Front Porch Holiday Decor From Last Year

The fellow bloggers out there have already started to deck their halls for the Holidays, but not me; not yet for now.

I am not fan of an early Holiday decorating, so I haven’t started yet. However, I am very, very late with posting the pics of how I decorated my front porch last year. I was quite busy last year and I wanted to do a post on this, but I kept procrastinating until it was too late.

But hey, never is too late so I am happy that I found these photos while I was looking for something else and happy to share them with you.

The front door was decorated with a huge garland made of fresh fir branches. I made two of such garlands last year, one for the fireplace and the other for the front door and both were spectacular. I can still smell them.

I have no clue how I am going to decorate this year and when I am going to start decorating. Hopefully, I come up with something nice and hopefully I will start soon!

So here are some last year front porch pics. Enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by.


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