Vintage Look Wooden Box

My husband loves Cuban cigars. In fact he is passionate about them. Several years ago he quit smoking, but once a while he used to smoke a cigar. His craving for cigars grew bigger over the years and, along with the craving, the empty wooden cigar boxes started to pile up.



I liked these boxes and was kind of reluctant to throw them away. I was sure that there must be a way to repurpose them somehow, but no idea clicked my mind on how to make them usable. Well, yesterday I got stricken by an idea on how to beautify these boxes. I was reorganizing my storage and came across to a can of “wood black glazing paint for untreated wood”; so, I thought I should try to paint the empty cigar box so we could use it to drop the keys, wallet, change etc.


This vintage valet inside the box is over 150 years old and used to belong to my husband’s predecessors. Throughout a century and a half this wallet went through some interesting experiences, and even survived three wars. Now the valet has found a cozy and glamorous spot, and it appears to feel relaxed there


Before starting to paint, I used the masking tape to create a design and make the box more appealing.


After the paint dried, I lined the inside of the box with animal print fur fabric, so this box now even has a touch of glamour.


Hope that you liked this idea and design. I am planning to make more of these boxes with different designs, and give them away to my friends.



Thank you for reading. Hope you will visit again for more fun ideas which will be coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Look Wooden Box

  1. What a great idea, for some reason when I want to leave the house I can’t never find the keys and it’s so frustrating! I guess I don’t have a box like this and looks like I’m in need for one…
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such a nice idea. Although if I were to ever make one, it would probably end up as a junk box by the end of the week or I would forget my stuff is there. Haha. 😐
    I’ll try it out & see what happens. 🙂

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