Home Office Design Ideas

After purchasing our Vancouver condo 8 years ago, we immediately started with major renovations. I was working abroad at that time, and as we did not hire a professional interior designer for our project, I took a month leave from work to oversee how the work was progressing.

We were extremely unlucky with our contractors so we changed a few. The renovation project lasted for quite a while and was completed after several months. However, as my husband and I used to live in this place on an OFF and ON basis, for me decorating this place has always been an ongoing process. This place has now finally taken the shape of a HOME so I would like to share with you some of the picks of our place.  Our condo is not big and, as it faces north, it is not the brightest either. However, thanks to our well thought design choices our place feels quite spacious and bright.

In this post I will show you my Home Office Space design. Originally this space was a hot water tank and a laundry room sheltering a rusty washer and dryer.  Above the washer and drier there was a horrible wooden shelving made by the previous owner as his DIY project. Well, after getting the possession of the condo, I could not wait to tear everything down, and boy how right I was.

I replaced the old washer and dryer with a new stackable set and placed them adjacent to the hot water tank. I divided the laundry corner with some self made curtain panels using fabric and hardware from IKEA.


I placed the computer desk/shelving against the angled wall and the drawer chest against the wall facing the entrance and placed the file binders on top.

Home Office

Recently, I have applied a fresh coat of paint (Benjamin Moore’s Sea Haze) and I slip covered the chair.

Home Office Filing Solutions

I am enjoying my home office. It is very small but it has an advantage; everything is within the reach, and this is where I will be writing my blogs from.

I got to go now. It’s coffeeeeee time.

Fresh Ground CoffeeThank you for reading. Hope you will visit again.



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