Office Space Holiday Decor

Since I was all done with Holiday decorating of my house as well as some parts of the outdoors, I thought that my office deserves some holiday decorating too. I was determined to bring some holiday cheer into this space where I spent most of the time during the weekdays.

This space is quite small and I didn’t want to apply a lot of decor in there. What I actually wanted, it was to create a statement decorative piece that will speak Holiday; a piece which will bring cheer and festive spirit into this space, and I did not want it to be a Christmas tree of any kind!

So the challenge was to decide what that statement piece would be!

After some “creative thinking” done over the weekend, I took one of the garlands from my house and brought it into the office. I wasn’t sure where I would place the garland at first! However, it did not take me too long to decide where to put it. Taking a glance at my huge round mirror on the wall, I decided that there is where this garland is going to be hung.

So there it is! It looks grand and fabulous, and I am loving it!

Enjoy some pics as much as I am enjoying the view!

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