Coffee Filter Wall Art

Few weeks ago I was reorganizing my pantry, and I came across to a huge bunch of white basket coffee filters. I remembered that those, quite while ago, were mistakenly purchased by my husband who “forgot” that our coffee machine “accepts” only the cone ones. It appears that I have never returned them or threw them away. It looks like that these coffee filters were meant to be utilized by us, so I had to come up with the idea on how to use them somehow.

I have seen on Pintrest a lot of creative ideas with coffee filters, but I wanted to do something different, so my take on coffee filters is this:
In my shed I found a piece of round shaped Plexiglas, so I only had to figure out how am I going to shape and attach coffee filters onto a Plexiglas. I came with the idea of sewing them on to a ribbon about half inch apart as I thought I could shape them easily the way I want.

I started by folding a coffee filter in the middle, ruffled it, and attached the tip of the filter on to a ribbon. I continued with the rest of the filters leaving about 1/2 inch in between.

I created the pattern from the kitchen paper towel and stitched the ruffled coffee filters onto it as shown below.
Previously, I have drilled the holes in to a Plexiglas to create the hanging hook.

I looped a ribbon into the holes and created a hanging hook.
I painted the edge of the Plexiglas with acrylic “Artist’s Loft” paint in Antique Gold from Michael’s.
I glued the ruffled coffee filters onto the Plexiglas and superglued on the framed portrait scissor art from our (long time ago) trip to Disneyland.
It was really a surprise to see that coffee filters could make such a pleasant wall decor.

Did you make something out of coffee filters, and how did your project turn out? I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for reading.

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Filter Wall Art

  1. Think of the possibilities for Christmas and Easter or Birthdays. what a fantastic idea to use up coffee filters that the wrong size was purchased, I think I have some here somewhere.

  2. Such a cute idea for coffee filters. I have been meaning to make a wreath but just never got around to it yet. Thanks for sharing.


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