pillow is carefully designed by me and prototypes also are handcrafted by myself, taking care that each detail thought on the design is carefully implemented in each pillow during the production.

I kindly invite all the visitors of this page, who like fun and elegant pillows to check my Instagram account of my newly launched brand @besagmhomeaccessories and leave a comment expresing their opinion about those designs.

Now I leave you with some pics of my Studio hallway space all decked up for the Holidays where I scattered around some pillows from @besagmhomeaccessories line.

Next time I will share some pics of my Office holiday decor.

Stay tuned, and thank you for checking this blog.


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